‘A marriage of convenience not affection’: Kirby on Putin-Xi alliance

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby discusses the alliance between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. #CNN #News


  1. A `marriage’ of convenience is less likely to end in divorce as might a marriage built upon pure emotion!

    1. ​@What?The values ​​of the West are the interests of global corporations.
      The values ​​of Russia and China are the policy of national interests of all countries of the world.

    2. @Timmy Do not LIE Ivane🤣 Europians are richer then RuZkis and Chines together, just Germany Exports to United States was US$165.37 Billion during 2022, so USA didnt deindustrialized EU,

    3. @the sun rides on reindeer Hilarious, considering Xi’s and Putin’s repeated public statements on how only some nations “deserve” to be recognized as “nation”.
      See also, “Восточный Туркестан”.

  2. It would make a good cartoon…. the bruised up bloodied and busted up boxer saying to the other one, “Ok look, havent we both had enough lets just call this a tie”.

  3. Zelinski has released a list of conditions for peace. Russia released their conditions for peace. These two lists are mutually exclusive. Now China come in and demands everyone hold hands and sing Koombya with rainbows, unicorns, and happy thoughts. Unrealistic at best.

    1. Exactly. There is no such thing as ”affection” in international politics. It is ALL about INTERESTS.

    2. @zz lol, not really. Canada is a very different country. And our cultures are vastly different. We kept our westminster parliamentary system, and are still closer in line culturally with our British counterparts.

  4. You know the last time two Dictators claimed unlimited friendship Operation Barbarossa crossed their way. 😂✌️

  5. Little bear and Pooh bear are not friends, nor do they particularly care about the other’s interest. They’re only allies due to circumstances.

    1. No watch carefully Chris what is said and more importantly what is not said. This alliance put India in great danger. We should be making secret agreement with India to secure the safety and in exchange for them to ally with us on security issues.

    1. He is not biased towards “Russia”.
      He is biased towards old empires regaining old colonies. Some of the land Han nationalists see as “theirs” are now subjects of the Russian Federation.
      It will be fun to watch.

  6. Xi may be the beauty or the beast
    May be the famine or the feast
    May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell
    Xi may be the mirror of my dreams
    A smile reflected in a stream

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