A 'Surreal, Bizarre' Day: Congress Returns After Pro-Trump Insurrection | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

A ‘Surreal, Bizarre’ Day: Congress Returns After Pro-Trump Insurrection | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


NBC News Correspondent Garrett Haake discusses what it was like being inside the Capitol when a violent pro-Trump mob waged an insurrection to try and stop the peaceful transfer of power. Aired on 1/7/2021.
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A 'Surreal, Bizarre' Day: Congress Returns After Pro-Trump Insurrection | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. **George Carlin said it best,””the world is in the insane asylum,,, and it America you’ve got a front row seat””**

    1. I wonder what it would be like to live in peace and not have so much manipulation and hatred in the world?

    2. @Hat Bpto Actually it was 4 people who died because of their lies. One woman and two men were rush to the hospital but died shortly after. Hope that POS is proud of himself

    1. It’s been building since 2016. If removal was ever going to occur, it would have happened early this evening. He’ll be around for goodness knows how long, continuing to destroy the fabric of decent American values, aided and abetted by the same traitors to the Republic.

    1. As someone working their way very slowly to her qualifications. Listen to her, she’s a professional AND family

    1. Doesn’t matter if he leaves, all those fools will still be following him. It’s a culture that should have been kept locked up and away from normal society. We got (Canadians) up here protesting for trump, it’s just messed up

    2. @Carmelita Dauis Trump has put himself in a bad light by lying how many times in four years? Like ‘build the wall”? He hasn’t done anything he campaigned on. He lied then and he lies now; all part of the con.

    3. @Roman Ward Only the pathetically weak-minded refuse to see Trump for what he is. Will you have that be your legacy?

    4. EXACTLY. If we’re looking at worsening violence either way, EXAMPLES MUST BE MADE! Removing trump, today, would deter many of trump’s enablers, and nip a lot of the coming violence in the bud. And, let’s not kid ourselves, here? They plan more violence, as their desperation increases. Removing trump would reduce that. And we should strike while the iron’s hot, while senior GOP members are also seriously considering it. Contact your representatives, and let them know what you expect of them! Especially if they’re GOP members!

  1. Invoke the 25th
    Mary Trump said that today is not the worst and the next two weeks are to be feared…not a direct quote.

    1. Trump released a video, AFTER the violence started, and he tried, DELIBERATELY, to make this riot WORSE! Trump is actually stupid enough to think he might yet pull off a Coup! If we are facing violence either way, we can at least reduce it, by REMOVING TRUMP, as some of the GOP members are now in agreement with! It will get worse either way, so let’s send a message to trump’s enablers! At least they won’t risk their own necks. Make an EXAMPLE out of trump! Now!

  2. Just to be clear. We witnessed the split and DOWNFALL of the GOP due to radicalism, nonfeasance and malfeasance. Full Stop.

    1. @Dawn Wood aren’t you watching fox? It was antifa dressed up like magas that attacked the capital.. im serious thats what they saying.. 8P

    2. @Deborah Rose They didn’t play his speech, just those interviews of the same couple guys over and over claiming everyone there was antifa.

    3. @deaftone311 tell u what, go, continue to destroy the US till nothing left behind. Because the world will mourn and move on, very quickly. No more US, yay. So go ahead with your delusion, ruin your own home.

  3. GOP cult: “Democracy is great…only so long as we can subvert it to gain power and maintain our corrupt, plutocratic, minority fascist rule!”

    1. Watch all the trump cultists coming out today to, “argue,” that our Republic is, “not a democracy.” I’ve seen lots already. Great propaganda message to put out, at the time trump is attempting a coup, though, right? Telling them that a, “Republic IS A TYPE OF DEMOCRACY,” and pointing out that not ONE Republican representative of ANY stripe would even DARE to suggest such an absurdity, won’t have any impact. There are people out there who genuinely believe that they can still pull off a coup for Donny. He needs to be removed, to deter his enablers . . . Today

    1. @Ed Krumwiede ~ AGREED! Toxic Trump incited a seditious armed insurrection, telling a mindless Republican cult mob to violently attack and overrun our nation’s Capitol. The Traitor-‘n-Thief must be removed *_NOW!!!_* Impeached or 25th Amendment–one way or another, but *_NOW!!!_*

    2. @youtube watcher ~ Agreed. “The best way we can show respect for the voters who are upset…IS BY TELLING THEM THE TRUTH!” Sen. Romney calls out the complicity of Congressional Republicans in aiding and abetting Toxic Trump’s willful incitement of armed insurrection, causing the attack, overrunning, and desecration of the citadel of our democracy, the Capitol building. And, yet, after the seditious Republican cult mob terrorist attack against our nation’s Capitol, over 130 House Republicans and 6 Senate Republicans unbelievably continued to pour fuel on the fire, continuing to promulgate abhorrent lies and crackpot conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

    3. @David Hansen ~ We are self-governed, choosing our duly elected officials to represent us, Doc. That makes us a democracy, doofus. No democracy, no republic. That simple. Democracy is the foundation upon which it rests, and without which our republic would cease to exist. We’re a democratic republic. Also a constitutional republic. A representative democracy. And a social democracy, too. Americans have recognized ourselves as self-governed and our government as a democracy since it was founded. There are many forms of democracy, with democracy being the foundation, the basis of government. We’ve long heralded ourselves as “a shining beacon of democracy for the world.” Mindless Republican cult wants to hypocritically reject democracy when in the minority and it doesn’t favor their side.
      Get a clue, not a cult, moron.

    4. @Destin Abram the democrat’s aren’t try to take your guns, the republicans have been saying the same thing your saying for the last 50 years. Has it happened yet? Have they tried?.
      They’ve tried to regulate the military assault rifle, and there is those 2 words in the 2nd amendment “well regulated”
      So what’s your problem?

  4. Republicans STILL talking about how to limit voting! This is their ONLY chance for survival!
    If the majority always win… NO MORE REPUBLICANS!!!

    1. Republicans pretend to be so patriotic, but we can see it is all a sham.
      They prize hate, lies, and dishonor America.

  5. What happened to ” Back the Blue”? And ” Law and Order”?. This is such disrespect toward the officers. They are all hypocrites.

    1. The only decent and honorable thing that Mitch McConnell can do now is to demand that the stimulus checks be increased to $3,000.

  6. Imagine being a 14 year veteran and storming the US capitol while Congress was in session because a former host of The Apprentice lost an election.

    1. I wonder if the police there (they are still working for Trump)did get the order not to do ‘a lot’thats why people could storm the US Capitol

    2. Recall that veteran, strip them of rank and award, charge them with sedition, 14th amendment section 3,court martial,then dishonorable discharge.
      They swore an oath to defend and protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic…
      That oath doesn’t expire with your enlistment, you can be recalled up-to age 85.

    3. @The Truth Hurts You! okay, now we know it. Trump supporters, the dead lady included, are ANTIFA. Thanks for the clarification. Because they smashed windows, banged against the doors etc…

  7. Imagine Black Lives Matter protesters doing this. Bullets flying, like James Blake, shot 7 times in his back and the police officer doing it found not guilty.

  8. He planned it, let go on for hours, told the rioters he loved them, & continued to lie it was rigged & he knows he lost, he’s a low life, cold hearted con.

    1. Somebody seriously dropped the ball on security. Was it intentional ? When Trump is involved I wouldn’t rule anything out !

    2. @SabrinaMBowen
      How exactly is this equating the two?
      If anything it clearly points out the disparity in the application of justice.
      The comparison is not with a BLM rally in the streets of Kenosha, but a hypothetical comparison if it had been BLM storming the Capital. No selfies with police then, I assure you!

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