Academy ‘strongly considered’ removing Will Smith from Oscars, source says

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences leadership "strongly considered" removing Will Smith from the Oscars telecast Sunday night after the actor stormed the stage and slapped Chris Rock in the face, a source close to the situation tells CNN. #CNN #News


  1. To me, the fact that the Academy “considered” removing Will Smith and did NOT is even more damning.

    1. @Shelven Marshall Yes. Maybe if they saved up for a while they could afford a nice wig for her and Will could be a man again!

    2. @Mike Felix “now granted Will did brake Academy guidelines”
      Is that what they refer to as physical assault? Because that’s what we witnessed.

  2. “Strongly considered”making him leave really doesn’t mean anything 🤣 ultimately they considered letting him stay more.

    1. We had an out of control nutzo crook leading the country from 2016 to 2020. All decorum got tossed out the window. Too late to turn back now…

  3. That was probably one of the most pathetic things ever watched on TV live. And people actually question why the youth is so violent when they see people like this do violence towards other people and they actually get away with it. And then they actually gave him a standing ovation. There is no mystery why we have the problems we do in this country especially in the black communities.
    If a kid did this in there school they would be expelled or arrested.
    No excuses for acting like an idiot on national TV.

    1. @Christophe B Blame it on Trump. You’d think the guy was a Superhero with limitless powers of influence. We need something to blame it on. How about Rock and Roll and leather jackets

    2. African Americans are turning this once glamourous show, into a gutter show!
      If Will was this pissed off in March, wait till August! Lol. I cannot wait till Rock presses felony charges.

    3. @globextradingsystems LLC but he didn’t though. Umm… probably got the highest rankings. If your racist just say it dear

  4. For what it’s worth, requiring members to uphold an organization’s ethical standards is a really big deal. We have precedence with Pete Rose being removed from the Baseball Hall of Fame because he bet on his own team to win. What Will Smith did to a fellow actor and entertainer during the academy’s single most important event, is both unprecedented and unconscionable. He just stick his thumb in the eye of it’s entire legacy. It’s a good thing that Ricky Gervais wasn’t hosting.

  5. Everybody loves Chris from here on. He took the slap, kept his professionalism and went on with the show. Not many people would have done it like Chris. Kudos.

    1. @Seni Joshua TMZ reports that he didn’t know but I can’t say for certain if that’s true or not, is Chris really that mean?

  6. Oh, they “strongly” considered removing him. Well that just resolves it, they didn’t agree to remove him, so he must not have done anything wrong. Give him an Oscar, what a wonderful man.

  7. When actors start acting like this, I’m done with them. In fact, Will Smith’s entire family is really annoying. I can definitely live without them and their drama.

    1. @Bey Cat No it wasn’t. GI Jane was about a heterosexual woman who wanted to be treated the same as the men in the military.

  8. Just shows that these ”strict laws” mean nothing at all. Totally nonsense that he was allowed to stay after that.

  9. “He was protecting his wife”. She did not protect him with that entanglement and speaking about it publicly. Poor Willard needs therapy.

    1. She has banged everyone in Hollywood 4 or 5 times do I don’t see why Will Smith is acting like some fool. But it’s well known Smith is an A- hole. Even his own children won’t speak to him so I think we saw the real Will Smith tonight.

    2. She broke him. He’s a broken man and a shell of himself. Passive aggressive behaviors is a sign of insanity

  10. Wow, they “strongly considered” removing a violent person, then decided to let him just carry on like nothing happened. Bold move. Very impressive.

  11. He should have been escorted out of the building and the police called immediately. The rules don’t apply when you are rich. What a thug. I lost all respect for him.

  12. Everyone is talking about how Jada has been “very open” about having alopecia, but I’m sure there are many others like myself who didn’t know she shaved her head due to alopecia. Last post I saw of hers said she did it because her daughter inspired her to shave it off. I thought it was a mother-daughter bonding thing

    I think it’s very dangerous for celebrities to assume everyone keeps up with their lives and knows every social media post and interview they’ve ever done. I don’t get on social media much at all. And many celebrities don’t even run their own social media accounts. Chris’s Instagram looks very impersonal so it’s likely he doesn’t get on Instagram much either.

    I also think it’s dangerous to say Will was acting out of love by “defending” his wife. Associating love with violence is akin to how domestic abusers justify their actions.

    1. A standing ovation for your last point. A man who “defends” with violence will use it in other situations as well. Smith is a trained boxer with at least two prior assaults.

  13. What they thought about means absolutely nothing , it’s what they done ( nothing) that speaks volumes!
    This was disgusting.

  14. I can’t believe the Academy did nothing, he’s seemingly getting away with committing physical and verbal abuse and that he (the perpetrator) was supported and applauded like he was the victim and hero who did nothing wrong. In his speech he talked about how we wants to be a vessel and ambassador for love, care and concern. He also talked about protection and how you’ve got to be able to take things like abuse, all things that were contrary to his physical and verbal abuse. His physical and verbal abuse send a wrong message to young people that a joke (and not even a bad one) that you don’t like is far worse and that committing physical and verbal abuse are appropriate and acceptable responses to a joke that you don’t like and there won’t be any consequences for such. He should’ve been escorted out immediately, charged and banned from the Oscars. And he should give a sincere apology to Chris Rock. Violence and abuse are not examples of love, care, concern, protection and being able to take things like abuse etc. There are no excuses for what he did. I’m not watching Will Smith movies anymore.

  15. Why would they even need to “consider” removing him? It should be a given that he would be arrested on the spot, charges pressed, and expelled from the Academy without his award. I’ve seen little league soccer with higher standards of conduct for first graders.

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