Acosta: Advisers trying to talk Trump out of idea that's 'so damn crazy' 1

Acosta: Advisers trying to talk Trump out of idea that’s ‘so damn crazy’


Sources tell CNN's Jim Acosta that former President Donald Trump is asking allies what they think about a baseless theory peddled by conservative commentators and others that he could be reinstated as president in August.
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    1. @Jake stokes Why do you still more and more proof that Trump lost the election?

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords the absence of a source or any factual statement is my proof. What more do you need?

    3. I dont need to go through history and show everytime they’ve lied to prove my point regarding this video. Quit getting carried away and switching topics

    4. @H RALF Biden will be tough on Putin. Unlike Trump and you, you love Communist leaders and you want a Facist country here. Hitler had support, I know you would support Hitler like you support Trump.

    5. @Jake stokes You made the claim that CNN lies over and over. I said, prove it. You’re being so disingenuous when you say “the absence of a source or any factual statement is your proof.” Do you believe Trump lost the election? Do you believe in Qanon?

  1. It’s not “crazy talk.” An ex general and an ex president are putting out feelers for ANOTHER coup attempt. Call it for what it is.

    1. @flowerz Your response is purely cultish. the anti trump cult. How amazing. You’re not in a cult though LOL

    2. Another coup attempt…you liberals are funny. You think if there’s a coup from 75 million voters a majority of which are veterans you’d be paying 5 dollars a gallon gas and watching Biden perv out on a 9 year old?

    3. @flowerz I’m canadian but I witness how insane both those for trump and those against trump are and those against trump are like you. Insane

    4. @Its me Quenten this is rich… a MAGA sheep calling other ppl cultists haha. I’m sorry bud, I am fully against attempted Coups against American democracy. If you are offended by that than go pound sand cuz Idgaf lmao

  2. It’s pure graft. He’s fund raising off it and that’s all there is. Stop giving him air time and he’ll dry up and blow away.

    1. @Stephen Palmer If Trump was reinstalled as President, that would be, by definition, a coup.

    2. @Stephen Palmer but they did reveal their taxes, incorrect or not. The Obama’s made income from books and other things that came along unlike the Trumps that went into manufacturing and many other aggressive dealings to profit from.

    3. @Stephen Palmer If it happened, it would be Unconstitutional, Illegal, and would signal that US is an autocracy.
      Now, there is no reasonable person that this could actually happen.
      Of course, that is why a former President saying that this is what he wants, is horribly dangerous and obviously why this a very legit news story.

    1. @Benjamin Levine You believe Trump won? Now there’s the crazy. If you have evidence of fraud, that no-one else has been able to find, put up or shut up.

  3. Believing that the former Florida blogger can be “reinstated” should disqualify anyone from holding any job of importance.

    1. @Aetheriality i bet you a million bucks go find me TRUMP SAID IT ! and it cant be after june 4th today because all their reports is omfrom some dumb blonde and mike Lindell TRUMP NEVER SAID IT !

    2. @Pro’ se Kim you dont have a million dollars to bet but whatever. I’m not saying theres physical evidence that he said it. Its just highly likely given his oast behavior and all the people and advisors that are saying he is saying these things

    3. @Aetheriality its all the lamestream cash cow and if i had to guess they are laying the groundwork to try and barr him from holding rallies is all it is

    1. @Denny DT trump will go to jail along side the accountants, because he signed those tax documents stating they were true, just like all of us is responsible for our signed tax statements, even if someone else prepared them on our behalf.
      A friend of my husband & myself spent 2 years in prison because his accountant made false claims on his tax returns and he signed them, so he was just as guilty of tax fraud as his accountant.

    2. @Teena Selman We will win the senate and the House and impeach Kamala Harris… We will also get the Pennsylvania governorship… This will will allow us to change election rules… I don’t care about Trump. He was a tool for the patriot insurgency…

    3. @Uncle joe you and your ilk are traitors to the constitution and democracy. You prefer a right wing dictatorship to “the will of the people”. “Lets prevent people of color from voting” is the right wing mantra now.

    4. That’s the gospel in a nutshell Trish. He’s desperate enough to try anything at this point to stay out of jail. That’s what makes that nut job dangerous.

  4. Quit playing patty cake. The intention is clear and already been demonstrated, he seeks to overthrow the constitutional rule of law by force, make arrests now!

  5. That Trump thinks he can just be “reinstated” as president PROVES that he, and always was, UNFIT to be president.

    1. @Loba Andrade because it’s fricken bs. How many recounts/audits will it take?
      In addition, the fact they haven’t been on every single platform waving around a single instance of fraud as proof is telling. These people couldn’t keep their mouth shut if they found anything, and aren’t qualified to perform an audit in the first place. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for these partisan practices. The Republican Party and whoever is calling for this bs should be held accountable. It’s ridiculous.
      All the while the cheat-o still spreads his bs. He’s an entitled, cry-baby that can’t admit he’s a loser. If he had put this level of effort into the fight against COVID, he would’ve won easily.
      Face It…. He Lost. Get Over It.

    2. Yeah….He believes he can just walk into the whitehouse and take it over. He is insane and so are all his followers in the Trump cult. He wants to overturn the election….I don’t care if he says he just wants an accurate count. Everyone knows about his baseless claims of voter fraud. CNN told us so. Hundreds of affidavits, pictures and video footage mean nothing. Anyone who questions the election needs to be silenced! We truly need more tyranny! Freedom is over-rated.

  6. I guess he forgot that Joe has the military, FBI. and Secret Service under his control for the next 4 years! Please try it again Trump!

    1. So our DOJ is letting insurection criminals skate? Are they aiding and abetting these scumbags to take over our country? PATHETIC

    2. @Rod “Notice how CNN never names their source?”

      Jeesh, how old are you? Nobody names a source for anything like that!
      How long do you think they they would remain a source?

    3. The Maricopa audit is going to flip the whole thing guys. Acosta is lightweight, a nobody. No one listens to him. YouTube Mark Dice has more listeners than Acosta. Anyway Trump won the 2020 election easily. The audits are happening. Biden did not get 81M ideas.

    4. Biden might want to check his SS detail carefully now some have already admitted they are Trump supporters.

  7. He’s coming closer and closer to crossing “incitement of rebellion” line. The crazier he gets the more likely I see an all-expense trip to the Federal Pen I see in his future. You think he’s crazy now? Just wait until he finds out they don’t have golf courses at Fort Leavenworth, not even Links 386

    1. i hope he crosses that line during one of his nutty “rallies” and gets arrested right on the spot, and on live tv. what a pretty sight that would be

    2. He already did that and got away with it. He and his mobsters should have been rounded up on January 6th.

  8. I’d advise him not to go down that road, since it would automatically trigger Georg Elser 2.0

  9. He’s delusional, but he has The Best Delusions Anyone Has Ever Had. 
    Many people are saying that no one has better delusions.

    1. @ronronniemeyers  Good thing the DOJ has clearly stated their was collusion. From NY to GA, this joker will meet his maker. Even police officers are suing him. I think there is only 29 lawsuits he’s dealing with. Looks like he’ll have no time to run in 2024. He’ll definitely will be remembered the mostest of any president ever of all times!

  10. Trump subscribes to this quote: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”

  11. This is a warning: DO NOT LET THIS DELUSION BE UNDERESTIMATED. he does genuinely believe that he can become preident again. If he doesnt personally try, HIS FOLLOWERS WILL.


    1. Thrd World – That’s why he wants back in the WH so badly. He figures that will give him the “absolute immunity” he believes he has.

  12. I wish they would just hurry up and indict him! If we can see his crimes so clearly, why can’t they?

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