Abducted Infant Safe | Abductors on the Run – December10 2020

Abducted Infant Safe | Abductors on the Run - December10 2020 1


  1. Kmt lady better you did make you baby stay where him was I don’t disbelieve you said dem never did a care for your baby but god know everything it hot but hush mom

  2. The government of Jamaica need to leave china alone. Cant u all see China has a plan. May God help Jamaica when the Chinese tek it over

    1. @everdon wilson you can say that again. The worst thing is the majority of the country too ignorant to see and those that can see are for the most part too comfortable to give a crap.

    2. @P. Val No a lot of educated people can see it , but they are tribalist supporters of either party, who depend on their party for their share of scarce benefits and spoils.

  3. The CCP is all about trickery and deception, just hope the Holness administration understand how they operate .
    The choice is easy, hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans live in the US.

  4. Knocking a POLICE off his bike is not UNFORTUNATE..the POLICE need to be given the utmost RESPECT at all time especially in Uniform

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