1. I guess he wants to show the man behind the curtain what this man is made of why do we have to show off what the f*** we have with the American government we never done before why is Donald Trump now suddenly went to Korea and see the fancy shows that that President puts on we don’t need that here vote no 20/20 get him out of office

  2. I LOVE it!!! Hahaha!!!

    Got the left protesting against American holidays, the flag etc.

    100% he gets re-elected.

  3. How is independence day apolitical? It’s a celebration of the most political act you can think of.

  4. Conman Trump loves to be idolized. And his crony cultists bend over at every CON. Too funny!

  5. Those that make absolutely everything political are complaining about someone that’s not in their group ‘making something political’…

  6. What damper? You wish! This was a fantastic and hugely attended 4th July! From beginning to end! Trump is an outstanding president while the Dems are a FAILURE!

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