A Slap in the Face – Wage Negotiations | Vaccination Congestion | TVJ Midday News – Nov 1 2021


  1. What I would like to know what government do with tax payers money why Jamaica have so much problem with road buildings water and you name it

  2. If the police federation and the teachers association are talking like this who are speaking for the minimum wage workers? How are these minimum wage workers to manage ? Them can’t buy food either

  3. Did ya’ll hear how the minister stuttered about answering the questions πŸ€” 😳 πŸ™„ 😐 🀣 πŸ˜•

  4. Hope those who are to get 2nd doses are prioritized. Make no sense to start FIRST doses and 2nds not completed.

  5. See how the world not level . How is it he’s still getting a salary?
    But just make a police officer is alleged to collect $2000 and watch how fast he’s put on interdiction without pay.

    Yet still with the millions stolen and he’s fingered in the whole thing. He still continues to get 2 full salaries.

    1. Country going sideways, even if you get raise of pay tomorrow , the rapid devaluation of the Jamaican dollar will take that raise back.
      We have an economy based on importation we need to start produce the goods and services we need.

    2. @Lightening Wilson official police nurses doctor is getting raise you don’t think security deserve raise as well……………..when you go to any business establishment Rather government or private first person you see is a security officer we of to deal with people from every corner of this our island we are on the front line especially those who worked in hospital and health centers clinic and pharmacy’s Tell me if you still don’t believe security not to get any raise

    3. @Alka 🌍 look at this most minimum wage workers work in the food industry and they are doing more than what security is doing in a single day yet get paid next to nothing all you really do is working around keeping your eyes on people yet getting pay up to 30g a fort night but these people getting less then 10 000 some less than 8 per week now think about this who need the raise more you are them

  6. The last time security office get raise of pay was under the PNP…….. Andrew have not give security any raised

    1. Dude the last time general minimum wage raise was 2016 since then every darm thing raise about 3 times but not the minimum wage

    2. @Lightening Wilson official Dude me a tell you say security minimum wage have not raised our last raised was in the Portia administration we haven’t got any since them

  7. Two pay every month and he have been charged with a crime congratulations to the government of Jamaica only poor people suffer

  8. Would Andrew dem take that increase the persons that are doing all the work a suffer while the politicians a get the bag and are not working for it. The poor will be poorer and the rich richer.

  9. As written inΒ Deuteronomy 24:14-15, β€œYou shall not oppress a hired servant who is poor and needy, whether he is one of your countrymen or one of your aliens who is in your land in your towns.

  10. Considering so many DOSAGE had to be Destroyed last month, what’s the Problem with giving the medication to Folks who show.

  11. Right now persons who worked for government can’t get their PENSION so read between the lines🧠🧠🧠

  12. SHM what about minimum wage years they don’t raise minimum wage people can’t even buy food or pay bills I can’t understand these people

  13. Guess all the witchcraft and false gods luck is running out now. The blood of Jesus christ prevails he’s the risen Lord. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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