'A Sense Of Pessimism' In Budget Negotiations | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘A Sense Of Pessimism’ In Budget Negotiations | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Budget negotiations between the president and Republicans stalled last week as the White House unveiled a $1.7 trillion counter-proposal. Reporters Eugene Daniels and Jonathan Lemire discuss.

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'A Sense Of Pessimism' In Budget Negotiations | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Someone owes you money. Do you want them to intentionally and voluntarily take a pay cut or prefer they ask for a raise?

  2. Where does all of the federal gas tax go? Federal taxes include excises taxes of 18.3 cents per gallon on gasoline and 24.3 cents per gallon on diesel fuel. States also have gas taxes and I thought that was for infrastructure?

    1. @T. R. Campbell $45 million ? Do you know how much constructive cost is ? $45 million is a lot to you as an individual. With these hurricanes , wildfires , and floods , infrastructure has taken a beating.

      Climate change is destroying the planet. Infrastructure is crumbling because of it. The rich don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes. Biking and hiking trails are made to get people out of polluting vehicles.

    2. @K B I might’ve been guilty of a typo. When last I looked the amount of money on the federal highway trust fund was $45 billion. I have seen some estimates were it is $70 billion. This is another situation where you can’t get an honest answer out of the federal government.
      Concerning catastrophic anthropological global warming which is now called climate change. Climate is driven by solar, geological and astronomical events. The terminology was changed during the Obama administration when the earth entered what is known as “the pause “which was an 18 year. In which of the earth did not warm at all. This period of time far surpassed the Santer threshold for human caused activity. The pause came to an end with a robust El Niño which we are now recovering. We are again in a period of global cooling.
      The infrastructure issues is because the money was not spent for its intended purpose and was wasted by corrupt political class. Thanks for the post.

    3. @T. R. Campbell The American Society of Civil Engineers says that the United States needs to spend at least $13 Trillion by 2039 on infrastructure. Obama had a directive to take rising sea level changes into account for construction projects. Racist Dumba$$ Trump got rid of that directive. Even the Defense Department realizes that climate change will be a problem. Republicans want to keep nickel and diming infrastructure projects.

  3. Could try being bipartisan if you want bipartisan, but even when the democrat party agrees to a deal, the ones in charge turn it down, so when you cant even be Partisan with your party not much hope.

  4. fixing a old bridge is really not bringing infrastructure up to date. We have bridges going over I-5 that are built in 1945…how do you fix that? filling a pothole in does not fix the problem under the road!

  5. For a very long time, the Big spenders in Congress always worry about “budget cuts”. The truth is that the so called cuts are simply not as big an increase as they want to make their donors happy. The budget always, always goes UP.

  6. Has anyone asked Manchin what will happen to his job should he refuse to work on this? Every miner’s union supports this proposal, and want to retrain their people for the future. If this gets filibustered, it’ll all be on his head. I wonder how the people of WV, who want to remake their state, will react to this guy who single handedly can change the nation and his state forever?

  7. They need this money, to stay out of prison, who tracks his spending, we can wait sir if possible

  8. America’s infrastructure is not a joke, it is a fact. And that fact is our infrastructure is as old and older than our elected leaders. We the People need to replace both as soon as possible and become prepared for the future in an orderly fashion.

  9. This is money that creates jobs and goes right back into the economy. Not to mention it also helps insures a future for our children.

  10. we just had a train derailment in Minnesota due to old bridge. Chemicals leaking into lake from leaking tankers. Please use the money for actual infrastructure.


    1. You’re right..they deserve a free and fair election, but you guys made sure that didn’t happen didn’t ya,

    2. @WARRIOR.OF.GOD Well, they certainly tried to deprive people of the right to vote in 2020, but “we, the people” demonstrated our determination for our voices to be heard and our votes counted. To this day, they are still trying to discredit our votes. The cultists are a shameless lot.

  12. When my husband drove cross country I went with him at times.Its not right the losey dangerous roads he had to drive on. We kept a big picture of Jesus in our home showing a very dangerous road and a big truck. I never knew if he would make it home. That was in the 1973. On miss of a wheel and it was death. How he survived those years except for JESUS was plain luck. These men who deliver food to the counties tables and other goods are still living this way. Just so the public knows how bad roads and bridges are in alot of places. I speak up , women at home wondering if they make home another run. Either fix roads and bridges and speak up for those who diver food and goods , our country is a mess…

  13. Manchin should switch side cause he isn’t negotiating at all rather stalling the process. He can take the fillibuster with him.

  14. There’s that magic word again: “bipartisan.” Have you noticed that the only people who regularly use that term are (1) corporate-sponsored politicians and (2) the corporate media.

  15. WTH??? What’s this “there’s room for negotiation on the Jan 6 commission BS?” McCarthy made demands to ensure bipartisan representation, and Pelosi said “OK”. And then McCarthy and McConnell say “No thanks” anyway.

  16. Don’t drag this common ground out too long. Republicans have NO intention of helping you move anything forward…

  17. “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 US still has NO high speed railway and NO high speed trains. When was America great?

  18. Forget negotiations. Use the reconciliation clause and get things moving. The GOP is just a wrench in the machinery.

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