A 'Stark Partisan Divide' On Vaccinations? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

A ‘Stark Partisan Divide’ On Vaccinations? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


As Pfizer says its Covid-19 vaccine is safe and 100 percent effective in preventing the illness in teenagers ages 12 to 15, the Morning Joe panel discusses new scare tactics against vaccinations. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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A 'Stark Partisan Divide' On Vaccinations? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. That’s awesome. I’m sorry for all those who are not going to get the vaccine, my only word to you have all those you know to pray for you and stay away from the rest of us. I have had the Moderna vaccine and still use CDC guidelines and feel more comfortable being around others.

    1. @ruth depew hahaha Trained Seal. It’s funny how Flu deaths are almost nonexistent, how wuhan cases were going down rapidly last year and THEN mask mandates happened and the cases started rising again. Not to mention that AFTER Trump left the CDC and W.H.O said the test last year was done wrong and showed more false positives and NEW TEST the correct way needed to be done. Jus as they are NOW saying HCQ is actually good. When you have to be tested to even see if you have the Wuhan, that says it’s not that bad. Just like them Begging people to take a vaccine and those companies have ZERO liability says, it’s a bit unknown and harmful.

    2. stay away… why? if you have had your shots then you are not at risk so your point is really dumb

    3. @Jim Young They don’t want your anti bodies, FOOL! The antibodies they use in Vaccines is a synthetic copy! Even if you have antibodies they might not protect you against the new strains!

    4. @wysetech2000 Sure it did. The same man who said we need to reduce the worlds population by 15%. “With the vaccines and other variants, with any luck we’ll reduce the population by 10-15%”. GREAT MAN. The foremost expert on not just Computers, but Vaccines and Climate Control. His “vaccine” was sterilizing Africans.

  2. And yet…these GOP opposition party have ALL received their vaccination ?? If they believed it so strongly anti-vaccine, they should have refused their shots as members of Congress

    1. So did the owner of Fox News Rupert Murdoch and president Trump. Rupert Murdoch actually sneaked back into England to get his shots when he couldn’t get it quick enough in the US. Meanwhile his Network spews anti-vaccine messages.

  3. Thank u. U said, Trump Republicans, I’m an independent as of January 6th. I was an Original Republican: Lincoln, Reagan, Busch & McCain

    1. Navarro and Faux News. They can claim it was just an opinion network, but they were the ones that aired it, and if proven, sue them too! Defamation.

  4. Fauci founded a lab in Wuhan with ‘American tax dollars?’Really?
    The GQP heard the phrase ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ and thought, ‘oh, really…’

    1. He also claims Trump is the father of the vaccine. Funny how the first two vaccines whete developed over seas with no money from the USA.

    2. Oh no, these people are so far out there aliens kept going when they came into our atmosphere.. Lol..
      You see how they are now saying the ship stuck in the Suez Canal is from Hillary bringing in kids for pedo’s?! I couldn’t believe it! The code they use on the ship is HRC3 and that is why

    3. @ღSwnsasyღ _ If I take the first letter of your sentence “O” 15th and add “Y” 18th the last letter = 33 and if you take SUEZ and spell it backwards which is ZUES which was Chelsea Clintons Secret Service name…….and add it to 33…….and 33 is half 66 which is one letter oops number away from 666 AND THERE YOU HAVE IT……MAKES SENSE!!!!!!

  5. the GQP: “proving you can vote with a picture id is not a burden.”

    the same p.o.s.:”proving you do not have a deadly virus is a burden.”

    1. @J Bryant It’s killed more Americans than WW2- That’s like saying the Japanese and German militaries weren’t deadly.

    2. @Johnathan Davis that’s like saying you believe the death count I work at a hospital or two doctors have been fired because they disagree with the way covid-19 have been being marked down. Also 60% of the nurses refuse to take the vaccine you think they know something we don’t

    3. @Billy Pardew Maybe 60% of the fake nurses in your Qanon group, otherwise that’s a made-up number.

  6. 50 years from now, our grandchildren are gonna be like, “wtf was wrong with the people who didn’t think this virus is deadly?”

    1. @Buddy Mckimmey It’s caused by wearing masks and staying away from each other., night clubs, restaurants Bars etc. There are still flu cases, just not as many! It’s called MENTAL INSTABILITY!! Join half the American society!

    2. @Scahoni It doesn’t work!!! You need Covid Antibodies!!!!! They only come from having Covid or from Vaccines!

    3. @A M
      That’s not how it works
      To explain this we need to conduct a thought experiment:
      If there’s a disease with 1% lethality rating, 1 in 100 people die
      0.1% equates to 1 in 1000 people, and so on and so on
      But…! This only includes those who get sick with it
      If 1% die out of 1% of all of those who get it, that means that out of an entire population only 0.0001 of people die which is 1 in 10.000.000, which is a really low percentage of all people
      This is why when determining the danger of a virus you have to take into account lethality AND how virulent it is

      Not to mention… the more virulent, the more people, the more DNA, the higher the mutation risk is

      This is why Covid is as dangerous and lethal as it is
      Yah, sure a small handful of people die who gets it but essentially EVERYONE gets it AND it has mutated into different strains due to the sheer number of people it has infected

      To put it into a different perspective:
      We might have to accept it as a new seasonal flu, and without a vaccine, yah… 500.000 people just in the US A YEAR would be a fairly realistic number until people have naturally developed resistances to it, which would take generations

      So no, 500.000 is an entirely realistic number if one uses no medicine, vaccine or treatment of the disease (not the symptoms which we have so far only been able to do)
      Covid is dangerous because of how widespread it is, making even a low fatality rate produce MASSIVE numbers

      500.000 out of 300.000.000 is still a roughly 1 in 600 if we look at the population rate and not infection rate, which is what people do when they try to downplay the virus
      Because the lethality rate is much higher than that with an alarming spread risk as well

      So no, 500.000 when doing nothing is an entirely reasonable statistic and heck… it might even be on the low end
      But that’s the problem, its become political in the US so we don’t know the exact numbers whether it is just 500.000 or higher, and those who look to downplay it twists the argument to argue its lower without looking at the statistics because they know if they do their argument gets shot down immediately

  7. WTAF?! How is this allowed???
    We clearly need an independent Media and Press standards board! Who operates with transparency. Rigorously adheres to evidence based facts and has teeth to hold these kind of gross violations, accountable. Like the IPSO in the UK. An independent membership program where members promise to uphold the highest standards of Journalism.
    That way people can rest knowing that what they are being told is the truth and any violation can result in punishment or expulsion.

  8. Republicans have succeeded repeatedly in making partisan what should be common sense. Republican politics needs some serious inoculations against lies, conspiracy theories and racism because they’re seriously infected with all three of these ailments.

  9. They are acting as if they are looking for people who will take the vaccine when in reality people are waiting wanting their vaccination right now!!

  10. I had my first dose March 24 getting my second April14th. My husband got his first dose March 24 getting his second on April 14th.

  11. Disclaimer: I am one who stands firmly against any kind of computer hacking. It’s wrong.

    But. Wouldn’t it be fun to have all of those working against us in this fight outted? One day they are shouting “Big Brother!” And the next day we’ll be reading how they have actually had the shots.

  12. One would figure that Fox would be cautious about allowing such nonsense on the air while being involved in multiple defamation lawsuits centered on voting machines. They are just asking to get sued again. They have to be held accountable.

    1. Oh and msmbc tells the truth?
      All the mainstream networks are, are a fraud. They are nothing more than distractions, neant to divide and confuse the masses. Msnbc cnn etc leans left fox leans right etc dont mean diddly. They are all nothing more than professional liars

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