1. Trump should fire his lawyers and defend himself! That would go extremely well (and be incredibly entertaining!) After all he has that bigly brain to work with…

    1. Has anyone seen pence lately?
      How can he remain silent after he was hunted by that mob? The man is utterly pathetic. I guess he is truly a trump sycophant.

    2. @Ellie James The best the person came up with was a comment from Chris Cuomo (which I don’t even know if accurate). Well, I don’t recall Chris Cuomo to have been elected to any office.

    3. @George s He’s probably still very shell-shocked, I would think…to have work with and for a guy for 4 years, through thick and thin, and almost get killed for it.

    4. @Linda Burger The charges against Trump are not trumped up, or obtained by threatening a potential witness with rape charges. There is a difference.

    1. @Diane Mcdonnell sadly i think it’s against the law to be your own representation in a court of law? Not that Trump is a law abiding citizen. Gee Ex-Prez Trump (has a nice sound to it…huh hymn)

    2. @Mike Schmidt Better to have the farts than the shits…at least then you would only have to deal with the smell. 😂😂

    1. ​@From Scotland Of course, the degree of protection of the tear-off spine of the bulletin should be the same as that of a lottery ticket or cash, so that it would be difficult to counterfeit, after all, we choose a president, not a cleaner. Even if “counterfeiters” are found, their number will not be significant. The voter writes his data in a spine with a sealed number, then tears it off from the anonymous bulletin with the same sealed number and keeps it for himself.

  2. If he ends up in criminal court will we hear…. “If you can’t get a lawyer one will be appointed to you”?

    A guy can dream.

    1. I’m sick of paying for Trump. Sell his house, pay your lawyers. Trump wants to be such a dictator even allow the lawyers to do their job

    1. @Bmac Macb I shouldn’t have replied at all. Deflection at it’s core. Donald Trumps a moron and his supporters that rushed the capital actually thought he’d pardon them. Ha Ha……..

    2. @atlsarmond Super true! Democrat Deflection is a thing real Americans know. Trump is a moron, true! He is hyperbolic to the 100% degree, not contested! Jan 6th was still a PEACEFUL PROTEST by leftist definition. Hence, this 2nd fake-peachment is worthless toward Trump. Yet, it AMAZINGLY opens the doors to convict Obama, Biden et al for their corruption and war crimes. Super okay with it!

  3. It’s sad when people die and bad republicans look the other way. That’s a twist of the knife into America’s heart 😢😢😢

    1. @Airborne 101st … people like you are the reason people around the world do not respect the US military… you are not patriotic heros, but rather psychopaths that wear the uniform in hopes you can legally get away with killing other people

    2. @Allen Goodman
      You’re welcome! Don’t ever say Democrats never gave you anything. We happily bestow the title of most crooked to the entire Republican Party. Hip hip hooray! You’re the best at something! 🙂

  4. To borrow a phrase from Jake Tapper, “that was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.”

    1. Let’s merge it ” this was like putting lipstick on the pig inside dumpster fire, inside train wreck. I mean it was hot mess”

  5. Trumps lawyers are like himself, rambling, unsubstantiated facts, swaying backwards and forwards, over vocal with the only maybe relevant fact and out and out criminals especially if Starr is involved

    1. They are a mess, but shifted focus , “no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present”. Seems easy enough, republican Senators vote to convict, or do not show up. Gives them cover, gets the job done. https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact Ask your Senator to either make a just vote, or stay home. Feel free to copy, paste, share this.

  6. ” If this case goes to court he won’t need a lawyer, he will need a priest “……so much pleasure remembering these words at this moment.

  7. Mr. Acosta is being kind. Being called in at the last minute doesn’t prevent someone from forming a coherent sentence, much less an organized thought.

  8. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln 🖋 📃

    1. Who didn’t know Trump’s character? We didn’t need to test it it was an open book. His affairs, Russian a*s kissing, money laundering, mafia connections and god know how many editors have bought his shady stories only to bury them.

    1. Yeah what is new damn everyone that messed with that man starting from his lawyer went to jail, so whats that telling his followers? Nothing absolutely nothing , to the people that knew better we say, your father is a. Crook! Go down in history with him, stupid ignorant people! Like always history has a nice place for them full of hatred, vengeance is the lord, they always regret at there death bed, and they shake in fear, because they know there judgment. But its to late. Its beautiful make your heart diamond point. Vengeance is the lord almighty!

    2. Wow. Another one? Guess I’m not surprised by stupidity. Look, dude ranted a bunch…often out of line. YET, the accomplishments he made for America are unbeaten and undeniable–even Obama can’t hold a candle to the accomplishments of Trump. It’s sad, true.

  9. Just imagine Trump’s lawyers saying ” OK we admit our client is guilty , we advise you all to convict him ” !!!

  10. Let’s be honest. His defense team could literally be just a poodle eating a dead rat in the middle of the room, and GOP senators would STILL refuse to convict.

    1. I’d expect this to happen in the first place. YET ANOTHER standard, broken by this fucking administration.

  11. “Trump loves to analyze this stuff”

    Trump couldn’t analyze his own toilet paper after wiping his big butt

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