‘A resurgence is underway’: Tam warns COVID-19 cases rising | Full modelling update

'A resurgence is underway': Tam warns COVID-19 cases rising | Full modelling update 1


  1. They can’t even get a 7 day weather forecast model correct but this we should believe 🙄

    1. @RobboElRobbo They use emojis. take it easy on them it’s either a 10 year old that doesn’t know any better or some out of touch old geezer on an tablet from their children.

    2. She needs to wear a soundproof mask. Plus, that will protect our eyes. Blah blah blah blah, blah!

  2. Every thing is opening and now we Canadians need to stand together, we are staying open , period .

  3. The tests at 45 cycles that you are doing , a 100% all of them will be positive . They should be no higher than 25 – 28 cycles .

    1. This is a clear example of corruption , trying to know more , we still corrupt ourselves, thank u 3 for trying to be awake

  4. Did they open more beds or get more equipment for the hospitals so they’re not overwhelmed again? Have they asked for more nurses and doctors?

    1. They make it near impossible to become a nurse today. My wife is a nurse from another country and its been near impossible to get her into her field here. Just do the CASPER test and see how easy it has become….. its not.

    1. The definition was changed when H1N1 came around, I believe.
      The definition for vaccines was changed when the CV19 one didn’t work.

  5. They were looking for the most annoying voice they could find when they selected her to drone on about the latest nonsense.

  6. and these folks are still in a position of leadership and authority why???? i mean, nothing has changed ever since they took office. same thing over and over again. one would think that by now, as per logic and professional standards and humanity (ie to uphold human life through expertise in the medical field) they would have been replaced by more capable individuals. how many have to suffer and perish until change for the better takes hold?

  7. TBH I think we need a new Chief of Public Health Officer as this ones lost her appeal a long time ago.

    1. @Geester who? me? try getting out of the bath tub while hearing someone screaming, than realizing its me doing the screaming

  8. Unfortunately that means a Tam resurgence. Just like the last election she had disappeared recently.

  9. But it doesn’t really matter right? No one around me is getting sick. Even if they are Covid positive. Its a non-issue.

  10. As soon as the World get sick of current political situation, Her highness Covid is coming back.

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