'A very surreal experience': Fort McMurray marks 5 years since historic wildfires 1

‘A very surreal experience’: Fort McMurray marks 5 years since historic wildfires


Municipality of Wood Buffalo councillor and mayoral candidate Mike Allen discusses Fort McMurray marking 5 years since the devastating wildfire while also battling a COVID-19 outbreak.

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  1. Turdeau refused help from Russia and let it burn. That was the beginnings of his colossal F==k ups. He’s had 5-6 more since then.

    1. Forest fires aren’t climate collapse, and the start date for the anthropocene epoch has nothing to do with it either.

  2. Rachel Nutley and Justin trudopes cronies lit fort mac on fire lit it in 4 different places all around the outside of the city.

  3. Did they ever find out who the arsonists were. ??
    Do not build is the middle of a dying forest

  4. On the Sunday when the fire started at the golf course, the local radio station had the drunken fire chief on.
    I spit out my beer when he said at 3 in the afternoon that they were “monitoring” the fire and felt it was too smokey to fight.
    That stupid town idolized their drunken fire chief clown.

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