A Week Of Law Enforcement Headlines Leaves Americans Looking For New Solutions | Rachel Maddow 1

A Week Of Law Enforcement Headlines Leaves Americans Looking For New Solutions | Rachel Maddow


Phillip Atiba Goff, co-founder and CEO of the Center for Policing Equity, talks about new ideas in how to restructure the response to the types of situations that police deal with in ways that are safer for both police and the general public. Aired on 04/17/2021.
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A Week Of Law Enforcement Headlines Leaves Americans Looking For New Solutions | Rachel Maddow


  1. It turns your stomach is right. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. There are two systems of justice.

    1. @Lea Brown Facebook censors stories about real estate shopping spree by BLM co-founder, racism makes you money now, god you are so pathetic

    2. @fpskiller 123, I’m no little girl. Nice try to belittle me, but you are the one who is sad. You’re racism leads you to be impartial, inhumane and makes you out to be a sad and scared individual. It’s just deplorable and pathetic that you are proud of it. SMH

  2. I don’t know why amazon or other companies don’t want their employees to unionized , telling everyone that is not beneficial for the employees in the long run – but the police department are a big powerful union / mafia thugs – and it works well for them

    1. Amazon can and will move to the most profitable venue, and you can not afford to move with them. You are driving a Toyota today because of the auto unions of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Unions do not allow removal of the nonproductive.

    2. @Just another human well we need to become a different animal all together,

      I’m just kidding we are nothing but slaves to the system .

  3. It can be fixed by dismantling and start over, reform won’t work, too many pieces of sh.. already embedded

    1. Ya,,you will say that until you are robbed or worse then you will be crying for the police to help you

    2. How would you go about replacing the police officers? Democrat controlled areas are already struggling to find anyone willing to enforce the law, and you want to cut the few people you do have????? That will be like “The Purge” every night.

    1. Abolish qualified immunity altogether. For what few cases where immunity may be warranted, there usually is something equivalent anyway like legitimate self-defense.

  4. Police don’t realize the position that they are personally placing themselves into…rage of revolution makes every single current cop in the U.S. a target if/when the revolution comes.

  5. Imagine if George Floyd had killed a cop by holding his knee on his neck? He would of being murdered by the State for doing that or even if he had just his knee on the cops neck He would of been shot on the spot. How could there even be a question about George Floyds murder?

    1. @My Channel for Stating absolute facts. You are aware of this right. My entire comment was indisputable facts.

    1. no one wants the rule changed because if they did it would have happened years ago. Just look at Jan 6th when their lives were truly in danger how did they respond against white people.

  6. Your guest is absolutely correct. OUR country needs more resources to fight poverty, drug abuse, mental illness, etc.; more police will not solve these problems.

    1. Lets just do a test run, send all police home for one year, with pay. Then we will check back and see if msnbc and CNN want to jabber from a different angle.

    2. But, without police, you get more drug abuse, mental illness turn violent, among other things, and everyday people will have to face these violence directly Yourself is included. So what is your alternative???

    3. @Daniel Arcadia according to the mother he was an angle and wanted to a doctor, or lawyer or president maybe.

    1. @Sarah F hahaha. I’ve seen you around. You’ve been called out MULTIPLE times by many people and you run away each time.

  7. If i was the lawyer in these trials id ask them one question:”officer,if that man george passed a fake bill,after coming in to contact with you,he will never pass another countsrfit bill,will he? Forgetting that hes a man ,with a family,with hopes and dreamsHe will at least,never be able to break the law anymore,will he?.
    And thats why choven diddnt take the stand. Guilty

    1. It seems a black or brown person can get the death penalty anytime, anywhere, for “maybe” passing a fake bill. For walking down the street or in a park, for holding a cell phone, or a toy, an air freshener on the rearview mirror, an expired, maybe, license. For being asleep in the apartment the police mistakenly break into. And of course, George Floyd is now compliant for eternity. Call it what it is: extrajudicial execution; state sanctioned murder.

  8. Law enforcement can not be trusted. They have proved this time and time again. It is time for a new system. Get these garbage people out of the community. Time for all of these criminals to face justice.

    1. Who do you think should enforce the law? Someone has to go get those “assault weapons” off the street. Who’s it gonna be? Social workers?

    1. I was on board with dismantling and rebuilding. But thats not going to work – its so corrupt that it needs to be abolished. I can’t even believe I’m saying that. Having Adam Toledo executed, hands up one day and reading a police chief who donated to kyle rittenhouse defense saying he did nothing wrong and the rank & file is behind him. fk that. it needs to be abolished.

  9. I’ve been living in germany since 1985, working as a sales rep (driving thousands of kilometers over the years), and have been stopped twice. Two times, both as “mouse traps” to check random drivers for alcohol. Everything else has been photographed and sent to me as evidence (speeding tickets). I got back three times to visit mf family, ang got pulled over every time. In a rental! One was “suspicion of a stolen engine”, one was “suspicion of drug trafficking”, the other was general suspicion (I rented a corvette. Sue me, I wanted to have fun with my brother, for once. I think he pulled me over BECAUSE I was following the traffic rules). The american police force is highly suspect, frightful ad a whole and a gang. Period.

    1. @sensualeye I have traveled all over the United states, I avoid places where colored people are, because half of them are bad. I feel sorry for the police who have to deal with them.

    2. @TAKE THAT YOU AS SOUL! I feel sorry our country has to deal with racists like you and corrupt police that murder the innocent

    3. @R Littlejohn most of the white cops are KKK members who traded in their white robes and hoods for a blue uniform and a badge.

    4. Then you should know the nazis were recruited here operation paper clip. The 4th reich is alive…

  10. Certainly didn’t hear, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts!” During the terrorists attack on the capital.

    1. Ahhh..you all joined 8 months ago…all the same person…is this another grift from Donnie, or just Donnie style?

    2. Maybe if the obvious fake accounts in this thread tried this at the Fox News channel, they’d get a bite of some naive people.

    3. i invested eleven crocodiles with mr pedro banana and am now receiving passive dogecoin income from the comfort of my space station

  11. The best thing about the worse people in the world is that they can’t avoid revealing their own identity.

  12. lets not forget that security had a 3 day warning and still had minimum police on site even though their ring leader was holding a rally right down the road IT DOESNT TAKE A GENIUS to know he was up to no good. or that his loyalists were helping him from the inside.

  13. ” _Instead of a war on poverty_ /
    _They got a war on drugs, so that the police can bother me_ //”

    – Tupac Shakur (≈ 1992)

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