Abrams: Republicans Intend To Use Voter Suppression In The Upcoming Election | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. Misunderstands the nature of language 🤣😂😂 THATS pretty low but certainly describes trump !!🤣🤣 YEP THEY DEFINITELY INTEND TO CHEAT… voter suppression!!!

    1. The left projects all of their own intentions onto other people. “Racist, sexist, voter fraud” huh…. ALL the things Democrats have proven they are/do? Interesting… Mail-in votes is an invitation to a fake election. It’s funny how Democrats encourage rioters to burn down a city and blame the president. It’s always the president’s fault. Know why? Because left-leaning media takes advantage of a voter-base THEY deem to be stupid. Too stupid for independent thought. Because as soon as a liberal does some research, they see the entire world differently.

    1. I don’t think she’s much of an improvement. Both of them unfairly slandered Bernie Sanders… over and over again. Reid was less blatant about it, as compared to Matthews… but in her own way, she was just as bad.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I would of voted for Bernie also, However at this point we have to vote trump out.. I dont think he will leave and he is surrounded by puppets.. so help vote him out..

    3. Terence Graham she was given a show to discuss racism to atone for her sins against the gays, apparently there were some harsh twitter rants.

    4. @hhhh9579 I dont think that we are giving them anything in particular that isn’t meant to be shared equally with every American.

  2. “Free and fair” elections were a cornerstone of “American exceptionalism”. “Free” means absent coercion. Can you call an election free if there are armed goons “watching the polls”? Can you call them fair if it’s harder for some citizens to vote than others? Another cornerstone, by the way, is the peaceful transfer of power. We’ll see how that goes.

  3. He, not the people! Too out of touch with reality! God show him the right b political path, please!Amen!

    1. We don’t. Why do you believe lies!! There’s no proof, but there are arrested Democrats you forged hundreds of ballots. Do be ignorant and believe this crap on this news network.

    2. @Moses G Get serious, we have literally thousands of examples of the Republicans engaging in voter suppression. It’s very well-documented and I have no more time for your delusional nonsense.

  4. Smart I think the same way I’m glad she speaks out the truth thank u I think his a coward too

  5. Republicans will lie,cheat,suppress the vote,solicit foreign influence and anything else you can imagine to win. And when they still lose,and refuse to go…no bunker will be deep enough!!

  6. People with money always always try to stop people without money from voting. America is full of very bad people.

  7. If we can stand months of a Pandemic inside our homes, if it takes to stand in line for a day, so be it. Gop and the trump administration needs to go.

  8. I like Stacy Abrams, of her oratory talent and charisma there is no doubt. And she has a bright future. I just don’t think she is quite the right person for Vice President at this time. Our country is experiencing a crisis on multiple fronts, and for that, steady, dependable, experienced leadership is needed.

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