Abortion rights activists protest at Joel Osteen’s megachurch | USA TODAY

Abortion rights activists protest at Joel Osteen's megachurch | USA TODAY 1


    1. Milahan PhilosophersCorner…..Very nasty. These women have no sense of decency for themselves or toward others. They are disgusting.

    2. @Emma Hamilton Not nearly as disgusting as wanting to force people to give birth against their will.

    1. Did you hear the one about the three sisters who were raped while walking to the store ? The senior nun turned to the other two and asked how they were going to explain to the Bishop that they were raped twice. Twice ? Said one of the Sisters ? Why yes said the senior nun . We are going back the same way we came . right sisters ?

  1. I think one thing is up for debate as per the law of the United States. However protesting in a private venue, is not…

    1. Not private. Anybody on the street can just walk right in. It it were private they would lose their tax exempt status …

    2. @Ain’t it Da Truth no, it is a private organization. All religious institutions are…

    3. @James A Lafayette You are absolutely wrong… Read your federal government tax exempt documents. If it’s private.. You don’t get the exemption .

    4. @Ain’t it Da Truth I think your getting caught up in the semantics. Your basic insinuation was that people can legally protest and purposely inflict sabotage or disruption in religious institutions? You do not think there is a line with which the law would disagree or dutifully respond in? Is that your real argument John Hancock?

  2. In the end it is not what I say, or what you say but what the Word Of God says. Killing your children for your selfishness is wrong. Strip down all you want, it just makes you look disrespectful.

  3. ok ok your body your choice , but also respect others rsrsrsrsrsrrs is my church and must be respected , is my faith and must be respected ….

    1. @Dia Abiy your point is valid, but I don’t care – I am too sick of conservative setting rules for the rest of us

  4. how any of them gonna make the change u want wrong venue and use the term loosely .. “woman”

  5. Her day got even better. They took her to jail where she got to take the rest of her clothes off.

  6. What’s the point taking off cloth somewhere in holy book when you are right proof with shirt off

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