'Absolutely unacceptable': Trudeau on violence at campaign events 1

‘Absolutely unacceptable’: Trudeau on violence at campaign events


Sept. 7: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau addresses the protests happening during his political rallies.

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    1. You do realize that the conservatives won the popular vote in the last election by 1 million votes but still lost due to less seats. 1 million votes is a huge percentage of voters in Canada!

    2. @Bob Woods Shouting, heckling, and swear words are not violence.

      Violence is what you liberals did for 4 years under Trump.

  1. Why is everyone able to diagnose a homeless person with mental illness but refuse to identify it in politicians ? ?🙄🙄🙄

  2. “Why you so mad?
    I only ruined all of your lively hoods and made your children’s future questionable, what’s the problem???”

    1. Child’s future questionable? Child ain’t gonna have no future. Look around and it’s easy as pie to see it. They will mandated to do every single thing they are told or else because our society it too complacent and stupid to say no.

    2. @John Napoles we have already been cast in the fire. We need extinguish it collectively and individually I believe. The lord helps those who help themselves it is said.

  3. Keep up the great work folks. Blackface is so upset and confused, he/she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and may soon start crying 😂

  4. Definitely do not see this situation HE HAS CREATED getting any better for him that’s for sure.
    He made his bed , his choices led him to this…..

  5. “Let me be very clear and state the obvious..It’s absolutely unacceptable what you have done to this country and what your are planning and willing to do in the future”. Signed.. Awake and furious Canadian…

  6. Too bad wasn’t bricks, but in other hand materials are expensive these days , stick to the rocks , bigger ones please

  7. Looks shaken. I wonder how much the Liberals paid for this distraction. This isn’t an election issue. Next.

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