A Year after Covid-19 | Vaccine Roll Out in Jamaica: TVJ All Angles - March 10 2021 1

A Year after Covid-19 | Vaccine Roll Out in Jamaica: TVJ All Angles – March 10 2021


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    1. That’s very TRUE!!! It’s nothing but an EVIL SCHEME that is being carried out by the very people we ELECTED as GOVERNMENT…… Just very DISTURBING!!!

    2. @Rainfall Meditation the reason why I pay attention is becz I have a video of it when them fake the injection an then get up proudly a clap

    3. @Deva City just noticed what’s going crime is at it’s worse state an the government come on the TV most nights talking about the vaccine he’s not giving a input on crime he’s more focus on the vaccine in addition to that from it confirmed that the vaccine hit the island the covid numbers start come up to a total of 60 , 70 ect tht way ppl aguh fear fi them life an take it

  1. If u take the vaccine u still can get the corona virus and you still of to wear a mask and you still of to keep social distance so Mr bro gad what is the real reason of taking this vaccine

    1. Congrats you have sense an in addition to that them all a pay you fi take the vaccine them a provid money fi who already take it that nuh seems weird

    2. We all going to end up take it just watch an see , you soon ear seh you can’t work anywhere unless your vaccinated

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