Abortion rights protesters stage a sit-in at the White House | USA TODAY

Abortion rights protesters stage a sit-in at the White House | USA TODAY 1


  1. I really enjoyed brandons very articulate speech on abortion the other day. He very eloquently, spoke of a 10 year old girl who had to cross state lines “to terminate the presidency”. We are truly blessed to have such a sharp mind in the white house. As always, one of my favorites is when he has escaped his handlers, and told the media “my butts been wet”.

    1. “As one computer said, if you’re on the train, and they say Portal Bridge, you know you better make other plans.” – Joe Biden

    2. @deplorable federalist It is not “completely preventable” and I’m sorry we don’t need to punish women for having sex lol.

  2. “Let’s go Brandon. I agree.”
    “End quote.”
    “Repeat the line.”
    – Joe Biden

    1. If only this way it could finally be done! Ffs this circus has gone on long enough.

  3. “just tell jojo “end of quote , repeat the line” folks LOOK you know the thing , man period no joke

  4. It’s nice to see that we can finally all agree on bodily autonomy.

    You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. Easy as that

    1. @Crazy Cletus II No to which one? The fact that I should be allowed to decide if I get a vaccine or the fact that a murderer should be charged for killing a mother AND her unborn child?

    2. @Deanna W It’s not suppressing your immune system. Pregnant women have stronger immune systems then nonpregnant women. Also when you’re pregnant you have increased appetite so the food you eat goes to your body and the cravings go to the baby. This has nothing to do with public health it’s all about responsibility. If you couldn’t handle the responsibility don’t get pregnant.

  5. Do people not realize what the hell a sit in is? I have said this before, people are cosplaying the civil rights movement in a very unserious way.

  6. What about the right of the child. They were born but yet they want to murder these children. These people are ate up

  7. Can we get a poll showing their thoughts on mandatory vaccines from 11 months ago? I bet “my choice” wasn’t a big hit.

  8. I’m confused. I see signs saying “bodily autonomy” these women are carrying, if they had “bodily autonomy” wouldn’t there be no such thing as an unwanted pregnancy in the first place? By definition?

  9. Where were they during the pandemic 😷? Oh, yes they allowed the government to take their rights away. Hypocrisy 🤦‍♀️

    1. They are in favor of risky and unsafe behavior so what do you expect? (The virus was proven to be less dangerous than long term use of synthetic material masks and vaccines yet it lasted that long ….and many people in my state still clown around in them).

  10. Now these women done left the kids they already got at the house to act a fool for the right to kill any future ones. Make that make sense.

  11. “Hands off our bodies” – Supreme Court says they don’t have the authority to rule on their bodies
    “Only Womens opinions count” – Can’t define what a woman is and the original ruling was put in place by 9 men
    “My body my choice” – Yeah, since the 1600s or whenever with our shared English heritage we recognized life in the womb as able to inherit property and land so I mean… At a certain point you aren’t fighting man or government, but the natural inequity of nature that women are lifegivers and men don’t which seems to be the real thing they are fighting

    To think that a country that continuously expands human rights to people, to suddenly stop with life in the womb is a hilarious thought especially given our heritage and principles.

  12. What if I say my gun my choice and start barraging “people” coz I don’t think of it as taking lives. Will it be acceptable?

  13. There’s no such thing as ‘abortion rights’ . You have the right to raise the life you create . Take care of your responsibilities or shut your legs . Welcome to adulting .

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