'About Time': Former Trump Exec Isn't Surprised By Criminal Probe | MSNBC 1

‘About Time’: Former Trump Exec Isn’t Surprised By Criminal Probe | MSNBC


The operations of the Trump Organization are once again front and center after the news that the Manhattan DA has impaneled a grand jury in the criminal probe. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses the probe with Jack O'Donnell, the former president and COO of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

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  1. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.



    1. Did you see the Trump administration? That was a shitshow. So yeah unorganized is an understatement

    2. never have been.. his statement that it was a “well oiled machine” was laughable. It was complete and utter chaos by a “man” who did not have any knowledge of how governments are run and who managed to run off any sane adult that could have provided him with first hand knowledge because, of course, he knows better than anyone.. he knows how to run a business into the ground quicker than any of them.

  2. Remember when Trump said not paying taxes, makes him a smart businessman.

    1. @Johnny Young BLM has a leader now? I must’ve missed that news. Haven’t been on 8chan in…ever!

    2. @Roy Mercer someone doesn’t know their history. Time and time again, when a criminal leader uses all his goons to commit his crimes for him in an attempt to evade conviction, tax evasion is the ultimate noose that hangs him. It’s the one thing Uncle Sam won’t forgive no matter who you are!

    3. @OneAndDone you couldn’t be more right. When the NY Times did an analysis of Trump’s finances they found he was worth, almost to the dollar, the 62’000’000 his father left him.
      Which means it took all of his work on the Apprentice, real estate development, leasing out his name to companies, his book, Trump steaks, water, university and his failed casinos, to break dead even!
      He has since used the presidency to net over a billion but considering his debt he’s an unprecedented failure. The likes of which humankind has never seen. It’s almost impressive.

    4. @Deborah Freedman Baby Cheesusxs race baiting increased the number of attacks and murders on Asian Americans- most of them elderly- and you actually have the cult mindset to _still_ say Sharpton is way worse? Even if your allegation is true which I seriously doubt, that still means Baby Cheesus got way more people assaulted or killed.

    5. Like the saying ” all that glitter isn’t gold”. All that tax evasion is coming back to bite.

  3. “We need new numbers.”

    Sounds suspiciously similar to…

    Donald Trump: “I just want to find 11,780 votes.”

    1. 11780 votes for who ?
      That answer would have been priceless…
      The dead air time while they collect their balls off the floor is kinda funny…

    2. @Elbar Jones They were given the voting machines and they couldn’t find any votes. How are they supposed to find eleven thousand?

    1. He’s been saying that since Trump killed his casinos but Trump yelled “sour grapes, disgruntled employee and loser” and that was that. Read the guy’s book.

    2. Cook the books and con hin to , wow I’m from nyc and i know about Trump since late 80s and he was a scam artists and criminal simple since then ,and people still fall for his LIES. People don’t got self respect.

  4. O’Donnell says “It’s about time” that Trump was investigated. I’ve been reading about Trump’s criminal shenanigans for almost two decades and said what O’Donnell is saying now over 25 years ago.

    1. @Pokarot Yeah. That’s why I explained my situation. He may have known people who got screwed or some other info. When I found out that he was doing similar stuff in new York, it just validated what I was saying for years. I should add that I can’t speak for him. Don’t know his situation.

    2. @Pokarot First, it’s not my comment, but I took it to mean that 25+ years ago, he thought something was not kosher about Trump. About 5-6 years after initially having those thoughts, he began to read about actual criminal activities.

      Even more important is that most, if not nearly all, readers understand the gist of what the comment means, and that is trump has been “misbehaving” for over 25 years. Given this, I responded b/c I found your reply to be a bit unnecessarily combative. –BUT, that’s just my humble opinion.

    3. @B Bodziak “readers understand the gist of what the comment means, and that is trump has been “misbehaving” for over 25 years. Given this, I responded b/c I found your reply to be a bit unnecessarily combative.”
      I think honesty is very necessary and exaggeration hurts the points you would be trying to make (Especially if you use it blithley). The way I read it is that this person said something was wrong about a person before having proof that there was something wrong with them, which does not lend yourself to believing that the person does not carry an unfair bias.

    4. @Delmonico Farquhar Agreed. It sounds like Trump first got in bed with the Russians in his Taj Mahal years. Does anyone know if the DA was successful in getting Trump’s subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank? I don’t know if the story that Russians funding DB deposited large sums & specifically told the bank president to lend it to Trump has been fact-checked thoroughly, but it certainly is strange that zero banks would loan him even the cost of a hot dog while DB suddenly offered him a loan of millions in the triple-digits. Then, when he defaulted on it, Trump actually filed a motion/sued DB in am attempt to not have to repay the loan. Before those proceedings even got underway, DB agreed to another multi-million dollar loan AND the terms didn’t include paying off the first loan. There is something fishy about Deutsche Bank & their known ties to the state bank of Russia, Russian Oligarchs and Putin.

    5. No one’s going to mention how Trump’s helicopter pilot was arrested as a major cocaine trafficker, whose case magically got assigned to Trump’s sister’s court (she recused)? How the pilot had an apt. at Trump Tower, and Trump wrote glowing letters attesting to his good character?

  5. How many more people do we need to convince that trump is just a corrupt individual!?!? Homie should been behind bars years ago…..time to get it right!!

    1. Deep down, everyone knows. Those who deny it, just don’t care. They want him as their autocrat.

    2. @Charlie Foxtrot It’s the reality show mentality of all the obese children that grew up to be Cognitively Impaired.

    3. The Republican Party is fighting for its existence. They sense it and they are desperate. Trump is just using the fringe dwellers too stupid or too swept up in their conservative views to see it.

    4. So many corrupt officials IT will take years to get mcconnel wife and Betsey devoid and others

  6. I believe it took so long because Giuliani has been protecting Trump since he was a prosecutor and the head of the sdny

    1. @B. T. has Big Bill Barr been in proximity with the Trump org for decades like Giuliani? I thought Barr came out of Oklahoma. There’s not a lot of intersection with the Trump org in OK, I don’t think.

    2. @Ice 247 How hysterical would it be to get to heaven after spending your entire life strenuously living right, following the rules, doing right by others, denying yourself many pleasures…only to arrive at the now golden gates with Trump smugly complaining to God about how unfair life treated him.

    3. That’s certainly is a possibility
      You are either his partner in crime or at least willing to cover for him to earn his praise or you are suddenly a “disgrace”

    4. It is not just Rudy, but his AG’s in Sessions and Barr. This is why he ran for president. To use the DOJ to shield his criminal conduct.

    1. And lets not forget that maggit has has robbed normal hard working americans contracters and the likes hes lost hundreds of millions he couldnt run a bath the mans a wet wipe.

    2. “When” has been a very long time coming. Trump has been “about to go to jail” for years but he’s still free.
      I’ll believe it when I see it.

  7. Baby Cheesus could have kept this going for a long time if he wasn’t so narcissistic that he ran for President… and won. A lifetime of being coddled impaired his ability to develop caution and learn lessons. Now he’s up the creek without a paddle.

  8. It’s funny he’s going to jail, for his crimes, and wouldn’t if he’d not got presidency.

    1. So true. If he had stayed a private citizen, a lot of this stuff may have never been investigated. Although Trump University and the charity would have likely been caught as they were so outrageously fraudulent.

  9. “His brand killed the business”, which means he’s even a loser when he should be winning!

    1. Now there was a former Chump manager who really knew from first hand experience what a con man and absolutely terrible businessman Chump really was.

  10. Trump is so blatantly bogus it’s truly amazing how many people he has conned. People have no common sense.

    1. @Gabe Dudley talking about facts…are you still mad at fox news for calling az for biden?

    2. @Don Adams: In reply to your comment about Trump conning ppl, he certainly pulled off his biggest CON with 2016 election!
      He ran on being the “Law & Order” man. Trump is now known as the most corrupt president in U.S. history! He, Don Jr, Jared, Ivanka, & Eric have grifted themselves mega amounts of money those 4 years and then some.
      The millions that believed his 30,000+ lies is astounding.
      Using 4 points of Hitler’s propaganda got him voters. Say the lie loud & often enough so people will believe it to be truth. That’s how the 2020 election was “rigged.”

    3. @Señor BeanS welcome new user. Thanks for adding to the fakery of the left? Are you talking about the same fox that bidens former chief of staff is VP?

    4. @Gabe Dudley so biden told former staff to tell fox to call az for him..yea i guess it was rigged

    5. @Señor BeanS you think so simple. Its sad you cant even think for yourself. Power of indoctrination

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