1. @M Hall And if trump was still president and did the EXACT same thing as Biden did, many of you would be saying the exact opposite of what you are saying now about Biden. Instead, ironic as it would be, you would be defending everything trump did and said and not only that you would be praising and glorifying what he did…most of us have no doubt about that! Because as most of us with a mature rational of common sense know the hypocrisy oath you pledge to trump no matter what!

  1. We live in an era where adults don’t remember this. I remember the 1st anniversary to the 20th. Never forget

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT. the first thing I saw on the first comment I clicked on was “well most of this is Trump’s fault, he’s the one that divided us!” regardless of the fact that he wasn’t president for another 15 years. these ppl are quite literally insane. literally. flat-out crazy.

  2. 9/11 was absolutely a terrible time in life supremely scary but we fought through it as a people only if we had that same strength now

    1. I don’t think that vaccines should be mandatory and I wouldn’t demand that they be mandatory and I don’t think that masks should be mandatory.- Joe Biden,Democrat December 2020

    1. And are still losing ..to the divide now the pandemic is causing…it is a war against a virus that that is causing so much fear we are not working together…
      I am beyond sad…

    2. @Soul Warrior your negativity helps no one..least of all you…that proves you are not a true. warrior. warrior…

  3. Jesus Christ died for sinners including you, on the cross with his own blood for your personal sins, repent and get saved or perish with the lost wicked world. God’s word is coming to pass, it will only go downhill

    1. Shut up yea us humans have made it ugly. Only we can change things or we are all going down together. God has nothing to do with this. God is about love and peace. He wants us to be happy. He gave us free will. He isn’t some vengeful god. That’s hate speach

    2. @Mary Purcell you’ve yet to prove “god”exists.!!! But yes, I agree with the second part….we humans ARE responsible. No ones gonna solve it except US HUMANS!!!

    3. Davey Boy yea that’s a hard one not something u can prove. It’s a feeling of love and peace that’s what god is. My cherry on top of my life.

    4. @Mary Purcell maybe just call it a feeling of love and peace then? Why call it “god”? It comes with so much baggage when you say that word..

  4. The bombing of the towers was an event that marked my teenage and adult years. It went from unity, to war profiteering, to confusion to division to hysteria…in only 20 years.

  5. As jaded as I am watching this chaos in America as a Canadian, my heart actually hearts for America and all the sane people who are forced to share their country with people insisting on existing in an alternative reality to the rest of us. It’s absolutely surreal and heartbreaking to watch.

    1. @Benjamin Levine – Everyone knows that psycho tRump is a loser. He lost in America. What you see on TV are the last remnants of his cult trying to reclaim power but it’s too late. We true patriots have been awake since he rode down the escalator.

    2. @Mary Clawson hi baby girl. Just relax. We have a lot of losers with no dads in this country. We need to get our culture to turn to God and to encourage families staying together. The real losers don’t want that to happen.

    1. @Jerry Beloin Larry Elder was cursed and had an egg thrown at him by a WHITE WOMAN in a Gorilla mask. Pretty obvious that the ones screaming “Racist” are the actual RACISTS. Liberal media hasn’t uttered a single word about it. Democrats are a hypocritical, pathetic lot at this point in time…

  6. I was sitting at the kitchen table, paying bills, when my husband called from his office at Norfolk naval base and told me to turn the tv on. I did so right away, moments before the second plane struck. I could not believe my eyes and feared that Norfolk would also be attacked after news about the Pentagon arrived and our children could lose their father. It was one of the worst days of my life.

    1. Yet see CNN wants to come together when its about them but when its about the American people they simply ignore us .

      Joe Biden has threaten us to get a experimental jab that dont stop transmission of covid even those get jab get covid .. i don’t need a non logical snake tell me what i should put in my body why Israel is the most jabbed country and they are highly affected with Delta mmm “the jab is Delta “

  7. While there has always been a certain degree of division in our Country, we have someone that was still instilling his hate on 9/11/2021. Hopefully his momentary return to show biz paid him enough to keep running his mouth!

  8. Nobody believes CNN talking heads are honest when they shed a tear for the cameras. Especially not if they immediately start attacking everyone who does not agree with their perverted worldview.

  9. No reports on Larry Elder( a black candidate for governor of California ) being attacked by a white woman. I thought CNN cared about racism!

  10. Corporate owned CNN once again trying to deny that they had any part in the divisions and the frustration within the nation.

  11. Its a good thing we didn’t have biden in office then ! He would have said ” these were just some people being angry ” . We need to look in our hearts to forgive them and just get along . Thats right, Obama and biden lead the way to hate in this country . And now biden and harris will finish the job !

  12. I wonder if there will be a memorial for the innocent people including children that was killed by drone strike reasontly in kapull, killing NO terrorist at all by Biden

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