1. Her poor memory should be a disqualifying factor. If she can’t “remember” what is recorded on film, how is she going to remember insider trading or providing information to other countries like Russia

    1. in the first two minutes of the hearing, she testified under oath that she didn’t recall the content of her oath of office- even when it was read aloud to her in court.

    2. @Tim Fitzgerald You know better but your intentions are showing itself AS BIAS. When people see wrong and try to deflect is just as wrong.

    3. @Arma Ellis they all are wrong but looks like the democrats gets a slap on the wrist, but I didn’t vote Democrat. For the ones that did are y’all really happy. Be truthful

    4. @Tim Fitzgerald Any politician preaching hate toward their fellow Americans because of a different prospective and not solutions I will never vote for. The character of the candidate matters no matter what political party they represent.

  2. Marge had been coached to answer in specific ways. Watch her closely – as certain questions were asked, she looked to her coaches to get a prompt.

    1. I didn’t pick that up but I’m sure you’re correct. But what is wrong with that? Seems only smart and good practice for anybody on the stand, especially for something as important as this.

  3. Margarine Tater Green Bean has not done one thing for the people of her district. All she does is travel around the country spreading her lies. Hardly working for the people. She has to go and I hope that this lawsuit prevails.

    1. that’s so funny almost makes me want to start a twitter acct just to see it
      can’t wait for Jimmy Kimmel to start on this

  4. She isn’t a lawyer she can’t object to relevance or speculation. That alone proves how egotistical and incompetent she is

    1. That joke of a judge just sat there, and allowed her to tell the prosecutor what she wasn’t going to answer. I mean what kind of vile, behavior for not only her, but that so-called judge. She human garage

  5. They should have played those audio tapes for her everytime she said “I don’t recall” it’s all on video, social media’s maybe she will remember when she hears herself saying it .

  6. She stated that she couldn’t remember if she had encouraged Martial law to the president,and because anyone would know the answer to that question, she’s showing that all of her answers of being unable to recall, is just her way of saying that it’s true, but she’s unable to tell the truth.

  7. If consequences still mattered in the US, she would of been held in contempt of court by that judge almost immediately. What a mockery of the court! That judge is one of them; he might as well have a Hail Hydra tattoo.

    1. @Jay Will I have something to say; what are you, about 10 years old…? Troll, how many rubles do you get paid extra for working weekends?

    2. ​@Monique Engleman Hi! Generally if comment has nothing to do with discussion going on, and/or consists of just a link to another video or website, you can safely assume that it’s a spam (or worse, it could be a computer virus mascarading as a benign youtube link). Sometimes it’s just an idiot person with a lot of time on their hands that goes on popular videos and spams with links to their channel, sometimes it’s a programmed bot doing the same on behalf of person who payed for it. It’s difficult to know which is which, because stupid people often behave just like bots. Have a nice day!

    3. Ignore Jay, he needs to attempt to spar with us so he an feel morally superior but the reality is he knows she is liar as is his leader, he just doesn’t care.

    1. Ted Cruz is a serious choice for a future Supreme Court justice for the Republicans. Wouldn’t that be something

  8. I would think that the investigators would start to question MTG’s memory loss. It is so profound that that alone would disqualify her from office.

    1. I’ve been hoping that several of them are booted out. I found it disgusting that Ms Boeberts husband was flashing his tally wager in a bowling alley before they got married and she’s in a political office and she has her very young children holding guns on a Christmas card. Maybe others liked it but I being a victim of a domestic violence between my mother and father found it very disturbing. My father tried to kill my pregnant mother , my older brother and sister when I was six. I also witnessed my father tried to kill himself as I watched. I’m 64 and have never owned a gun.

    2. Plus she has no idea who posts for her on her social media accounts. Doesn’t sound like someone who knows how to manage accountability for professional messaging.

  9. Anyone with a rational mind knows she’s 100% guilty! Her saying, “ I didn’t say that,” or “I don’t remember,” is all BS! Good thing she was very vocal about it because there’s so much proof she herself said. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. @DaGhost XXX Geez some people actually Voted for Biden..it’s a mystery how people vote the way they do..

    1. @BrotherB I don’t vote in the USA,,all we do is laugh. The whining as though the world is ending coming from the richest nation on earth really says it all. Times are changing and from what I can tell Americans are going to not like it one bit.

    2. @BrotherB you’re biggest issue is you have no clue what communism or socialism mean. Your battle cry is irrelevant to educated people

  10. Surely one wouldn’t want to elect a representative with such a patchy memory: she’s a danger to herself 😂😂

  11. This is just sad. There was a time in this country when such blatant disregard for this type of testimony would have received a bang of the gavel and immediately finding for the plaintiffs. Yeah I’m that old. Peace y’all

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