A Push To Help Childcare Facilities In Crisis Due To Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I am looking forward to the day when Americans remember that they are stronger than they think and that together we can overcome anything. Perhaps in November.

    1. Vote!! Get trumpviris45 out of power! If we do this, together, we can do it!! We will VOTE BIG,, too Big to Rig… If we all show up!! Let’s Vote and VOTE too Big to Rig! Out with trumpviris45…

    1. By that stage the economy will be in tatters. Another 100,000 dead from covid. Many 10’s of thousands more dead from inability to get an ICU bed as all the hospitals are full. Kids missing out on almost a year of education because it was too dangerous. Mental health issues and suicides sky rocketing.

      And it’s not gonna go away by November. Remember Trump is still president till January and it will take years after he’s gone to recover from this mess.

    2. we NEED put push to have him taken off the November ballot entirely, the republican’s can’t win anyhow so why not step up and do something for the people like guarantee he will be gone in january.

    1. Mike Perth No, but Trump has given up on the basics of doing his job because he is incompetent and lazy.


    3. @Madolina Degocelli You keep posting the same nonsensical thing in all caps. Concisely make your point, if you have one.

      BOSTON MASSACRE. 3/5/1770.

    1. We don’t have good leaders.
      Our #1 king didn’t want wear masks, he said this virus will go away from beginning..
      He doesn’t care about test cases number is going up. He doesn’t care about our grandkids safety, and ordered to open the school to put our grandkids in class rooms.
      But he already has his grandkids in free germs expensive private school. Think about it.

  2. The sickening part is all of this, it’s all preventable, there’s evidence around the world of Countries successfully flattening the curve and following the medical experts advice and now they’ve been able to safely reopen major parts of the economy and no one is carrying on about temporarily wearing a mask. They paid the people not the Businesses to stay home, no one feared losing their home or worrying about how to put food on the table.

    1. Not just evidence, proof. Most economically developed countries are now down to less than 10 deaths per day. The US is climbing back up into the 1000’s.

      And whilst these countries (safely) reopen, they get their economies back, their schools back. The US is only just beginning to shut down again.

    2. sadly this goes hand-in-hand with the fact that many industrialized democracies outside of America actually take care of their citizens, and in turn their citizens actually listen and believe their governments – over here we long sacrificed both of those things in favor of “individual freedom” (freedom to be an irresponsible fool)

  3. Fear and hate is all conservatives have to offer, it’s the only thing they understand and it’s what solely motivates. them…..well that and bags of 💰💰💰💰

  4. You know what the sad part is? If the US government had just taken this seriously from the beginning, schools would be safely able to reopen by now!

    Every other economically developed country in the world has now got their outbreak under control. But the US just gets worse and worse by the day.

  5. Rethuglicans are facilitating C19 so as to lockdown and cancel the vote. An authoritarian take over is happening here and now!
    Rethuglicans are setting up to steal the election — which explains their behavior.

  6. This is just more magical thinking on the part of the Republicans. They think when they say, “Open Sesame,” to the economy, the jobs and the workers will just magically appear.

  7. Now that Homeland Security is taking over the Covid data from hospitals, instead of the CDC, Trump will make the pandemic disappear just like a miracle!!!

    1. Oh. You are right. But I trust God because he doesn’t bless bad people. Our Americans need to be patient and vote blue in November.
      Save our children and grandkids ❤️. God bless Americans

  8. fact : most teachers have been protected since this pandemic became impossible to ignore; meanwhile those o’ us working in child-care have NOT had a break – especially those o’ us working on military installations ! and up until this moment there has hardly been a word about our struggles or those o’ the military families who depend on our services…

  9. America billionaires made an extra $538 billion so far this year while they rest of the country starves & dies!

  10. Sorry very depressing
    Disney opens, schools and childcare underfunded
    Where’s the First Lady & Ivanka
    Stand on this issue?

  11. It’s always been an oppressive income inequality for women . Since forever …like slave labor. Caregivers for children and the elderly are grossly underpaid . And they don’t make enough money to have their children in a childcare facility! Fight for Women and children’s survival Fight for a LIVING COMFORTABLE WAGE FOR ALL WOMEN

  12. Four years ago I worked at a facility making minimum wage 7.75 hr and stayed catching colds from the children. Good luck trying to have them wearing mask and social distancing. All jobs should be paying their employees hazard pay. The police have been receiving it since day 1 in my city.

  13. You’d think the anti-abortion crowd would be all over this. But instead, it’s only potential children they “care” about.

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