1. @humbugs100 omg yes. He’s wasting his time putting together a non- criminal , qualified staff. What a loser.

  1. *It’s hilarious how the republicans think ONLY the presidential election was fraudulent but not the senate. All on the same ballot! Lol* 😂

    1. Sadly, we are the victims of the truth thats being withheld by mostly dems, but gop also… Election interference, voter suppression ( including cyber ), and vote rigging are all acts of treason. Trump is going to fix it. I know i know you hate him, i get it. He will be our President. Sidney and Kracken will destroy these evil bastards

    2. @Ken 1106 never been on flight logs like the rest of them, there are plenty of pictures of Biden touching children inappropriately


      NEWS MAX👈
      BREITBART .com 👈
      MARK DICE 👈

    1. @Smiley Chris How do you know that Joe Biden is going to jail? In what jurisdiction and for what crime? Be sure to include your source material in your response. Thank you.

    1. @Yi Trump runs the country and couldn’t get to the bottom of all “that”? Deep state. Sure… Coming from Trump who paid $750 in taxes as a millionaire billionaire. Lol

    2. @S Miller It’s a lie made by the BIG LIARS OF MSM. You believe it? Haha! Biden surely got votes from the dead and deceived people like you.

    1. Cnn is owned by ted turner who wants to kill over 90% of all humans on earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ9c_C7_1oo
      Billgates saying it as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND5DJFpAbL4
      CNN and 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper, who red-baited Bernie Sanders over old comments praising Fidel Castro’s literacy program, worked in CIA headquarters for two summers. https://thegrayzone.com/2020/02/25/vanderbilt-anderson-cooper-cia-college/

      Lookup operation mockingbird and you will see the CIA is running all information to all news outlets and controls what you are and are not allowed to know. i should know I get threats over my channel

    2. @Truth News Media History I’m surprised people are remotely interested in the crap you spill out. Wtf are you ON???

    1. @Lori Nelson Yep. Covid is a conspiracy. It’s now on YOU, to prove we are actually in the middle of a “pandemic.” Start with researching Bill Gates and his connections to the Wuhan lab, also note that he funded part of the COVID 19 patent. That’s right, a “naturally occurring virus” has a patent…think about that. Look into Dr. Fauci and his connections with Bill Gates, and find out if they would make large amounts of money from the vaccine. Take a look at the data that shows you that 90% of the “Covid deaths” had preexisting conditions like cancer, also note that they counted over 10,000 people that were already on Hospice, dying, then contracted COVID as COVID deaths. Then look at the data that shows you how many of the tests were false positives…most of them were. You know what else you should look into…the actual numbers from the CDC!!! Take a look at videos of Dr. Fauci down playing the role of masks and whether or not we should wear them, he seems to flip flop on that. Look up the Frontline Drs. listen to what they have to say…they aren’t paid by the government. Look up Event 201, they laid out their plans way ahead of time for everyone to see…you have no clue the kind of evil we are dealing with, because guaranteed you haven’t heard about any of those things. I can point you to many Doctors from all over the world whose expertise tell them there’s some serious lying going on, only to have their videos removed. You do not yet have the eyes to see the catastrophic deception that’s ruining people’s lives all stop one man and control the world’s population. It’s like living in a nightmare dystopian movie, except it’s real and you all accept it even though you’ve seen in movies and heard in history books the cries and warnings about this very thing happening. But you choose to keep your head buried in the sand, your face masked up and mocking those of us whose choose to use our God given brains to seek after the truth and question the narrative that is so carefully crafted for our daily consumption. Your thoughts and feelings toward people like me, won’t age well, “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”

    2. @Red jam 611 I don’t know any of the words in Russian you referenced. You win when it comes to your Russian knowledge…sounds like you’re the Russian comrade bot! 🤣

    3. @Heidi Vea You obviously don’t know anything about even basic medical science. Ask any healthcare professional about wearing masks. Some of them wear them 12 to 16 hours a day. They dont wear them to “be controlled ” or to be a “sheep”, they wear them to keep from getting germs from or spreading germs to patients. They’ve worn them in operating rooms for decades BECAUSE THEY WORK at preventing the spread of infections.

    1. @Onni-sama 69, ah, Trump and Giuliani found a massive heard of unicorns being chased by Big Foot and aliens. They want you to put on your tinfoil hat and go help them. Please hurry!

    1. wow, then why didn’t all of those BLM and Antifa backers go to jail. BTW, stolen election from 74 million plus Americans and not one city burned, go figure.

    2. Well CNN does it all the time. I think we need to teach propaganda in school since most don’t recognize it. CNN/FOX do a LOT of propaganda.

    1. @hope finder Because lunatics on the left keep calling for him to be jailed despite no there being no crime. Trump is the most investigated president ever and after years of continuous investigation, no evidence of any crime was found.

    2. @K Can you tell me what those 21000 lies were so I can check them? I bet no one has ever verified that number. I think most will not be proper lies, just lies like when a woman says does my bum look big in this dress, you have to tell a little lie and say no, but it’s a good lie. I think it will be mostly those kind of lies. But creepy joe on the other hand, he has told some absolute stinkers. He even had to abandon a previous presidential run because he was caught telling so many whoppers. And cable news just lie and lie and lie. They keep saying there’s no evidence of election fraud when there’s over a thousand affidavits.

  2. re: “A seven-layer cake of lies.” re: “A feedback loop of fictions”. both great summations, excellent analogies.

    1. @The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel Trump is not trying to flip anything. The election has not been settled yet and it is not up to cable news to decide who the winner is.

    2. @The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel Hey there.. I’d be interested in your bias sources although fact check is more important to me.
      There are a number out there that use both commentary and news stories to determine slant while others use just the straight news.
      But they do explain their methodology.
      I too have noticed variances in their media bias charts, just not that drastic.
      Irrelevant though. The very fact you use a bias and fact checker makes you miles ahead of the pack who seem to feast on far left and right sources without bothering..

  3. How can the government see what he doing and don’t do anything about him being so creepy,😱 and crazy 😵God bless us all 🙏🤒🤧😷

    1. @Kazz Cybertron My take is that the Republican majority have ensured Trump is all powerful by not challenging some of his more ludicrous decisions particularly dismissing IGs so that the running of government goes unchecked or challenged. The only saving grace will be bi-partisan enquiries in the next few years.

    2. @Michael Laughery Even IF.. would still be no comparison to a person who has shown themselves over & over, to be a textbook example of #MalignantNarcissism . Someone toxic, emotionally underdeveloped, lacking full maturity of fundamental traits, self-serving always & at all costs, neglectful, pathologically dishonest, highly manipulative, dangerous & … deadly! The type all of our instincts should have been screaming at us, to warn about… from day ONE. The immediate, instinctual & deafening SIGH of relief heard across the World, the moment a call was made.. should speak volumes & quite loudly! If not, along w/ all the glaring red flags he’s thrown up for MANY years now…. Heeeeeeere’s your sign! #PsychopathFree “B.A.I.T.E.R.S.” #HiddenAbuse #MedCircle #LisaARomano etc ETC. SO immature & emotionally stunted, truly believes his own perception/feelings about something = fact. As in, “I want to win, am entitled to win, should win & deserve to win! Therefore, if told anything but… well, must then be fraudulent!” Having a tantrum, experiencing #NarcissisticInjury & as has always worked to get his way, has been throwing darts ‘until’….. hoping one sticks! Using one excuse after the other, one reason, one State… onto the next, he aims & throws another! Accepting defeat, 2nd place, losing, being humble… unacceptable & not an option! Having integrity, compassion, remorse, respect, critical thinking/cognitive reasoning, a conscience (let alone respect for rules/laws, social norms, boundaries OR others) any emotional connection to anyone/anything…. simply does… not…. compute. He says/does things for one of 2 reasons ONLY & always… spinning, fabricating, deflecting, shifting blame, lying by omission, manipulating, using others.. whatever it takes… 1) To GET something….. OR…. 2) to get OUT of something. It’s what he learned & imho, all he knows! Idk, but I’d take creepy OR crazy no matter what ‘side’…. over a Narcopath, anyday! ….js

  4. It’s just a narcissist’s way of living: playing the victim. I know, because I have one in my family. Greetings from the Netherlands.

    1. @Mad Max Still in denial in your delusional world. The wake up will be brutal. You idiots constantly tell us ‘it will happen’ but it does not. More than a month now. Just like cadet bone spurs promises: a wall, his tax returns, the magical disappearence of corona (multiple times), a perfect healthcare plan, … All we see is a river of cried tears.

    2. CNN makes the spirit of Nazi propaganda leader Joseph Goebbels proud. CNN viewers are going to learn the hard way.

    3. My sister, Julie, is a narcissist. I tell my family “I feel like Julia is running the country.” 👿

    4. @Annie Chorley the whole world has this pandemic thx for nothing china a perfect virus nobody knows were it is not like spanish flu or others all seem well but rhis virus shows no symptoms even after been tested they are negative days later they have it thx china for nothing

  5. It ain’t over! We still have two senate seats in Georgia. If we want anything to work in our politics we need the democrats to win those seats. Period!!

  6. Sinclair Broadcasting is a huge part of the right wing poison-a-thon…
    Of course Rupert Murdoch is the media grandfather of this entire movement.

  7. donald : “we are all victims here… and i can make money out of it… so, forget i think you are suckers… and donate” 🙂

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