1. That’s what they want you to think. If privacy were an impossibility, then why are the “hackers” able to hop around the world undetected by anyone? CIA, Mossad, Russian Intel, all of these things are manned by people with access to the same tools, and technology we all have access to with some information and education.

    1. It as much using your phone as a surreptitious listening device with GPS tracking. Who’s saying what about whom, and where are they saying it? At a political rally, in church, at a park on the 4th of July, while you’re at the grocery store, at a school lecture? Algorithms that listen for specific words or phrases and the context in which they were used.

  1. “Is this the future for us?”
    What? Really? No Rachel, it’s the present. And it’s only going to get worse.

    1. And everything we do already IS getting watched and logged. Just by corporate actors instead of government ones. And they also don’t have anyone’s best interest in mind but theirs either.

  2. Is this what US money given to Israel is being used for? That and – oh yes – killing folks!

    1. @Inflation Biden Hairy Legs Who says that you can’t critizise friends? Friendship means you can make tough arguments and still like each other.

    2. @Inflation Biden Hairy Legs The people perhaps – the government and the US are murdering people and when I say ‘people’ I mean women and children.

    3. @John Smith Little sheep 🐑 boy 👦! Israel 🇮🇱 is the only American ally in the Middle East!!!

  3. shouldve got snowden to talk on this too. this is really no different than what the nsa been doing since he blew the whistle.

    1. Yeah, none of this except “we seem to have the identity of another company supplying the programs” is new news… to include reported on by MSNBC before.

  4. Old story exposed almost a year ago by a foreign reporter but went under the radar because of his lack of profile

  5. The greatest defense against getting ripped off is poverty. The less you have to steal, the less people want to steal from you.

  6. Yes Rachel, the “LAWS” need to be updated for protection. Hackers are going to be greatly disappointed hacking a lot of phones ~~ people know what the real deal is.

    1. What’s hilarious is that so many people thought Trump was going to pardon Snowden and Assange before leaving office. He pardoned a bunch of military industrial goons and elites that Snowden tried to warn us about instead. If Trump is a man of the people then I have a nice $400 a month apartment for rent in Manhattan.

  7. Can’t access phones in the US? Bro we all get our phones made overseas. Cut it out. Of course it can be used here.

  8. Yes. This is the future of unconventional warfare. Except that it isn’t the future … it’s happening right now.

  9. I knew the internet was not going to work to our benefit.
    It was never a matter of maybe but a matter of when.

    1. The internet itself isn’t bad. It was invented back in the 80s as a way for scientists and academics to share information. Then came the “web” and all bets were off. The various players all wanted to put their applications in play. And once it crossed national boundrys and borders it became impossible to legislate. And the technology keeps getting better and better at spoofing and bypassing all walls and traps. So either you shrug your shoulders and admit defeat, or you take yourself out of the game by going back to simple basics. Don’t LIVE on these devices. Go outside, without them, and enjoy the sun. Take a walk. Talk to ACTUAL people. Roller skate/skate board. Shoot some hoops. Play some tennis. READ A BOOK! Read SOME books. Remember a world before all this techno crap when we were happier. It’s still here. Just break the addiction.

  10. It’s been around for some time now – Remember Snowden, he talked about this stuff ages ago – I guess they are even better at in by now

  11. The only way to avoid being hacked is stay off the internet. That’s increasingly difficult. It’s the new normal to be hacked it seems.

  12. 100% needs addressing by law. No western government allows wiretapping without authorisation of the judiciary. Phone companies need to address this immediately.

    1. @Jacko Alltrades There’s never an infinite regress – there always has to a trusted person with whome the buck stops. If the phones were well designed, we wouldn’t need to depend upon government good will.

  13. I’m flattered that people way smarter than me, funded by people way more rich than me, developed this to spy on my cellphone full of chicken pictures and anime memes. You totally hit the jackpot with me.

    1. that’s not the point is it? the point is they are invading your PRIVATE SPACE ILLEGALLY . that’s a part of freedom you shouldn’t want done.

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