Abuse Of Power Cited As Pervasive Component Of Cuomo Workplace Toxicity 1

Abuse Of Power Cited As Pervasive Component Of Cuomo Workplace Toxicity

New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi talks about her experience working for and interacting with Governor Andrew Cuomo, and her reaction to the New York attorney general's report on instances of sexual harrassment by Cuomo.
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  1. aww come on guys.. it was just locker room banter’ish stuff
    he should run as republican pres. candidate!

    1. @Chaos : Um? . . . We literally ALL heard him, and now he has over 30 different accusers! They must keep you Trumpophiles in hermetically sealed packets or something? You just can’t afford to be THAT dumb, Karen?

    2. @Ash Roskell Just because a man brags about doing something to a woman doesn’t mean it happened. Didn’t you know that? Fact!

    3. It was indeed. We saw the governor on TV yesterday apologizing and being very contrite. We are now going to look at this as good enough And nothing more will happen. He will continue to be governor and will continue to do what he has always been doing. You are very correct, we are going to look the other way and ignore the obvious.

    4. @Chaos Not true. Summer Dervos and E. Jean Carroll, to name only two of at least a half a dozen Trump accusers

    5. @Nonameforyoudangit accusers means nothing. Proof in a court of law, that’s what counts. All you have is conspiracy theories. I’m surprised there aren’t more accusing Trump given the fact 81 million people in the US have TDS. Fact!

  2. Just as an aside, when in history has there ever been a NY governor or NYC mayor who hasn’t been a….let’s just say….person of excessive “character”

    1. When has there been a NYC mayor who wasn’t a let down, once we got to know who they really were. He needs to go. I still had my doubts until I read the evidence. That video with him kissing everyone in his own appeal to keep his job, comes off as sinister, knowing what I know now. Any doubts I had were removed by that begging video. He can still have a, “life,” but he has to go.

  3. Poor Governor Cuomo, since he seems completely incapable of acknowledging his guilt, he will be battered and scorned until every legal remedy has been applied. A lack of remorse may be the worst human trait.

    1. I think that is something that Trump and Giuliani are also guilty! Accountability seems to hit Democrats much faster than Repbulicans. Wouldn’t you say?

    2. I suspect this is his Hail Mary? I read the complaints. Then I saw that video, in which he’s begging for his job, with pic after pic of him kissing one person after another. That struck me as SO slick and manipulative, it removed any doubts I had. This guy is dangerous. He needs to go . . .

    3. @Kal Robbins not really, considering the blatant corruption demonstrated by the democrats the last couple of years.

  4. Andrew Cuomo thinks he is Bill Clinton, but even Bill Clinton was impeached and was disbarred due to sexual harrassment and perjury. Bill Clinton can NEVER practice law again and soon you will follow Andrew Cuomo. You will be disbarred.

  5. I still had my doubts until I read the evidence. That video with him kissing everyone in his own appeal to keep his job, comes off as sinister, knowing what I know now. Any doubts I had were removed by that begging video. He can still have a, “life,” but he has to go.

    1. His performance yesterday will be considered good enough for the corrupt political class. He apologized and he was contrite and now he will be given absolution in allowed to continue as he has always done because he is a prominent Democrat in a very prominent democrat controlled state. Nothing will come of this.

  6. I am a brooklynite. Born and raised. In addition, without going into detail, i have had my entire dignity taken away from me by cuomo. Therefore i am filled with a sense of redemption by the actions of ms leticia james and this wonderful politician being interviewed. As i thank you for this report please know that my words are accompanied by my tears of joy. Sincerely. Me

    1. Cuomo’s a POS, but this isn’t about you. Your schadenfreude is seriously misplaced. Many, many women were abused – you don’t get to feel self-righteous or vindicated for the price *they* paid.

    2. @Nonameforyoudangit thank u for responding to me. This moment means everything to me. The Cuomo administration has kept my two beloved children from me for 7 years and one month. I cry everynight for my children and I pray that one day i might meet them. So this is a very personal story from me. I hope u might understand. Offer words of encouragement to me.

    3. @Nonameforyoudangit please talk to me. Please. Tell me that i will meet my children one day. Please. Be my friend

  7. Absolutely nothing will be done about this because we have to understand that the governor is a powerful Democrats in control over a huge and powerful democrat state. Yesterday the governor went on television and made apologies and he was very contrite. This will be viewed as being good enough by our corrupt and entrenched political class and he will be given absolution. This governor will not resign nor will he be impeached and he will be allowed to continue as he always has.

  8. Loving every minute of watching this cruel, arrogant bully go down in shame. His legacy will be this scandal, how fitting.

  9. Some of this is tricky. A potential misinterpretation of Italian American culture. We’re affectionate people. Its not our intention to make a person feel uncomfortable, but rather treat them like family.

    Some of this is overt sexual harassment.

  10. If only we could do to Cuomo what the citizens of Italy did to Benito Mussolini, it would be a wonderful thing!

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