Abuse From Republicans Pushing Trump's Big Lie Drives Away (Real) Election Workers 1

Abuse From Republicans Pushing Trump’s Big Lie Drives Away (Real) Election Workers

Barb Byrun, county clerk for Ingham County, Michigan, discusses how Republican attacks on election officials in service of Donald Trump's big lie is causing many of those officials to quit, retire, or not run for reelection, leaving some states scrambling to fill vacancies.
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    1. @Wes Barcus you’re probably just lying more, just like I caught you doing earlier. That’s the problem of being a liar like yourself. What you say has ZERO credibility.

    2. @Brandon Coile I didn’t say it, I looked it up for your information. Apparently you can’t verify anything for yourself. I showed you where to look. You asked for proof, I went to your own leadership and gave it to you. Don’t waste my time if you can’t handle the truth.

    1. @The Red Wave If you can’t see the video in front of you, then yup … you’re blind. If you willfully disbelieve what you’re seeing with your own two eyes because it doesn’t suit your narrative, yup … not too bright. Moving on. SMFH

    2. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden… ….

      ….and when the “girl scouts” come
      riding on AF1, then we’ll be

    3. ​@Brian Beetle LOL cope more, When is the next IED at a federal building gonna happen again from the left?

    1. @Christopher Robin Garrish your people maybe Comrade. He serves his people well, with loyalty and fidelity.

    2. @Robert Slaughter – When the price is right.

      When he isn’t owned by Russian Intelligence, he’s selling his services to the highest bidder.

      McConnell has proven it.

      Time and time again. From laughing off 9/11 First Responders to just giving Kentucky Coal Miners suffering from Black Lung less than a minute of his time but giving Private Corporations over an hour in the same day.

      He said six months was too close to an Election to confirm a Supreme Court nominee under Obama, but did confirm one in less than six WEEKS out from an Election for Trump.

      McConnell has made it clear:

      He’s Corrupt

    3. @FLJBeliever1776 …. Check out the behavior of Merrick Garland as Attorney general. One witch hunt after another. Merrick Garland is a political hack, and as such unqualified to be a judge. Thank goodness the Republican Senate rejected him, that was their job.

      Don’t blame Mitch McConnell for another one of Obama’s failures. It is 100% Obama’s fault that he didn’t get to pick a Supreme Court Justice towards the end of his term.
      If Obama had appointed a justice that the Republicans could have accepted, they would have. If Obama knew anything about negotiating with the other party, they could have, together, found an acceptable Candidate. But no Obama had no idea how to do his job, he appointed a political hack, Mitch McConnell was brilliant at blocking his nomination.

      Obama failed again… McConnell was successful again…

      Clearly the vast majority of Kentuckians did not want Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court. So clearly Mitch McConnell did what his constituents elected him to do, that’s his job.

    4. @FLJBeliever1776 … Of course the entire Russian Collusion narrative was found to be a Hillary lie, to deflect from her e-mail scandal.
      AND YOU BELIEVED HER.. HA… HA …HA… You are too funny.

      If you would have thought about it, you would have questioned why a left-wing Communist would support a right-wing Candidate. Like China supporting Joe Biden, Joe is just their puppet. It works because they are both leftists.

      Vladimir Putin used to be the head of the KGB in Moscow. One doesn’t get that job without being a hard core Communist. Even though we won the cold war. And even though the former USSR is gone. And even though Russia is trying to move to a Capitalist economy. Vlad is still a left-wing Autocrat.

    1. Then why are they being arrested
      Violent protesters are being arrested too… but you won’t hear it on extremist oan newscrap or faux… but they will spread all this propaganda. That’s where these “theorists” hear it.

  1. My question is where is the law is threatening to lock up and throw away the key of people making death threats if they find out who they are, or put out a reward for people making death threats

  2. Curious to know “who” are these large numbers of thumbs down responses to this? It looks more than a little suspicious.

    1. @Shackles Rustyford
      I’m getting ready to go to….….


      ….are you still “conscious” ?….

      …need a “pill”, or twenty ?…

    2. BREAKING…..

      PASS OUT…..

  3. It is long past time that volunteer election workers are credited for the hard work they do every single election. Were talking about mostly elderly people who have sometimes volunteered to keep our democracy intact for years if not decades.

  4. Pandora’s Box of privlage is why this charade was allowed to fester and continue, that’s how America got to this point so far.

  5. It’s all about the money, and power. These grifters are taking advantage of stupid people who think that they are so smart that they could never fall victim to a con.

  6. The ag said what Arizona is doing is an election violation of federal law, by not preserving ballot chain of custody from unauthorized personnel !

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