'A National Crisis In Need Of A National Solution.’ | MSNBC 1

‘A National Crisis In Need Of A National Solution.’ | MSNBC


MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez with a look at the ravaging impact of Covid-19 on America’s working women. And how the nation’s first woman Vice President is calling for the crisis to be addressed in a new Op-ed for the Washington Post.
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'A National Crisis In Need Of A National Solution.’ | MSNBC​


  1. To everyone who is reading this, you’re beautiful and an amazing person. Please exercise frequently and eat more fruits/veggies. I wish you all good health, great success, and everlasting happiness!

  2. Message to Antony Kalisky: Your message is a waste of time & space! Talk about saying much to say NOTHING! Sure America has its problems and have suffered mightily under poor leadership and selfish representation! But those leaders/representatives should NEVER be assumed to represent the true Will of the People and the REAL American Spirit! If the purpose of your long a– rambling statement/manifesto/propaganda is to divide and/or vent- then you could at least make it more entertaining! However, if you seriously think what you’ve written has ANY value/worth let me give you a little clue about America! First of all, NO ONE is without sin, NO ONE is perfect, NO NATION is without fault, NO GOVERNMENT is God, and NEVER A DESPOT/KING/AUTOCRAT FOR AMERICA! If you’ve been following American politics, you should clearly see the beauty of FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY is that we get to criticize our own unworthy political leaders- especially Trump! So, although you’re witnessing some terrible and tragic events in America, make ZERO mistake about it: This is the land of the free and the home of the brave! President Biden is but one of many presidents and although Trump tried to make himself like Putin, Erdogan, and other dictators, he now resides outside of the White House! See how that works? Hmm?

    1. @David Drake It used to be. Then Reagan started dismantling everything good about it and the GQP haven’t stopped since.

    1. louise slavenski universal healthcare, childcare, maternity/paternity leave, UBI, a new federal branch based on conserving nature, and a federal jobs program with the GND

  3. People should watch and listen to the Biden Administration briefings, thet give a lot of information in all topics,

  4. People can’t work if they don’t have daycare or the kids aren’t in school. They can’t work full time right now so can’t afford day care. It’s a catch 22

    1. Jennifer, Get a job babysitting! First question is do you support Dementia Joe Kid Touch? #bidentouchingkids REAL LINK and you can’t watch children if you support Dementia Joe Kid Touch!

  5. I think employment had been created as Trump’s election TOOL, so that when unemployment data or people’s feeling became irrelevant, it disappeared.

  6. The misogynistic attitudes displayed in these comments goes beyond tragedy… I doubt the composers had actual human mothers, but if so, I send condolences to those absurdly abused women. Perhaps chemical pollution and fascist propaganda warped their offspring.

  7. That’s encouraging. I wasn’t that excited about Harris because she’s not exactly a super feminist but this will do for now. Good job, Kamala.

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