1. Honestly Russia is more of a remnant of a superpower than a superpower in thier own right anymore. Or at least I dont think of them that way. Generally a Superpower can at least give its troops equipment

    1. My ex went to Russia with an Australian delegation many years ago. He said back them all the weaponry was old and dated. In his opinion all the stuff was from the Cold War. The ‘Superpower’ the world was so scared of is an aging Cold War relic. It is only the fact they have nuclear capabilities that makes them dangerous.

    2. @Gene M They didn’t say ” it is Russians “. They said ” we cannot independently verify that it’s Russians ” . Sounds honest to me . Also , I am aware that the track record of CNN is massively better than the Russians .They have established bona fides . In this instance I believe their acknowledged assumption is correct .

    1. …poorly trained…poorly equipped…poorly led…and poorly motivated! The slaughter that lies ahead is absolutely senseless. Putin started this war, and he is free at any time to end it and go. Go back where he came from…the pits of hell!

    2. @Danny DD I haven’t seen you post anything intelligent. You just crash in trolling. Where’s your argument? what’s your point of view? Nothing?

    3. @Flaming Beaver Putin has so far deployed 200,000 troops, destroyed the Ukrainian infrastructure, annexed 20% percent of country, took a nuclear power plant that supplies 60% of electricity in Ukraine, he’s destabilized Europe for their involvement in the war. Germany is currently De-industrializing and becoming a service based economy, this has so far happened with Russia barely pressing on Ukraine, but you know what keep believing what CNN is telling you bubba🤡

    4. Danny boy ( child) unless you have an opinion, don’t just jump on decent people with your simple brainless comments. A Personal attack (trolling) gives you no credibility at all! Give an opinion or F off!

    5. @WM Pig I see what you are saying and to be honest agree. However, I’d rather fight for my country if some other country is trying to take over than fight for my country for a nonsensical reason.

    1. That’s exactly how top brass in Russia looks at its citizens. They gotta take this to the Kremlin once they return

    2. West shouldn’t be talking agter everything we’ve seen on the past 20 year especially last few. Worst coruptions, theft, lies, lawlesness, then ANY country ever!

    3. @L or something..after all the war crimes,and his threats of nuclear ( no leader offer any country is aloud to threaten with nuclear) he should be taken out of power NOW..what gives him the right to use these threats..total 😠 madness

    4. @dave gallen The trouble with objections like that is that you can always use a metric in which the United States falls short to conjure up a false moral equivalence. You certainly haven’t made a convincing argument that the US president doesn’t care about “his people.” You might even be among the chorus of naysayers criticizing the US president for being a do-gooder as he provides money to the poor or feeds the hungry homeless people. It isn’t even clear that you understand the geopolitical implications of unchecked Russian aggression toward its neighbors: there’s nothing “nonchalant” about the deliberation that led to the US and European Union providing assistance to Ukraine, or the caution with which the Fed is attempting to tamp down inflation without tanking the economy,

  2. The winter in the Kherson/ Luhansk region is from mid November to the end of March. You get average temperatures in January from 19 degrees Fahrenheit/-7 Celsius to 29 degrees F/-1.6 C, meaning you can get cold snaps where you can have cold of down to minus 30 Centigrade/-22 F. And that area is steppe meaning flat land with wind that just comes unbroken by cities, forest or hills.
    If you’re not equipped/kitted out properly in the open, that is lethal very quickly. If wounded… that’s it. Frozen bodies in those temperatures will take maybe two days to thaw.
    These guys haven’t seen nothing yet.
    These Russian invaders will know what the German invaders experienced in the winter of 1941/1942.
    Welcome to Hell.

    1. @SuperNovaExpress I too enjoy a nice ice bath now and again. But it’s nice to get out and enjoy a nice warm cuppa! Too much time spent in cold,damp temperatures without anywhere to get warm or dry is a killer! At the very least it going to drain any morale. Many will probably go insane!

    2. @Writeous0ne the huge difference that you are forgetting is back in WW2 the russians were supplied by the Americans, just as the Ukrainians are being supplied by the Americans now. Now, as then, the russians could not adequately supply their own troops. and frankly, russia was more able then than they are now.

    3. It’s more like hell to the russian army at this point 😂 if there is the army still left. what the h are you on about.

    4. @Miranda Hotspring only christian hell… but the realm of the goddess Hel (from whom the word ‘ hell’ is derived) is bleak, dark and cold.

    1. @bubba burdle Your vernacular and attitude is bad, like your knowledge! I’m not going to contradict you any further!

    2. @Kerrie Morris cuz u cant. I can easily debunk anything u say, u have no facts only what western media tells u. U like believing in propaganda then go ahead the very same people im powe destroying the country and making us poorer then go ahead be ignorant and support that just wait with 7 yrs yer guna look back i know

  3. Glory to Ukraine and glory to the hero’s may God bring peace soon🇺🇦🇺🇸🇩🇴❤️☮️🙏

    1. ​@Markodius Rex Where is your evidence proving the existence of ANY “god”?
      I’m sorry to tell you this, but without proof your fantasy is nothing more than Santa Claus for grownups. Provide hard evidence that can be duplicated and I’ll consider your claim.

  4. God help us all. Look at the horrors these people and the entire world face because of a few individuals want or can’t give up absolute personal power.

    1. Nato is to blame they could have prevented this war! It’s over Ukraine trying to join nato so nato can be within reach of Russia All they had to do is not allow Ukraine to join and this war would have never happened. It was weeks months that nato seen Russia getting military near boarder of Ukraine and nato should have stepped in now there are tens of thousands innocent Ukraine civilians dead because of idiotic gun yielding so called leaders all involved have innocent civilians blood on there hands.

  5. This is so sad … blows my mind the internet shows the world …imagine if we had internet technology during ww2 the horror we would see 👀

    1. I talked with a dude that was a medic in Vietnam I mean it really messed this dude up but he was sitting there talking about it and about how they sent him tampons instead of medical supplies and he was sitting in the interiors talking about all the kids that never made it to their birthday that he had to watch die
      And now I know why my dad never talks the time he was in the service during Vietnam

  6. I’ve lived and worked where it was -35/40 degs C. Everything freezes. Fuel, oil, all water, hydraulics. I was always wrapped up well with western winter gear but even then clothes would freeze in minutes in the open. Unless you have been in that environment you can’t appreciate the effect it has on everything. We used winter fuel, oil and had heaters on most equipment to stop it freezing up, if russia can’t supply basic non winter gear IT WILL BE AN ISSUE IN WINTER.

    1. @Ped Clarke now everyone is expert in E European weather 🤷‍♀️
      You guys should stop that madness, you should see what we see in Poland.
      The amount of misery your President is creating is mind boggling.

  7. Bellingcat is a better weapon for the info age than a battalion of T-80 tanks. Amazing research, analysis, and journalism.

  8. when the leader of your country provides you with no training and no weapons, and sends you into a battlefield, you might want to think of somehow removing that leader or finding a new country to call home.

    1. Unfortunately, the majority of Russians don’t think they are short changed here. They are constantly fed with propaganda and false information that they think they are in the right here.

  9. pretty sick how a man could do this to his own men… in a way I do feel a little sorry for the people that don’t want to go over there and fight and that are innocent? I guess…

  10. This war was such a huge mistake that should never have happened. We must keep the pressure on and help out Ukraine however we can. Please get in touch with your representatives to give Ukraine more help. Don’t just email or write but CALL them. This gets their attention much more and is pretty darn effective from what I have been told when I called mine. They told me they are indeed getting calls from people even in my small area to do more for Ukraine. This small act can go a long way in keeping Ukraine strong and supplied with what they need to weather this.

    1. Putin can’t put the toxic toothpaste back in the tube, so he’ll be lucky to get a coffin made of half inch plywood – which is better than his grunts – who just get left in Ukrainian fields with cold battered bodies.

    2. @Adam Beal I saw the same bullshit in 1999 with the Kosovo Albanians, with the Iraqis in the 2000s, the Syrians during the last refugee crisis, as well as Haiti. Hundreds if not thousands of organizations sponsored by U.S/NATO politicians out of their apparent broken hearts for the suffering of innocent people. When these people no longer suit the West’s geopolitical these organizations vanish like virgins in a brothel, these countries remain third world cesspools that you call a “democracies.” After the war, your love for Ukraine will prove as real as the tooth fairy.

      Thank you for the tip, but I’ve already made a donation to a “help Ukraine” fundraiser. A few kids were selling lemonade on a hot day a few months back with a nicely crafted sign with a Ukrainian flag, and I just happened to have a counterfeit $10 bill in my wallet. The lemonade was delicious, and I let them keep the change. I’m afraid you’ll have to be a little more cynical if you want people to believe your impersonation of me. Being a patriotic lemming and showing love for a country you couldn’t find on the map one year ago is not convincing. But hey, it’s your money not mine. Stupid white boy.

    3. – C N N , P R E P A R I N G A N A M E RI C A N C I T I Z E N , ( N O T J U S T S O L D I E R S ) F O R A M O B I L I S I T A T I O N !!

    4. @Bolshevik CarpetbaggerNext time don’t be such a coward and delete your posts like all can see you did above. After all we love all your guys whataboutisms. Tell us some more stories about something evil nato did in 1984 ha. In the meantime if anyone else reading this wants to donate to Ukraine in Bolshevik carpetbaggers name another good place is Come Back Alive Ukraine or Army SOS. If carpetbagger wants to hang around I have a big list of other excellent places.

    5. @Bolshevik Carpetbagger idk who hurt you but you have such a negative and depressing outlook on life my friend. I hope god or whatever you believe in is able to change your sinister perspective on life. Everyone deserves to live a life without a dictator invading their country for no reason. USA is bot perfect in that sense and has committed many evil acts but that doesn’t negate what we are trying to do here. I hope your clouded judgment is cleared one day. Sending love your way

  11. “Measures are being taken to take care on the problem.” I’m pretty sure they consider the problem to be the people complaining.

    1. Exactly. The complainers shouldn’t show their faces. They won’t even get sent home in a body bag. They’ll be shot and left in a Ukrainian field for crows, dogs and bacteria to deal with.

    2. – C N N , P R E P A R I N G A N A M E RI C A N C I T I Z E N , ( N O T J U S T S O L D I E R S ) F O R A M O B I L I S I T A T I O N !!

  12. Wow major respect to that reporter doing all of that forensic journalism. I’m glad we have people like him uncovering the real truth and helping in gathering evidence for future courts.

    1. – C N N , P R E P A R I N G A N A M E RI C A N C I T I Z E N , ( N O T J U S T S O L D I E R S ) F O R A M O B I L I S I T A T I O N !!

    2. @Ken Albertsen – Yes, the Trump voters that cheered wildly as Trump bragged about how he was building a border wall with Mexico in Southern Colorado.

    3. @Roger Pennel I’d like to see the Trump family down in Tijuana, each with a tin cup in hand, out on sidewalks, begging for pesos to pay for the wall. First, we’d have to teach them some Spanish, “por favor, senora, un poco dinero por el wallo. Gracias.”

  13. Christo and all the Team who works at Bellincat deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
    What they are doing is amazing !

    1. People like Christo could never work for Fox News. Fox wants their reporters dumbed-down to jellyfish level while spewing lies a mile a minute. in stark 180 degree contrast, the man being interviewed is smart, well-informed, and a savvy researcher.

    1. Try denouncing lack of freedom in Russia and tell us how it goes for you.

      And compare doing the same in any country of the west.

    2. @FXCK JEWTUBE The Ukrainian army has already lost 400,000 soldiers killed and wounded. The United States lost the same amount in World War II. Are you ready to repeat?

  14. If you don’t understand why they are sent like this to the front line then you are a good person living in a good environment. The short version of the explanation is that when you steal from somebody that somebody will eventually get sick of you and by any means do what it takes so you won’t steal from him again, but, if the defender dies then you can steal from him all your life. The idea is that he’s sending men to die because those men have the potential to overthrow him. Less men to overthrow putler, less worries. Hope that makes sense.

    1. That’s a fair analysis. I think it’s one reason. Obviously he’s getting rid of enemies. He’s also getting rid of undesirables. The issue, though, is he’s doing more harm to himself than preventing.

    2. The undesirables (sick imprisoned people) don’t have any potential to overthrow madman putin. So no, sorry, that really makes no sense at all.

    3. And when you fight back and stand up for yourself against the people stealing from you they get angry and try to pull the victim card.

    4. They’re sick people who were in jail, exactly which position gave them a chance to overthrow Putin? Christ man….

  15. Belingcat are genuinely on another level in terms of their reporting. The Navalny investigation was insane. Props to them for their continued work against the risk of Russian aggression.

    1. Thing is it’s never been proven, Navalny reckons an agent told him so that’s not evidence and this Bellingcat investigation is just an accusation, even their investigation hasn’t been confirmed. What is telling is Navalny is in a Russian jail so if Putin wanted him dead he’d be dead, but he’s not, he’s able to tell western journalists that a Russian agent confessed it was Putin. I’m not remotely on Putin’s side, I just think people are way too quick to jump on everything they hear. Like, seriously think about the reporting on Ukraine, apparently it’s the hordes of hell who all speak Russian invading the angelic Ukrainians who would be playing harps and flying among clouds but they’re only fighting cause Russia made them. Now I’m sure there’s truth in that, but also no, it isn’t like that either. We’ve seen multiple videos of Russian soldiers saying how they’d been lied too, thought they were liberating Ukraine from nazi’s etc, so all these stories about how the Russians are just scum attacking civilians and leaving mass graves etc, I’m not buying it. They probably found one or two, those things happen in a war, but you don’t get an entire army doing it unless there had been a cult like mass political/religious movement in the build up to the war as happens every time what is being reported actually happens. All this is just propaganda to make Russia the enemy rather than Putin and it’s government, makes it easier to see their people killed if you keep painting them all as little Putins. It’s why you never hear any positive reporting on China either, their economy has grown so large they’re a threat to western capitalists and their positions at the top of the top 5%, so they’re trying to stoke a new cold war with them, only China has a bigger army, bigger population, bigger landmass so the US can’t bully the rest of the world into isolating them like it does with any communist/socialist countries, they can exist alone with their economy and too many countries need their continued investment to survive.

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