Abducted & Robbed in Jamaica - Shaqkeera Tells Her Story | TVJ News - March 30 2021 1

Abducted & Robbed in Jamaica – Shaqkeera Tells Her Story | TVJ News – March 30 2021


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  1. Omg look at that Beautiful woman with that smile am asking god please to protect the women of Jamaica

    1. Your Jesus isn’t saving you sorry …wake up ..smell the coffee… you’ve been tricked …what has Jesus done for the 81 year old and 7 year old that got killed ? The women last week? The women that WILL be killed in the near future??? Your stupid Bible talks are getting tiredsome

    2. Roy O, all lives really matters…but
      why is it when a beautiful woman or a handsome man gets hurt or killed it seems to evoke more ire and remorse from the public?

  2. Praise Be To God that you and your friends were unharmed though traumatized and possibly scared for life. Jah know I will never truly understand why suh much wicked heart deh bout nonetheless dem day of judgement will come.

  3. There is no proper regulation or background checks of Jamaican Taxi drivers. The standards are too lacks. Finger prints and DNA samples with a thorough background check should be required.

    1. Criminal background checks covering at least 20 years should be carried out on all applicants for a taxi licence. Any applicants that can’t provide a clean background should be refused.

  4. I know the feeling. Held at gunpoint while a student at UTECH, right at the campus entrance one night. Will never forget that night.

  5. Such a beautiful and smart young lady.. thanks to God she live to tell her ordeals.
    God bless you princess.m

  6. The government of Jamaica have no clue.
    The public transportations is in a mess.
    Fort of all too much taxis on the road.
    They needed to structure them.
    Like proper marking and coloring..

    1. That wouldn’t prevent the problem from happening. These robbers had a normal looking taxi. It has to be a system where taxis are registered and people can look them up in a list to see if they’re approved or not to reduce the chances of it being a bad one

  7. Trusting taxis to transport you to your destination safely is increasingly becoming a risky business these days. Thank God nobody was shot.

  8. I think is because its four girls why they survived, if it was her alone maybe it would turn out a different way.

  9. I was held at gun point at utech.after a department social..my friend and I were waiting on our ride to go home..I av other scary stories that only god knows about

  10. I was robbed of my 10,000 dollar and my cell phone by a taxi driver and a woman posing as a passenger in the front seat, and mark it was broad day light ,now people my story is I went to up park camp to do the soldier test but I forgot my birth certificate so I had to return home,the money I had in my bag i had just received the previous evening from my aunt to buy food for my home so i took it with me with the intention of buying food on my way home from doing the test,I came outside up park camp gate put a phone card on my phone call my baby dad explain that im on my way so he should meet me in May pen so we could get the food,standing there im waiting for a taxi to go downtown to catch my bus,this taxi pulled up with the woman in the front shouting town,town,town,I got in the back along with another man and a small boy,but the two got off leaving me alone in this taxi, as soon as they got out and the car drove off ,I realize it turn on a different route so I said to the taxi driver were are you going, as soon as I said that the woman in the front pulled a knife out and said give me all the money you have and you phone,now people I just received the 10 gran to buy food,,cause there was not even a piece of food in my house,I said I dont have any money she reach over and grab my bag and search it and find the money,this woman gonna say how you say you don’t have no money a kill me fi kill you eno gal,at the same time im trying the door locks to jump out but the driver was controlling the locks from his side,anyway to make a long story short they left me at admiral town and tell me not to look back when I get out so I won’t look at the license plate,I made a report to the admiral town police , a week later I got a call from the police to identify a taxi man when I got there I saw his bro,his baby mom and his mother have the audacity to tell me,oh they gonna pay me,buy back my phone,and pleading that its not their family the one that rob me the police officer wasn’t there anyway so I couldn’t get to identify him I was told to come back and the truth is I didn’t go back,im not gonna let a 10 gran and a phone cause me my life so I leave it alone,but I know if that taxi driver and that woman hasn’t died already im sure they gonna rob the wrong person nxt time

  11. Almighty watch and protect all the young Lady and Women of Jamaica!
    I will continue to pray for you guys!
    Love you all

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