A Russian Group Claimed Responsibility For Pipeline Ransomware Attack. Did Putin Know? | MSNBC

Russian criminal group DarkSide has claimed responsibility for a ransomware attack that shut down a major U.S. fuel pipeline. The question now is — did Vladimir Putin know, and was the Russian government involved? Kelly O'Donnell reports.
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A Russian Group Claimed Responsibility For Pipeline Ransomware Attack. Did Putin Know? | MSNBC


    1. And how does that work? This is a private company, you can’t tell them how to run their business. It’s not government run

    2. @mdo686 that was the problem with Texas, it was privately owned company who were too cheap to fix it right

    3. @Buttercup Horn
      Regulations to get business..
      We know they will come hands out to federal government to bear costs

    1. No matter how many Russian hoaxes are discredited, the government is always willing to try to sell another one.

    1. @Jeanne Amato don’t fall into right wing conspiracies about political opposition, we aren’t them so don’t play their games.

  1. BS. If your company produces food you have a legal obligation to ensure it is safe to eat. So a company that provides a public utility needs to make sure that utility bus secure. No one made them get into the business. They sought guaranteed profits.

  2. Lady your bugging if you think a subsidiary of Koch Industries is a “victim” – America is victim of Koch Industries- full stop!

    1. The reporter also stated “this is a private company”….America sets the standards for almost everything sold in America, but I guess not internet security

    1. Jovan Pulitzer proved it was China crack head did you not see tje moabs coming out of MICHIGAN TODAY blew?DOMINION off the map eo 13848 activated

  3. Putin would know everything about an event of this magnitude in russia. If he didnt know before it happened he certainly knows now. Lets see what hes hes gonna do.

  4. ‘Russia … if you’re listening … the big bad lawmen are after me … trying to put me in prison, can you help? Make them afraid to arrest me’. – The Malignant Mangolini.

  5. No one in Russia not even criminal organizations would try something like this without putins express permission.

  6. Or maybe the CIA did it, just so they could blame him. We need enemies, just want safe ones. No matter who gets hurt or how unjust it is. I wouldn’t have believed this before, but I think there’s really not much too ugly for the intelligence services to do.

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