1. Can we not give her any more platforms? What is her obsession with Biden and why do we even give an F What MTG thinks at all? Just vote ✅ her out!

    1. @Armando Esparza you’re just way too funny. Trump had the most staff members indicted and convicted of any president since the late 1800’s. How is that draining the swamp. Hell, Trump is the swamp. Why do you think the DOJ is trying to build a RICO case against him.

    2. She’s in an area of Georgia that loves the hot air coming out of her mouth. Not realizing she’s fighting against their interest 🤦🏽‍♀️

    3. @Spit or Swallow Blue Jewish space lasers, the Gazpacho, etc…..MAYBE you’re as uneducated as she is? She has literally done nothing for the district she ‘represents’. Keep voting against your best interests.

    1. She’s not a criminal she’s a convict as I learned about different terms with criminal and convict on 60 days Inn

    1. @Leon Melamed wtf are u talking about? Israel is equivalent to the police running up on high school kids in a freaking apc. 🖕🏾 🇮🇱 And any clown who supports them

  2. Ms Greene reminds me of the average Trump supporter. They love to tell me how they “almost joined the Marines.” Real patriots, Trump supporters.

    1. @Dogtown17 Thats what the Dems keep claiming – but the whole World knows of the US Economy is tanking – the World economy tanks!!! Don’t give Biden a pass – he’s a failure!!!

    2. John Wayne was another clown who took credit for what the military did, while never actually defending the country himself. And he’s one of the GOP’s greatest “heroes” of all time.

  3. MTG is that special kind of stupid script writers would reject as being too unrealistic for audiences to believe someone could be that mentally impaired and still get elected to public office.

    1. Let me help you as I can see that your not educated. MAGA! “Make America Great again” has never sounded better as these 2 years under Biden have been the longest 6 years ever!

    2. @J&C שָׁלוֹם Not educated claims the person who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re.
      But that is hardly surprising as you same to fail basic arithmetic too.

    3. @Paintchip Eatin 1980s Crackbaby I don’t care for AOC but she doesn’t kick people. She also isn’t worried about the Gazpacho police.

    1. @MONK conservatives are losers. That red wave never happened, trump lost badly in 2020 and most American women don’t want to be told what they can do with their bodies. Conservatives are tired. Their message is stale.

    2. @dan dansenDid your make believe worldview inform that comment? By the way, EVERY SINGLE TIME your conscience acknowledges, ignores, justifies, and suppresses YOUR sin you, as it were, “bow the knee” and “confess” your recognition that Jesus is YOUR LORD! (Philippians 2:10 & 11)

  4. We ignored Genocide from 1939-1942, and political influencers like Greene want to ignore it in 2022.

    1. @william clarke Sadly, many of the viewers here who watch CNN religiously only believe what they are told. Its allot like North Korea’s state run media who control the minds and opinions of the people.

    2. Well, if that’s the case, then we should focus more on Israel’s genocide on Palestinians and Arabs. We should stop funding the apartheid state that is Israel.

    3. If the Ukraine wants to buy US military equipment with physical gold, silver, oil, or REM that is perfectly fine. However not on the tax payer dime!

    1. @NadiaGirl1 i guess the whole ukraine sits in this youtube comment section commenting on things they do not understand🙅🙅🙅 no more funding

  5. People elected MTG because they believed her blatant lies.
    How does she even still have a job. She should not be a public servant

  6. MTG, Russia INVADED Ukraine. They are at war. You know , people are shooting guns and lobbing bombs. That’s not happening here in America. I’m glad we’re sending help to Ukraine.

    1. It’s not going to Ukraine…its being rerouted into the democrats pockets…thats what the FTX scandal is all about

    2. NATO and Russia have been fighting in Ukraine since 2014. NATO then as now didn’t want direct confrontation openly in the mainstream media that’s why they did nothing but condemn the taking of the Crimean peninsula. It should have been a red line but they just didn’t pursue it with Afghanistan going on.

  7. It kills me how she is so absolutely confident that she’s speaking for the majority of Americans. A legend in her own mind.

    1. @from Ireland I don’t know person from Ireland but since you know so much about the American character why don’t you tell me.

  8. Great place ..to be on a Friday. CNN’s John King is one of my all- time favorite news reporters and talk show host. (It’s discouraging —that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia —cannot shut up in general. Had her boss Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California helped her learn how to be on a House committee assignments earlier, she would feel better than she does ..right now. ) It’s just difficult to watch her spinning around the investigations of the Biden’s. Remember the first Trump impeachment earlier? Ukraine was the focus and Hunter Biden was named. He said he was embarrassed and did business with defense contractors there. But —he said recently-/ that he didn’t do anything wrong, though. Let it be. For lack of a better saying.. that the people’s business is elsewhere, Marjorie! Holy cows 🐄….🐇…🦆….🛀….💕…🇺🇸

  9. I think us Americans and the tax payers of this country have the right to know why and how is someone like MTG can get a job in congress of the United States of America?

    1. @Pickle because we do not care about the war on the other side of the planet, it is not our job to send billions on dollars to them. the party is about to come to an end now, cope

    2. I fully agree about the right to know…
      But it’s not like it’s a secret!
      It’s totally obvious how MTG got her job. The reason why may require a bit more research, although that seems rather clear to me as well…

    1. Don’t worry, Biden has everything in control. Russian generals to Putin, will America attack us? Putin to generals, no, they will blame Trump for missile attack on Poland so they can try to impeach him for 4th time. Biden to MSNBC and CNN. OK boys, it’s time to go after Trump for this missile attack on Portland….?… I need your help again to impeach him for the 10th time.

  10. Marge is just a mouthpiece for Trump. Trump is still, in my opinion, financially dependent on Putin. He will use Marge to help Putin for the next two years.

    1. Don’t worry, Biden has everything under control. Russian generals to Putin, will America attack us? Putin to generals, no, they will blame Trump for missile attack on Poland so they can try to impeach him for 4th time. Biden to MSNBC and CNN. OK boys, it’s time to go after Trump for this missile attack on Portland….?… I need your help again to impeach him for the 10th time.

    2. That’s why we’re not going to see Trump’s tax returns because he is dirt poor and living off of kremlins crumbs

    3. @J&C שָׁלוֹם Our military has everything under control. Trump is too senile to blame. We need younger leaders.

    1. Probably as much as Biden gave to Ukraine, 17 Billion tax payer dollars while our economy and families suffer with high food and gas cost. If you want facts, don’t rely on CNN for them.

  11. This woman is embarrassing and I’m not even American. With politicians like this, you don’t need enemies.

  12. The fact that she cannot separate the difference between what’s happening in Ukraine vs our Southern border tells me that she is totally deranged and should not be in office.

    1. Totally agree. One is an actual war where people are being killed. The other is an immigration issue. But this is par for the course with these MAGA people. These use false equivalencies like this all the time. It’s a logical fallacy. Expect to hear a lot of logical fallacies coming from the MAGAnons over the next two years.

  13. MTG shows exactly why a good education is necessary. She also displays no critical thinking capabilities, nor an understanding of foreign policy and geopolitics. I tend to think that a legislative and deliberative body needs members who actually understand America as a nation and its position in the world as well as a thorough understanding of the domestic issues.

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