A new mandate? Nanos explains why minority win needs to be a ‘wake-up call’ for Trudeau | TREND LINE

Nik weighs in on whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should have delivered a different speech on election night, where the Conservatives go from here and what the Green Party should do after the resignation of Annamie Paul.

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    1. Actually the biggest screwage was had by the NDP, who got the votes for around 60 seats proportionally, but only won 25 :/

    2. @Bob MC I don’t think so. PPC is a bad idea. We don’t need pizza politics in Canada if you have a leader lacking charisma like O’ Toole.

      Also conservatives are probably hurting the from the Trump effect.

    3. @shizuokaBLUES Who the phuck do you think you are saying what kind of politics that WE need in Canada…???You Speak for yourself only Pal and nobody else… Don’t you EVER forget it…!!!

  1. Just prior to the election, trudeau once again promised to review electoral reform. Seeing as reform would have tossed him to the curb, it is no surprise that he is once again silent on it and again breaking his promise.

  2. Wake-up call?! Trudeau?! HAH…. that’s a laugh!

    Does that empty suit look like the kinda guy who’ll heed a wake-up call? The overgrown teenager is running around defiant as all-get-out, chest puffed out, proud as a peacock like as if he just won the f*cking world!

  3. I anticipate another terrible government under Trudeau as being akin to watching a train wreck in slow motion.

  4. The election results gave him the message to go forward with his new mandate? He was going forward with his new mandate regardless…

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