A Rare Glimpse Into How America And Russia Use Technology To Spy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

A Rare Glimpse Into How America And Russia Use Technology To Spy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. Sen McConnell and his “bodyguard of liars” continue to protect not the truth but another liar and an impeached criminal who continues to serve only the interests of oligarchs and putin at the expense of Americans health and welfare. 

    Vote on November 3, 2020 to end the attack on our Republic.

    1. A lot of people have watched the impeachment hearings and have changed sides after seeing the dems conduct themselves. Its sad and shameful, its now Republicans who are for the people. Don’t be fooled America watch the impeachment hearings for yourselves.

    2. Doubt about Russians. We, Russians, unstoppable now. After your rabbit escape from Syria your military power is just a bluff. You are losers, guys. Sorry…

    3. US power and influence in the world is in serious decline. America doesn’t have real people, but weak and subservient cowards who will never stand up to their own increasingly dysfunctional government. The “uni polar moment” of the 1990s is dead, buried, and many in government are still completely unaware of this.

    4. @Ryan Alt it’s not looking good. our criminals have too many rights. the laws were made to accommodate the wealthy white men of the country. they have brought us to this place & the rest of us are so complacent & trust in the government too much, sadly believing they will take care of us, & they themselves have no power, & it’s not that bad anyhow. & here we are being governed by putin. & no one believes it.

  2. Don’t know why the US doesn’t send out a dozen or so REALLY noisy fishing trawlers that just happen to be going everywhere the Russian ship is going…

    1. They do it on both sides. You really have no idea what your talking about. It’s an agreement made by both sides. Morons following fake news. Can’t get him on anything so let go back to him being russian.

  3. So, let me get this straight, that’s a Russian ship prowling the East Coast of America, not a Ukrainian Ship

    1. So nobody knew that Trump & The Republicans are sneaking the Russians in thru the back door…… Now your concerned….


  4. I hope that spy plane drops a Daisy Cutter on that f**king Russian tub! TWICE! But, that would make Trump mad, right? He probably INVITED the damned thing, in the first place! . . . SMH

    1. They ignore the signs. Criticizing the data from US spy agencies while saying Putin told him what is going on. Has a private talk with Putin and doesn’t say anything to a intelligence committee while he takes the notes away from the person who took notes for the President. Putin is a former spy who knows how to work people to get information.

  5. That Russian ship on the Georgia and, South Carolina coast, was orchestrated by Lindsey Gramham and, Doug Collins. They both are Senators from Georgia and South Carolina, so, America, you can just bet that the US government KNOWS exactly why that Russian ship is in US waters.

    1. Always … Putin’s got a full Radio room installed there and they use the Golf clubs for aerials I would rather see Golf clubs used on trump but there ya go.

    1. Not if they are in International waters. ships are allowed in the ocean you know. 3rd or 4th time I’ve answered that question.
      ARE people in the US so devoid of intelligence or even common sense that they either think they own the Oceans or cannot understand what “International waters” are…??
      Did they not even teach you what the Cuban Missile Crisis was in US schools ? Do they teach ANY real history (and Geography for that matter) in US schools ?

    2. @Jeff somersby I’m well aware of international waters. But the Russians have a habitat of violating our borders. I do know if you are anywhere in the 24 mile range of our border you are in United States territory. We used to fly U-2’s over Russia and they shot one down. So I think we would be well in our rights to sink a Russian spy ship. And screw you buddy.

  6. And so what if there are weapons on that ship? Or a bomb. Why is it okay for an enemy to bring a military vehicle. Close to our country? Why are we more concerned about Mexicans crossing the border seeking Asylum then we are an actual military vessel right at our border

    1. @Debate Me! Where did you get the idea that I am concerned more about asylum seekers than military adversaries? Are you going off in a different direction to troll people.

    2. @Rhaspun I’m not talkin about you. I was trying to make a very simple point that I’m afraid you keep missing. There was a huge outrage multiple times which was caused by Donald Trump trying to scare people and they fell for it. The Caravans are coming the Caravans are coming. All it was were Mexican citizens seeking Asylum. Even sent the military. I just want to know where those people are now when there’s an actual military ship on our border.

    3. @kentucky fried A small fraction of Russia’s ICBMs would completely destroy every major city and military base in the US with massed nuclear strikes in about 15-30 minutes. Some non strategic warship close to the coast doesn’t make any difference. Claiming that Nato is “surrounding” Russia is about as stupid as claiming that Cuba has North America surrounded. There are no significant Nato bases with any real offensive capability anywhere near Russia’s western border because they would be neutralized by fast, short range strike systems(including nukes) that would be stationed about 50 miles from any potential Nato base.

    4. @Rhaspun A small fraction of Russia’s ICBMs would completely destroy every major city and military base in the US with massed nuclear strikes in about 15-30 minutes. Some non strategic warship close to the coast doesn’t make any difference. As for “submarine aircraft”, they are not really very useful and don’t matter at all.

    1. This is “Big Vlad the King To Fat Piggy…Rpt. this is Vlad the King to Fat Piggy is the “Goblin” back from the the other place we blame yet? Rpt. has the Goblin landed yet?

  7. “A Rare Glimpse Into How America And Russia Use Technology To Spy”

    That was the least informative “How America And Russia Use Technology To Spy” I’ve ever watched.
    Thanks for nothing…

    1. Yep ….Like everyone in the world didn’t know the US has spy planes in the air talking to the subs and the same with the Ruskies …I wonder if trump has any idea that what he is doing is potentially the start of a cold war that could run into a world ending war? Unlikely… but that fat fool doesn’t exactly help the situation any, that’s for sure.

    1. So does the Red Cross but the subject is not about them either. Unless you’re just getting ready for the inevitable ?

  8. Brian, They don’t need the spy boat. They, Russia, have trump. He gives them everything they need. He uses his phone for his US meetings so Putin can just listen live. He is a traitor. All roads lead to Putin.

  9. The Russians have planted a tiny device inside the White House to pass on anything of interest, it called ‘Trump’s brain’.

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