Acosta confronts Republican over support of Trump's election lie 1

Acosta confronts Republican over support of Trump’s election lie


CNN's Jim Acosta asks GOP lawmakers about their continued support for former President Donald Trump and his unfounded claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

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  1. The former guy didn’t make them this way, they already were. His behavior just shattered the guardrails and gave them permission to be themselves publicly.

    1. @nyybaseball226 Woah, Trump is still holding rallies claiming the election was stolen. Talk about being obsessed.

    2. Damon, it is nice to read a comment that makes this very clear. I like to say that Trump personifies their hate and anger. MAGA, the tea party mess, Jim Crow, confederacy….it’s all the same….just hate rebranding itself. Progress comes with much pain and strife. Anger and hate doesn’t give up easy

    3. Yup, everytime someone uttered words about setting precedents and past norms, they aimed to break them… and go much farther.

    1. @Devo Yeah, cameras are on it. What are they showing? Journalists are not right there, except maybe oan. Where is the cameras now? Some person is off in parts unknown with the information, no cameras, no observers.
      Democrats didn’t block anyone from observing anyone. Not one. And all the claims were proven 100% false. They failed in court, they failed in presenting any evidence. And no one was blocked from viewing results.

      As for 1/6, they have arrested a number of people. It’s not even close to the 14k+ of protesters and rioters that were arrested last summer. But there is plenty of suspicion that there were people in the government that could have been involved as well. So why not let that truth come out? Hmmmm

    2. @Logan M So if Trump is reinstated does that mean Pence would still be Vice president?

  2. “…unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.” Pathetic people run rampant in this nation.

    1. Yeah, it is not “white supremacist” that are the biggest threat, we know that, its maniacs in cars!

    2. @Democracy Lives You mean the rally that turned into a riot? Unarmed! They’ve been going on for a year now with very few arrests.

    3. ….and the more weird they are the better chance they have of being recruited by the republicans. Who said “Jews are launching laser beams from outer space to start fires in California”, who said ingest Lysol to get rid of Covid-19, who said the Italians hacked the voting machines and changed Trump votes to Biden votes, who said requesting people get vaccinated is like the Holocaust? Answer: republicans. That’s the kind of people that the republicans are looking for to govern future America. Isn’t that the very definition of everyone’s perfect America 🇺🇸 ? NOT.

  3. Isn’t he the guy that lied and said his best friend left him to die after a car accident and was contradicted by his own parents? Why ask him any damn question? He’ll only lie through his teeth.

    1. @Descartes walks into a bar democrats use the pandemic to their advantage to cheat is exactly what I’m saying

    2. @Jerry Beloin What you are saying is speculative bullshit that has no foundation in reality.

    3. @Norman Leger 220 in 4 years. Biden has signed 50 in less than 6 month’s. That’s on pace to double that. In case you can’t do math.

    4. @Norman Leger for one I never said biden didn’t win. Guess you have a problem reading simple English. I said that there were irregularities “sketchy stuff” that make me question the integrity of our election. I don’t care who said this or that. I care what I saw with my own eyes on videos and on election night.

    5. @You tube Sucks Since you are a “know it all”, here’s another question for you. How many time was Trump out Golfing instead of working for the American people, not just his supporters? I seem to remember him saying, prior to becoming president, “unlike Obama, I won’t have much time to play golf”. Trump seem to have a few hobbies like, tweeting, eating Big Mack’s, golfing and spreading the Big Lie. I guess everyone should have hobbies, right? Do you have any hobbies other than believing whatever Trump says as the truth just because he says it’s the truth? Your proof that the election was stolen is that Trump says it was stolen. I can’t understand why the courts won’t just reverse the election results. After all, if Trump says he got WAY more votes, then it must be so.

  4. LOL “the most effective president” The most effective at losing the House, Senate and Oval office in one term. The most effective at insulting veterans and telling over 30,000 lies.

    1. And almost 500,000 COVID-19 related deaths under the former guy’s watch. Don’t ever forget that USA….. the CROOKED Trump killed people with lies & ineptitude!


    3. @FACTS15 what really u need to do some more digging my friend. I have #s both presidents only reason Ol Uncle Joe is low now because TRUMPS VACCINES. BUT BE DAMMED IF SIPPY CUP JOEY THANK TRUMP 4 THAT!! LOL JUST NEVER AMAZES ME!!

  5. I live in Wisconsin and the voters voted. It’s not stolen. WTH is this congressman talking about…

  6. “Greatest country in the world “ … not any more…..America is now a very divided country and it’s quite frightening what is happening there as a result of the previous administration’s behaviour and the continued behaviour of the Trump cult members in office. Worrying times…

    1. Every body should follow this political formula regardless of party Never vote for a rep more than 3 times only vote for a senator once six years is enough to be in congress. the longer your in congress the more corrupt you might get

    2. That might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard in all my 18 years on earth. Last time I checked Trump wasn’t tearing down statues and burning our own cities. Trump wasn’t pushing dividing issues such as critical race theory. Trump wasn’t censoring everyone who disagreed with him. That is actually your Democratic Party. The Democratic Party openly admits to supporting riots, as long as it fits their narrative. Trump on the other hand never supported rioting of any kind and told people to stop. I think you need to relook at your Democratic Party and realize that it is not the Trump administration that is dividing people, it is your Democratic Party backed up by the mainstream media that is hell bent on canceling and censoring everything and everyone who disagrees with them.

      And yes the election was stolen. How come poll watchers in Detroit were forced out? How come mail in votes that should have already been counted, were showing up in the middle of the night 90% or more in favor of Biden? Let’s not forget the water leak that caused everyone to rush out of the building while the renaming few continue to stuff ballots for Biden 😂🤦‍♂️. Everything will start to come out after this Arizona audit is all set and finished. Unless the Democratic Party uses the mainstream media to continue pushing their agenda and preventing the truth from coming out. I like how they are so against the Arizona Audit. Let me ask why is that? Why can the Democrats investigate trump for Russian collusion but the republicans can’t investigate voter fraud? It’s almost like the Democrats are scared of the results. I mean do you really believe Biden got more African American votes then Obama?

      The Democrats have been trying to change America since the beginning of Covid and the stolen election is the last straw.

  7. The second Darrell Issa brought up Clinton’s past I would have said “We are talking about Trump right now, but if you want to bring up people’s past, we can talk about you.” Darrell Issa was a car thief.

    1. @Sterling D. Pot stop lying, dems are looking out for us, you must not live in the U.S for sure, did you get a stimulus check 😉

    2. @you will and to add on that, women claim he raped them, and he said he just grabs them by the P. Without their consent. Atleast Clinton they weren’t forced

    3. @Sterling D. Pot Go read the platform of each party, then look at the voting records. I don’t have time to walk you through this.

    4. @Descartes walks into a bar there’s platform and then there’s action. If you think all Republicans are anti rights and all Democrats are saints then you’re very wrong.

  8. When you interview Trump’s fans, you should use the word, “traitor.” Get them to face up to that word and what it means. Please tell them that millions of citizens consider that label to be appropriate to Trump’s fans, regardless of their selective memory.

    1. I would’ve slapped him out of his wheelchair. Or I could be the better man and just walk away. Walk away.

    2. @Steve Hall trump had worse job and economic growth than Obama did
      First president since WW2 to lose net jobs
      Lied to Americans about the virus
      Sent tons of PPE to china and refused to replace for American medical staff who had to wear garbage bags

  9. Acosta doesn’t have enough education to understand “insurrection”. I have seen coups, revolutions and know guns are always involved. I have some sympathy as he was evidently starved of oxygen at birth

  10. It’s time for all these fools to go. Anyone okay with January 6th probably needs a couple days lock up to think about it, and they will probably change their minds. That’s enough of this foolishness.

  11. Acosta: “Why don’t you believe it when CNN lies to you?” 
    Citizen: “I do believe you and CNN lie to me and everyone who watches”.
    Acosta: “No, the question was why don’t you believe our lies are the truth?”.
    Citizen: “I do believe you believe your lies are the truth”.
    Acosta: “No I meant…..”.
    Citizen: “Listen bozo you better go back to your boss Zucker and tell him all Americans now know CNN lies for a living”.
    Acosta: “I can’t do that. That would be telling the truth and no self-respective CNN news anchor would ever tell the truth. They would think I’m crazy”.
    Citizen: “I rest my case”.

  12. Cawthorne needs his head examined. I think the accident did some irreversible neurological damage in the cognitive sector of his brain. He tells journalists in a one-on-one interview, when being grilled about the election, that he believes the election was fair. But when he’s amidst his Republican colleagues he gets scared and echoes BS.

  13. “They are true believers …”

    No they aren’t. They know exactly what they are doing: Lying.


  15. I don’t understand why these news stations continue to interview these cult members. They actually believe what they’re saying despite making themselves look crazy and foolish. Go and research cults and you’ll see that they’re mentally gone. Totally in the clouds. I can absolutely bet that deep down they don’t believe some of what they’re saying but they have to stick to the script. We know that Donald doesn’t believe anything he says. He just needs his supporters to believe everything he’s saying.

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