Abrams: McConnell Wants To Burn It All Down—And Loeffler, Perdue Hold The Matches | All In | MSNBC 1

Abrams: McConnell Wants To Burn It All Down—And Loeffler, Perdue Hold The Matches | All In | MSNBC


“Mitch McConnell has a vested interest in not only burning the house down, but blocking the firefighters from coming to save us,” says Stacey Abrams. “And unfortunately, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are happy standing next to him holding the matches.” Aired on 12/14/2020.
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Abrams: McConnell Wants To Burn It All Down—And Loeffler, Perdue Hold The Matches | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Ron Hill Because the policies were flawed and too costly. For so-called fiscally responsible conservatives to raise the federal budget deficit from just over $5 billion in 2016 to well over $3.1 TRILLION in the second quarter of 2020 is fundamentally wrong and goes against conservative principles. And China owns the majority of the debt! Buying up the treasury bills to support the exploding debt. SOS again a democrat has to take over a republican’s huge debt and failing economy and over the top unemployment. Remember bush’s economic debacle and spending mishaps that turned the US economy into a recession? Obama fixed it. Or rather got it under control. Now trump has ballooned the deficit exponentially into the trillions so that’s one of the big reason he got turfed. Now in comes a democrat again to get things balanced somewhat so that China doesn’t continue to own more and more of the US.

  1. Trump loyalists are the same type of people who would’ve fallen for Hitler if they lived in Germany during his reign.

    1. @Mac Lemaster Have you had many classes at all? Loyalist to England were Americans too, as was Benedict Arnold. Freedom is earned… as a vet, let me assure you I stand for and behind the U.S. Constitution and the people have spoken. Show evidence in court to the contrary that the election was free and fair or consider the fact you may be a traitor to your nation.

    1. @Frail Bones Biden 1 week account with 400++ on msnbc comments section.. i tho russian already deployed to Ukraine frontline? Who are you? KGB operative? Chinese operative? Ooh ooh!! Q-anon conspirators?? Is this you???

    2. @Your Common Average Gamer You are just Kid touching garbage! #bidentouchingkids you are the enemy of America!

    3. The answer to Mitch is Bernie Sanders administration! These so called Moderate Democrats are too busy trying to be Republicans, & Mitch is having them for Breakfast!

    1. Well, yes, but we cannot blame it all on tRump. Moscow Mitch is effecting what the Repubs have wanted since FDR, return us to the Gilded Age, tRump and his cult just threw gasoline on it.

      To the 12 and 126, who help create and support A MONSTER. The MONSTER THAT WILL BRING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU DOWN!

    1. He’d have to admit over 300,000 Americans have died, when he only want to point to the vaccine and say he’s responsible for it. He’s NOT responsible for the vaccines.

    2. @Bob Davidson These are not pecentages, they’re individual loved ones. Do you know how many human being are painfully losing their lives at record rates each day? Hundreds of thousands. Respect that folks are dying alone and unnecessarily due to over-crowding bc people want to politicize instead of taking simple precautions.
      There’s no “Biden will save ya.” We needed/need the current president to lead; show compassion, acknowledge grief of the citizenry; reassure us that help is coming to hungry kids and families in danger of eviction; to reinforce and demonstrate safety measures for the country.
      Has he talked about you? The American crisis? only about himself and stopped running the country?
      Please don’t lose your heart and sense of reasoning to sound and be like someone who couldn’t care less about our lives or the legacy of a free country.

  2. McConnell is a crook lining his pockets from big business and special interest while Americans are suffering

    1. McConnell has been a senator since 1985.
      That’s 35 years and Georgia’s minimum wage is $5.05. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. The minimum wage for government contracted workers is $10.10. The national living wage is $22.35. Seems to me congress has a lot of catching up to do. The question is will Biden move in the right direction for the average working American and become a legend among Americans or, will he do nothing and become a legend to corporate America.

    2. @Brian Powell How DID McConAll earn his $34 million? My opinion is there’s more China than Russia when it comes to Mitch. I’m sure his in-laws approve of his actions over the years.

    3. @Brian Powell That latter choice doesn’t align with his profile. In a situation where he can’t be blocked at every turn, a bupartisan-leaning politician like him will lean in favor of whats best for individuals and demicracy, imo. God blesd you!

    1. @Ron Wade Kentucky. But if Georgia votes in 2 democrats as senators, McConnell won’t be majority leader in the Senate.
      Effectively, Georgia’s runoff will determine the Senate majority, and the degree of McConnell’s power or lack of it.

    2. Republicans in the senate don’t care about Georgia remember that when you need help because of covid and Mitch won’t help because he only cares about rich lobbyists.

    3. @Ron Wade

      Yes McConnell is from Tennessee, but if the Democrats win both seats from Georgia he looses the majority in the Senate.

  3. those that took the Oath and went against the will of the people should be Charged for violating their oath and lose their seats!

    1. Any that supported the Texas lawsuit should be removed based on Article 14 of the constitution. Who will have the balls to do it?

    1. I agree and I donated money. I only could donate around $100 to Ossoff and Warnock’s campaign for the Senate of Georgia because that’s all I can reasonably afford on SSDI (I became disabled but worked a lot of my life and am over 60.
      I donated close to $400 to Biden and Harris’s campaign last month because I had some extra money to spare.
      That gamble payed off as we know so my donation was well spent because Biden/Harris won the election.
      I wish I could donate more to Ossoff and Warnock but financially I just can’t.

  4. Moscow Mitch is more dangerous than Trump. Georgians need to Vote for two Democrats Senators for smooth running of the country.

    1. I have a hard time believing that Mitch McConnell got all those votes. Why doesn’t anyone ever challenge his ballots!

    1. @Teresa S No. It is the mass media’s and corrupt officials’ coverup of the well-known fraud that is making America the laughing stock. There are high school kids that I know that could tell you the election was a complete fraud.

    1. She belongs in Biden’s Cabinet. Do all you can to help the DNC in Georgia. Regardless of their whining, the cult WILL be voting. Money, time, space, resources, social media; anything you can spare. Democracy NEEDS those two senate seats

  5. Stacey Abrams is the future.. standing on the shoulders and carrying on the torch of the great ones we lost.. Elijah Cummings, John Lewis

    1. @Andiamo10 Andiamo Abrams can take a lot of credit for Georgia going to Joe Biden….remember what state she reps fuckstick.

    1. Historians and reenactors of history could though.
      They are useful for documentaries and movie sets.
      I have a tapestry of Adolf Hitler that’s captured war booty from one of my uncles. I am not ashamed to own this inheritance item which is only a historical item.My father was a B-17 Pilot with 50 combat missions against numerous NAZI occupied countries as well as Germany and my other uncle a mortar team leader that played a part in the liberation of a slave labor camp in Germany

  6. PURDUE was TOO AFRAID to even DEBATE——-probably because his last debate he got MOPPED UP right to his face….

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