Absence From Office No Relief For Trump As Legal Waters Heat Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Absence From Office No Relief For Trump As Legal Waters Heat Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. Look what kind of a legal team he has always hired to defend him in past numerous times? He’s soooo SCREWED😵

    1. @Stay Nutty, Dollface First bipartisan impeached president, first president to be impeached twice. So much winning. Remember when Republicans literally made it so evidence couldn’t be presented at the senate trial?

    2. @Stay Nutty, Dollface Right, there isn’t much you can do to fix ‘Trump supporters’. They are a lost cause, so far removed from reality, they are a danger to themselves and those around them. I agree with you on this.

    3. @Stay Nutty, Dollface Right, Republicans were very vocal about their intent to put Party over Country. The first Impeachment, they even voted to prevent evidence from being submitted, out of fear some Republicans may have voted with America had they seen the evidence. McConnell was smart on this, prevent Republicans from seeing the evidence, so there is little to no guilt when they stand against America.

    4. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will just naturally implode. Use your energy for better things 🙂

    1. Good song. As wacked as ozzy was, he was a pretty good artist and singer. I worked with a guy named Randy Rhodes and he texted me last week saw me on a zoom call. RR was famous guitarist with ozzy. And I worked with a guy named Leonard Skinner, spelled this way.

    1. These people are so dumbed down they thing democrat big government is freedom and people who believe in limited government is facism. They still dont understand globalist agenda. See un resolution 21. They won’t do any research and seem to act on emotiion.

    1. Ghislaine Maxell does not agree – but I disagree with Ghislaine. Pedovoires need to be exterminated.

    2. @Alex Hamilton Yeah. Ain’t it grand to have a leader who doesn’t make every single thing about themselves?

    3. @Alex Hamilton I’ll take a boring, kind, respectful, we’ll qualified, experienced 40 years in government, & a gentleman, over a disrespectful, bullying, woman assaulter, lying, cheating, traitor any day

    4. @Alex Hamilton Oh this all seems pretty exciting to me, way more so than politics as usual has ever been.

  2. Get his money before he declares bancrupcy again to get out of paying his debts. Time to RICO the Trump Crime Family.

    1. @A T Thought the dreamers were the foreigners brought here as kids? You are added to that list.

    2. Let’s get on with it. He may die before the sh!t hits the fan for him. In the meantime, yank his passport, and all the passports of his fellow law-breakers. They’re ALL flight risks.

  3. The Trump organization is now hiring. Looking for the best lawyers, payments for services may or may not be paid.

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    2. mufflejoy
      Blessings and thank you
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      There is nothing impossible about God
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    3. Sharon Mores
      Excuse me Sir/Madam
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  4. It seems that Trump is like plutonium – toxic to anyone close to him. One way or another, there is always a price to be paid if you associate yourself with him.

    1. @Kevin Hoffman Lies are expensive. In the end they cost you everything that’s worth having.

    1. @Paul Gambardella as a vietnamese friend of mine used to say….USA number juan. actually the world stats are all almost the same, we just have the third highest population and the most trustworthy counters. it is an incentive here to over count actually. i was counted twice myself when I got covid.

    1. @Alex Hamilton LOL, No, Not, Never, No way, but wait . . . maybe I could build an outhouse and turd trump can stay in the basement.

    2. @D W The wheels of justice turn slowly but they grind exceedingly fine. Just a matter of time for TRUMPY to be in Court….a LOT!

  5. I love this! Beautiful, beautiful, music to my ears. Yes! I want this man held accountable for his crimes against democracy, civilization, enlightenment, humanity, and, Christianity. He must pay. Must!

    1. @Alex Paynter gee al , why do you defend someone who only acts if it in his own best interests, are you really that dumb ?

    1. @Alex Ordonez oh wow! And you’ve only been on here a few months eh? How many rubles is Putin paying you?


  6. This is why all public servants must be fully vetted annually by an independent, anonymous source including annual tax returns, their full voting record if in Congress or Legislature and so much more.

    1. Whether or not your suggestion is a “fascist” imbecilic comment as has been posted, those types of investigations are incredibly expensive to initially complete and to maintain.
      Now, where do you want the funds to come from?

    2. I agree Rae, but also, this financial disclosure needs to be written into the Constitution!
      He promised to release before election if he was selected (he didn’t), then he couldn’t because he was under audit (the IRS confirmed that it was possible to release his submitted returns even under audit). End of first term, still no returns.
      It need’s to be enforceable – no disclosure – no keys to the White House!

  7. donald dump and his family shouldn’t have even been able to see the inside of the White House at all.

    1. @Sharon Mores It’s kind of like how MSM is conning you. Same thing. Keep listening to the Chinese media.

  8. I’ve never heard of someone being sued so many times in my life or someone suing so many as he does.. Need to start calling it, I’m Trumping you! Lol..

    1. Well they Put Bernie Madoff Away for Ever, Now they Need to Put Big Don in the Room Next to Bernie, They Can Play Checkers together through the Bars, KING ME !!!!!

  9. This crap has been going on long enough, the next report i want to see is him wearing a orange jumpsuit!

    1. @Peter Stoops “no crimes were committed”
      Okay, I’ll tabulate them for you. Chronologically, more or less, with when they entered the national discussion.

      1. Obstruction of justice. Trump threatened to fire FBI Director James Comey if he continued to investigate the Trump campaign. Comey refused to comply, and was promptly fired by Trump. Trump then attempted a second time to fire the FBI Director when Robert Mueller took over, which was unsuccessful. After this failure, Trump ordered House Counsel Don McGahn to create a false record indicating that no attempts took place. McGahn refused to comply with this order. In conclusion of all this, the Mueller Report found “very substantial evidence” that Trump had committed the crime of obstruction of justice, but declined to take an official stance on the subject, allowing the impeachment proceedings to decide his fate. We all know how that one ended, the only Republican to vote for impeachment was Romney. Therefore, Trump never saw justice for this.

      2. Violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. This one isn’t quite criminal in the same sense, but is certainly enough to ward future holding of office (in other words, impeachable). Basically, the clause states that a president cannot profit from his presidency (very dumbed down explanation). The thing is that Trump spent $100 million taxpayer dollars at resorts, country clubs, and golf courses owned by his own company. $100 million. He functionally wrote his own business a $100 million check with taxpayer money.

      3. Soliciting foreign interference in US elections. This dates back to 2016 and stays consistent to today. In 2016, Trump openly tweeted a callout for the Russian government to find Hillary’s “missing emails”. Five hours later, the Clinton campaign was hacked by Russian operatives. Foreign interference in our elections, at the explicit request of Trump. Additionally, in the middle of the 2016 election, Trump’s son was invited to meet with a Russian national regarding “information that would incriminate Hillary and…would be very useful to” Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. was told it was “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort took the meeting. In other words, they conspired with a foreign government. So much so that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates met with Konstantin Kilimnik, likely a Russian spy, multiple times in the summer of 2016 to provide him with internal campaign polling data detailing the Trump campaign’s midwestern strategy. Later, in 2020, Trump would threaten to withhold military funding to Ukraine if they didn’t investigate Hunter Biden. $400 million of military aid on the line, all so that Trump could push a Russian conspiracy theory and gain a foothold in the election. This entire exchange was confirmed under oath by Mick Mulvaney, the White House Chief of Staff.

      4. Solicitation of elections officials. This one doesn’t need much explaining, we’ve all heard the tapes. Trump explicitly asking for ballots to just be fabricated. He essentially was attempting to commit election fraud, to win an election that he lost in a landslide. This is setting aside the massive legal escapade and reckless rhetoric he engaged in, which while not criminal is certainly to be condemned by anyone that is to be taken seriously.

      So yeah, it’s hard to say whether he’s better off in a prison cell or a coffin, but I can say that every day he spends free is another day the American people spend seething.

    2. @Michael Garrity comey should have been fired day one. He was out to get trump even before he was elected. trump may be the first president to NOT profit from his presidency, Unlike previous presidents he has less money leaving office then he had before. Soliciting interfereance? based on a public tweet?, thats a stretch. His tweet was a sarcastic joke, which liberals hate. who ever was in charge of Hillaries lap top security should be put in jail, it wasn’t trump. there is no reason to be “seething” about trump. Your side hates him, so you sit around thinking up things to charge him with. Not sure why he got under your skin so much, he did put america first. Biden is putting central america and china first, usa is way down the list

  10. I believe it was Obama who said, “The Office of the Presidency doesn’t change who you are, it exposes who you are.” I believe that is just what happened to Donald Trump. He’s always been a grifter according to Mary Trump.

  11. Nice to see the money man start to have some heat, whether or not he turns having the guy who protected Dumpy out of the way just opens up the capability to get more. Loving it!

  12. I still remember Trump deliberately downplaying the Coronavirus. He even had the nerve to say that he likes downplaying the Coronavirus. This shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s over a half million people who lost their lives because of Trump.

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