'A Sweeping Indictment': Trump Org, CFO Indicted On Tax Fraud Charges 1

‘A Sweeping Indictment’: Trump Org, CFO Indicted On Tax Fraud Charges


The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, were charged Thursday with 15-year scheme to defraud U.S. of taxes. Andrew Weissmann, former lead prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and fmr. U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance discuss.

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'A Sweeping Indictment': Trump Org, CFO Indicted On Tax Fraud Charges


  1. Reminder: This is the same Weaselberg who was put in charge of Trump “University” and told to make it more profitable 😆

    1. @Blondie Love ….oh blondie..You backed the wrong horse…
      Deal with it.
      Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Start all over again.

    2. The Veterans he taken advantage of NY state sued him and his 3 kids
      NY state told him he could never open account

    1. @Billy Pardew So you are saying that Trump is lying when he claims these are trumped up charges and Weisselberg will become another Trump associate who is a convicted felon. And you think this is a win for the Trump side.

    2. @D1 T It is genuinely difficult to tell. I’ve read things that I was 100% convinced it was satire/sarcasm. Only to find out that I was 100% wrong, and the individual in question actually though I was a baby eating Satan worshipper. So I’m just going to assume it was satire until I find evidence to the contrary. Mostly for the sake of my own sanity.

    3. @MSS WAWW I’m just going to assume that comparison was made sarcastically, and carry on with my day.

    1. Hi….. I’m Joe Biden….👈😳…

      …and how come every time they
      play MY ‘POTUS’ song….👈😳…

      ….everbody be singin’
      “HAIL TO THE ‘CHEAT’ ?”…..👈😳…..

    2. @Brett Salter yeah, we’ll just see who’s laughing when he WILL be in cuffs; in the meantime, laugh all you want…

    3. @Mike Kelley I was not saying ‘cuffs for donny ha ha’ as in ‘That’s a joke’. Drump WILL be in court and all his insane followers will at least be able to see how deep his crimes have gone.

    4. @Mike Kelley no worries mate, I have the same trouble with some of the ‘abstract’ messages.

    1. @Joe Yamaoyaji
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…👈😷…

      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
      the CCP
      slappin’ me around….👈😷…

    2. @Joe Yamaoyaji
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…👈😷…

      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
      “msssssssssss harris”
      slappin’ me around….👈😷…

    3. @Joe Yamaoyaji
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    4. @Joe Yamaoyaji
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      my wife
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    5. @IMA INVALIDPOTUS Do your business cards say “Super Genius”? 🤣😭🤪🤪😂🤪😆😅🤪😭🤣😆🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  2. Reminder: The _criminal_ investigation of The Trump Crime Syndicate has only been going on since May. Up until then it was a civil matter. The DA only got the tax returns Trump hid for 5 years in March. This is not over by a long shot.

    1. @Mark and Lesle Doescher Broken record broken record broken record broken record broken record broken record broken record broken record broken record broken record broken record

    2. Reminder: The fascist left is terrified of Trump running in 2024. These endless investigations and propaganda will continue until election time.

    3. @Rod Afraid he’ll try to steal something from me.. or cause me to go bankrupt or call me until my phone dies or fool some college students into wasting money they don’t have on a fake university or afraid his flying monkeys will spread their 💩 on the walls or.. but not afraid of him EVER being president again. You’re a funny one tho😂🤣😂

    1. I do not believe for one minute that he passed a cognitive test. Not in 1 million years. All he could say about it was about five different things. Now if he would have had that test done on TV by an independent person so the whole country could seen it first 🤚!!!!!

    2. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….👈😁…

      …and RBG and I are getting along
      great all of a sudden……👈😁…

      She hasn’t sent me any “bullying”
      e-mails for months now….👈😁…..

    3. @Seventy8 you dummies think q said anything original besides the bs they added in to truth that they can’t hide anymore to discredit it all. Only liberals ever talk about it and think everyone follows it when everything true they said was just what many others have been saying for 30yrs

  3. This is why company executives need to be held legally accountable (charged as well) for crimes committed by corporations.

    1. @Paul Kiker listen to your own words what is pretty much ?? you are now saying that what i said is true ,,you never ever said all was a lie ,period !!!! tell me what i said is a lie ,,you accused me of not knowing anything about race ,about me

    2. @joseph ressa
      Are you really that dumb? Seriously? And what’s with all those stupid.?! spaces ? and punctuations? Is that how Italian is composed? There may be some rift between Biden’s staff and Harris’s staff. Not 23 of Harris’s staff calling her a loser. You’re confused by fake news. Fake News claims to be just entertainment, not news, when they get sued for the lies they tell. Kapeech?

    3. @joseph ressa
      I didn’t say anything you said is true. I called you out on lying. Your logic is beyond irrational. Did your mother repeatedly drop you on your head when you were a baby?

    4. @joseph ressa
      LMGAO!!! Your lame claim that I am the pathetic one is evidence that you are the pathetic one, and you know it. Why? Because you’ve got nothing. No evidence. No proof. No plausible theory. Nothing at all. Kinda sums up everything you, don’t ya think?

    1. @Olive Eisner I would love to live in this make believe world you’re proposing. If actual socialist leaders actually were in power.
      Unfortunately in America the Democratic Party establishment is still very much corporate aligned to keep the status quo and the Republican Party worship a billionaire tax dodger as a god and want him to be their dictator daddy.

    2. @Ken Albertsen that’s because he does not know the definition of “shame” nor is he capable of feeling so.

    3. @Don Quixote It is the fact that so many unarmed innocent people are killed by the police….. Not to mention the fools who March around with tiki torches yelling they will not replace us….. or the guys out in their bed sheets…. Are those guys selling ice cream?

    4. @Don Quixote BTW…. Lots of my friends of color have been black in the wrong places at night….. pulled over, thrown to the ground and cuffed…. Why? Driving while black……. I am talking about clean cut, well dressed and educated people……

    5. @Joe Yamaoyaji 3 times as many white are killed by police. No racism haha. Also the tiki torch guys really? One group of needs from 5 years ago? BLM killed dozens of Black Folk and did millions in damages and you the white liberal cheered on the destruction of the black neighborhood.

    1. When they make the movie, I’d like to see the ending – with Trump being frog-marched down a dark hallway to his prison cell, while he’s whining loudly, “…but daddy Fred told told me ‘this is how to get rich! It wasn’t me. It was everyone else who was bad. Whaaaaah!!'” Then Trump speaks with a whimper to a guard, as they get to the cell gate, “I’m a stable genius, you know that, don’t you?” The guard responds: “Ok, genius, here’s your stable for the next fifteen years.”

    2. @Ken Albertsen It could be shown at the beginning slightly out of focus as reassurance the end was going to be appropriate.

    1. @Carina Scott Actually , @Ian Lovell seems to be an automated bot that randomly posts crap…. No wonder the same posting comes over and over….

    2. @Ian Lovell What explains the repeated postings? I have seen it in many of the feeds and the exact same style is used by about 3 people. They all post the same messages multiple times….

    3. @Joe Yamaoyaji I don’t know why people repeat the same thing, I think you better ask the person who did it. Kamnyblows Joe

  4. It’s so strange that when these people are caught cheating, somehow that is the Democrats fault. Talk about feeling entitled.

    1. @Richard Gourdine .. Democrats de-funded the police, then they go and blame republicans for de-funding the police .. the democrats are utterly bizarre

    2. @Scahoni you mean a pooper leader. the guy complains that biden has dementia yet has to wear diapers and at his rally in ohio he could not remember neil armstrongs name and said he landed on a plant. nothing wrong with that thinking.

    3. @Scahoni And he’ll be back in office with that new healthcare plan any moment now… Still waiting… He’ll be along shortly… Just waiting on the pillow fellow to release all that evidence… Maybe Sidney… No… Possibly Rudy can… Hmm. Anyway, I’m sure it’ll work out exactly how you expect it will.

  5. If a crime has been committed it doesn’t matter if the prosecution is politically driven. It only matters when a prosecutor decides not to indict someone he/she knows should be indicted… like GQP.

    1. @Douglas Robinson They are the FBI who brought a 29 man swat team accompanied by a marine assault unit to arrest an old man in his pajamas. It just so happens that CNN “ stumbled” on the scene at five o’clock in the morning with their film crew. Reminded me of the Keystone Kops

    2. @Charles Lewis Isn’t that their job? With everyone crying out for their 2nd amendment rights, how does the FBI know he and his people are not armed to the teeth? They are law enforcement, not psychics and want to return home to their families at the end of the day.

      Cheating on taxes reminds me of criminal Al Capone.

    3. @Douglas Robinson of course he hasn’t been charged with anything. He’s a democrat.

    4. @Harry Longabaugh Are you aware most FBI agents are Republicans and so are the Judges…. Why do you think the Democrats get free passes? Do they use mind control or are they omnipotent?

    1. @Ryan Harris Nope honest tax payin citizens defend the actions of the officer, drug crazed criminals can not be allowed to harm others.

    2. @James Wilson Doctors say the cause of death wasn’t the drugs….. it was the guy convicted for killing him……

  6. And his mob will say “It was nothing personal it was just good business” Well its time to get reaped as he has sown.

  7. It is not political, there has never been such a blatantly criminal president for over 200yrs.

    @ Helium Valentine. NO , not that I know of. What part of “never been “ did you not understand

    1. @MilkCow So it’s bad when the ex-president “lives rent free” in a liberals head, but it’s somehow ok for conservatives having Hunter “living rent free” in theirs? Just for clarification.

    2. @Howard Moon Trump doesn’t live rent free…. He makes news every day….. He promised to disappear or move to another country if he lost…. Most Americans wish he kept his promises. Very many wish he would get an orange jump suit and lose the ability to communicate with the public…. Out of sight, out mind…. 👍

    3. @Howard Moon Hunter is a terrible human being but, Ivanka, Kushner, Don Jr and Eric are no better…. I think Biden loves his worthless son but I can’t say the same about the Trump family…..

    4. @Joe Yamaoyaji I’m pretty sure you’re a terrible human being as well. On par with the trump children. See how easy it is to judge someone you’ve never even met?

    1. That’s because it’s everyday people like me and you who sit on a jury. The rich and wealthy can’t cover for one another.

  8. I find it ironic that the Trump people always chant “lock them up!” yet it’s always the Trump guys that get locked up.

    1. @Absolute Zero …Now that name fits you well! Give me a reason you think that if you can. (You and I both know you can’t 😉)

    2. @Rod So, if Trump hadn’t run for President, his ex-lawyer probably wouldn’t have been arrested and do wouldn’t have had to go in front of congress and testify that Trump had broken tax and banking laws under oath……. Yea, Trump should have kept his head down because the light public life brings attention…. For Trump, his corruption was brought to light…. You do know this tax fraud is based on his organization’s own records…. Right?

    3. @John Sozio No, like Trump….. How much do you think Putin payed Trump to side with him over the American intelligence services? Or was there a different reason for what Trump said in Helsinki? Could you explain this?

  9. When an individual or entity commits massive tax fraud, it victimizes every single hard working American citizen.

  10. This Grand Jury investigation is not a political witch hunt
    It’s about making America democracy Great Again

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