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    1. @Chez K “white supremacists” are a Mass Media bogeyman. Go google who the President of the Proud Boys is, go research how Trump received more Black and Latino votes than any other Republican in 60years. Candace Owens, Officer Tatum, Blexit and the tens of millions of Trump supporters of Color call BS on your “white supremacist” HOAX.

      Most importantly blm& antifa , (not “white supremacists” ) looted Rioted and murdered for 7 months , 1000’s of businesses destroyed, 400 police injured, 4 killed, 40 Americans murdered.

      Good luck trying to explain that fact away

    2. @President Elect Keith The LEFT is full of tricksters for instance Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan were not seen as minority supremacist leaders. For sure the previous generations of whites were more relatively racist actually but nobody made a practice of nationally accusing the former presidents so intensely or those that voted for them. Anyway George Wallace as an example only did well I think in GA, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana as the southern Dems in 1968 felt betrayed by LBJ. For instance a state like Texas has a lot of people in it not born in Texas

    3. @Sam Harris Right, it’s not like you nazis tried to attack the capitol to overturn the votes of 81+ million people.

    4. @President Elect Keith We have proof that it was mostly white christian nationalists. Autozone guy. The Airforce cadet, michigan kidnappers, etc.

    5. @Sam Harris Republicans know what they can do with their “unity”.!? It’s their excuse, of ignoring the last 4 years of lies, after lies by Trump. Even, they are trying to come to terms with their hollow convictions.

      They are simply incapable of doing anything that will help Americans.
      They are the “low lives” in America today.

  1. republicans in Dec: “The election is being stolen by corrupt Democrats and liberals who want to destroy your lives.”
    republicans in Jan: “Now is not the time for division, thus we call on Biden to put aside this impeachment.”

  2. The WORLD is watching. If Trump prevails, the world will see — wealth and privilege are all that matters in America. Our democracy means nothing and those five people who lost their lives on January 6th, mean nothing. It will prove, once and for all — the Republican party is a party of spineless hypocrites.

    1. @Dan A I totally dispute everything you people say and think, I will start with Texas has been nice after 60 day lockdown last year as can go to gym, restaurant, church as I decide the risk

    2. The world is watching ? The world has been watching the devastation the democrat party has brought to this country for the last 40 yrs.The world has watched the total destruction of our once great cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle or New York which was brought back from a drug saturated 3rd world country until back in democrat hands,now you see the results.The world has watched and laughed at the ignorance of the people who keep voting for the famous democrat campaign slogans.Mean while mothers in the cities who voted again for their slogans are getting their kids murdered every night.It seems the promises of Obama’s “hope and change” never heard from him again ,keep believing idiots but one day we will take it back…..Lol

    3. True, but they will also see that the Democrat Party has tried to bring Trump to justice not once but twice.

  3. There are 44 BLIND PEOPLE that represent their states in the US Senate! If these people can’t see what right or what wrong in such a compelling case, then how will they see and represent the needs of their constituencies?

    1. @Corn Filled Screamer Military men and women understand their lives are on the line at anytime, Hillary was never founded guilty after numerous trials for those deaths, Trump on the other hand was less that careless with civilian lives, he admitted to Bob Woodward on tape that he waited 6 weeks before doing anything about COVID, even with the deaths, he replied, “IT IS WHAT IT IS”.

    2. @Spider Taylor 6 weeks,??? Lockdown was of course not perfect, but point out how it was wrong specifically on timing etc.. When you consider 50 states, … which Dems avoid real analysis generally…

    3. @Corn Filled Screamer Either of my dogs would have handled the pandemic better than that incompetent infantile narcissistic Twitter addicted (no longer!) seditious Loser.

    4. @Sam Harris Better than someone who tried to trade US money for political dirt on his enemies. I assume you loved that 4 years of white christian nationalism in charge. Heil Dear Leader!

    1. @Benjamin Levine Oh so EVERYBODY knows it, huh..? Well apparently, Trump’s own lawyers don’t know it, because they failed *60 times* to prove it in court.

    1. Good gravy Stacey Plaskett is a horrible lawyer ….Trying to blame Trump for other peoples Emails and action no Direct contact gesh …never stand up in a real court

    2. @Fredlyne Balin reaching ? …3 Dim lawyers not one showed any connection of Trump to any of the Emails these Lawyers screeched about .
      … Pease post a connection of Trump and Proud boys as .3 Dim lawyers
      screech about …I will be waiting

  4. Actually it’s time for criminal charges against Trump, his helpers in congress and grampy crime fighter Rudy Giuliani.

    1. Listen geniuses, everyone knows Biden didn’t get 15M more votes than Obama. Biden denied mail-in ballot signature verification, forced judges to change laws when only the legislature can do so, dumped ballots in the early morning of 4 November, dismissed all the evidence brought to the courts on process not merit, needed 30,000 soldiers to install his admin, etc. Everyone knows this election was stolen. Biden didn’t even campaign! And he got 15M more votes than Obama? LOL the evidence of voter fraud in swing states ONLY is very compelling.

    2. @Benjamin Levine, there isn’t a nationwide conspiracy against Trump. He lost the election, there’s nothing more to it.

    1. Or maybe it’s time for Biden to try to fix what’s messed up?

      This is beyond stupid. Just let it go.

    2. So far …the Dim’s Lawyers have failed , trying to blame Trump for other peoples Emails and action no Direct contact …never stand up in a real court

    3. @Corn Filled Screamer there was an attack on the capitol, you think the gov will let it go? The way he spoke to the ones responsible was not exactly helping him on jan 6th. He will be forever blamed for it. Deal with it.

    4. @A. R. ANTIFA and BLM have cause 26 deaths and over $1 billion in damage so far.

      I guess that doesn’t matter, though.

      Oh wait – you’re saying that government people matter more than people like you?

    5. @Corn Filled Screamer don’t be ridiculous, of course it matters. Arrests were made, but trump didn’t call them special. Lol

  5. if the us enemies had used that same day to do they thing And it was possible,,, Republicans would be singing a different song

  6. “if a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”
    – President Dwight D. Eisenhower, March 6, 1956

  7. “Dear Congress: you should never have to feel unsafe or need to hide under your desks.
    Every PreK-12 student and Educator in AMERICA”

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