1. Highways make great runways in an emergency for small planes because landing speed isn’t much higher than traffic speed.

  2. Thankful the pilot was able to land safely. Great job! I heard on the news that it was a student pilot and their instructor. When I was a student pilot that would have terrified me as they had only just taken off from buttonville airport and had only been in the air a very short time.

  3. I drive this road often! Wow! Something like this happened in Peterbough on7 a few years back! I believe a heart attack was the cause of that one!

    1. Be assured that if there is a way to shake this pilot down for some coin , the 407 operators will find it. 😉

  4. Glad I wasn’t on the 407 today. If that happened while I was driving I might want a refund for that journey! 😂

  5. When I was training to be a pilot, one caution that was drilled into our heads was that from altitude and the speed you have it is VERY hard to see the hydro wires they like to drape across the highways until it is too late to avoid them, so they are attractive landing strips but not without their own challenges….

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