1. @Trump’s a Treasonous Traitor yep just to vote in another rich racist white dude. Only difference between the two. Biden smiles more.

    2. The U.S. is now the top rated REAL LIFE SITCOM of the world to tune into and have a good laugh at ….sad and pathetic AMERICA.

    3. CNN knows it, that’s why they made a ton of money being a divisive outlet. CNN has been spouting divisive rhetoric, so successful dividing Americans that even the CCP uses it to humiliate American officials when they try to school Chinese officials about equality and freedom.

  1. “Are we the worst generation?” If you have to ask yourself that question, you’ve already answered it….

    1. @Mary Jones
      Spoken like a true chud. There’s nothing “socialist” about the Democrats; they refused to adopt any progressive policies and have sided with the corporate overlords, just like the Republicans. Instead of allowing yourself to be propagandized, perhaps you should learn about actual policies and how government works.
      “Critical Race Theory” just teaches history; known history that people like you would rather bury. It’s not about “hating” anyone.

    2. It’s not were the worst generation it’s just that while Trump was the president we had the worst president in history causing us to have a horrible generation

    3. @Kevin Offutt Yes. I occasionally like to call the out on it though. Also my comments were partly for others, perhaps like yourself, to flag a troll and the ridiculous nature of the comment.

    1. Herd stupidity describes current situations, worldwide. In the US, it’s very political. In my area, covid is still very much dominated by noncompliance.

  2. ” What would that WW2 vet and his buddies think? ” They wouldn’t think…. they’d just waste these fools.

    1. @Carolyn Talbot I don’t want to know that, but I know the Biden administration were trying to make it legal for children to decide to cut their junk off. You know, because you’re a homophobe if you believe children shouldn’t be allowed to. Don’t try to deny it now.

    2. @martthesling The Greatest Generation legalized weed to fight the Nazis.
      Watch the 1942 USDA film Hemp For Victory.
      The Federal license to grow hemp that is shown in the video reads, “Producer of Marihuana.”

    3. @Baked Potato
      The WWII vets would support freedom. If someone wants to change their gender, that’s up to them. Stop trying to tell other people how to live.

    4. @martthesling
      The Greatest Generation probably would not have supported LGBTQ; but they would have supported their right to do what they want. It’s called freedom. No one is supporting any communist policies and the right to be an atheist or believe in whatever religion someone wants is enshrined in our Constitution.

    1. When Fascism comes to America, Trump will be humping the flag and using the military to violently clear a crowd of peaceful protesters away so that Trump can force a photo op holding a bible he’s never read.

  3. “armed rebellion”

    Isn’t Gaetz a member of the government? Is he advocating for armed rebellion against himself?

    1. Yes, he’s an idiot, he knows he’s speaking to other idiots .ike himself, they believe anything he says! Of course he’s counting on them distinguishing him as on their side and only attacking democrats! Republicans have hurt all people more than anyone else!

    2. @The Honest Christian I hate to think that. But Gaitz is certainly trying to get Trump followers to use there guns on Americans in fighting for another more violent Trump Republican Party Coup attempt. My heart is broken that one man is allowed to incite and infect his followers with his delusions and his lies…

  4. “The secret of freedom is educating the people, whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant.” ~ Robespierre
    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” ~ Voltaire
    “There can be no successful appeal from the ballot to the bullet.” ~Abraham Lincoln
    “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” ~ Charles Bukowski
    “Everybody has a right to their opinion, but nobody has a right to be wrong in their facts.” ~ Bernard Baruch, quoted in 1946 AP article.
    “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”
    ~ Mark Twain
    “It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” ~ James A. Baldwin
    “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.” ~ Isaac Asimov
    “If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon’s but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.” ~ Ulysses S. Grant, 1875
    “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” ~ Typically misattributed to Sinclair Lewis, the original source of this quote is unknown, but likely derived from labor activist Eugene V. Debs 1917 quote, “Every robber or oppressor in history has wrapped himself in a cloak of patriotism or religion, or both.”

    Before World War II, Charles Lindbergh typified American heroism with his daring flights, including the first solo transatlantic flight, and his celebration of new technology. He parlayed his fame and heroic stature into a leading role in the America First movement, which opposed America’s entrance into the war against Nazi Germany. In 1939, in an essay entitled “Aviation, Geography, and Race,” published in that most American of journals, Reader’s Digest, Lindbergh embraced something close to Nazism for America:

    “It is time to turn from our quarrels and to build our White ramparts again. This alliance with foreign races means nothing but death to us. It is our turn to guard our heritage from Mongol and Persian and Moor, before we become engulfed in a limitless foreign sea.”

    The America First movement was the public face of pro-fascist sentiment in the United States at that time. In the twenties and thirties, many Americans shared Lindbergh’s views against immigration, especially by non-Europeans. The Immigration Act of 1924 strictly limited immigration into the country, and it was specifically intended to restrict the immigration of both nonwhites and Jews.

    Once again, nationalism, aka fascism, has risen its ugly head in America, in European nations, and in some other countries around the world. The fight of good people against ignorance, the fears that sprout from it, the hate which then blossoms, culminating in the bitter toxic fruit of evil, senseless brutalities and deaths, is a constant, never-ending battle we fear, but it is a battle from which we must never shrink.

    In this era, the likes of Toxic Trump and Marginalized Greene have become the face of the new “America First” fascist movement built up over the last four decades by the GOP, Reich-wing plutocrats, demagogues, and media. But, as with Lindbergh, the American people gradually come to recognize their dysfunctional poison and reject it. Most Americans understand, accept, and appreciate that the enduring strength of America is that we are a nation of immigrants and multiculturalism, a “melting pot” where the best ideas rise to the top, and superficial differences are meaningless in the face of our common humanity and purpose. Most Americans want competent leaders who speak truth, who strive to unite, who are not corrupt, who care about them. So, it should come as no surprise that President Biden is already receiving high marks from the public, while Toxic Trump never managed to rise above even a 50% approval rating. To conclude where begun, the following quotes are submitted for further reflection:

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana
    “History doesn’t repeat itself. But it does rhyme. ~ Mark Twain
    “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.” ~ Aldous Huxley
    “If men could learn from history, what lessons it might teach us! But passion and party blind our eyes, and the light which experience gives us is a lantern on the stern which shines only on the waves behind.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    1. @Marijuanifornia So stoned you can’t follow the thread? You’re on the wrong page here buddy… The grownups have serious things they’re dealing with here, so go play somewhere else.

    2. @just cel Your ridiculous discussion is about Fascism. The United States legalized “Marihuana” to fight Fascism.
      So if Fascism is on the rise again, and “Marijuana” is being legalized across the country, then why are none of you mentioning that the legalization of “Marihuana” can help to defeat Fascism?
      Maybe the grown-ups don’t know their history, or they’re just liars.

  5. I know my father would not be proud of what is going on in our society that he fought to protect in WW2.

    1. My father would not be proud either. He spent 4 years of his younger years fighting nazism. And now I watch as my older brother and sister and their families vote to destroy this country from within.

    2. Yes this is highly dishonorable to our forefathers and veterans this is really getting me mad enough is enough people have to stand up against these traitors

    3. My Dad is buried at the National Cemetery in Riverside, CA. I am sure he is not exactly happy looking down a what this country has become.

  6. It is like a civil war when you have one side willing to kill people to keep someone in office.

    1. When Fascism comes to America, Trump will be humping the flag and using the military to violently clear a crowd of peaceful protesters away so that Trump can force a photo op holding a bible he’s never read.

    2. Not ‘like,’ it IS Civil War, just undeclared, because then we’d have to fight back, and Dems don’t DO that.

  7. There was a time when the world looked up to America for leadership, freedom, democracy and human rights. Now, the world is shakes its head at the rise of fanaticism in a once upon a time bastion of democracy.

    1. When Fascism comes to America, Trump will be humping the flag and using the military to violently clear a crowd of peaceful protesters away so that Trump can force a photo op holding a bible he’s never read.

    2. SOME of the world. THe REST says, “Thank you, O The Don, for showing us The Way. Stomp those liberals…”

    3. @David Kempton No, all major powers of the world think Americans are batsh*** crazy, and that America is going down. It is no longer a country they look up to, thanks to trump.

    4. Pitifully precisely, says your northern neighbour here. My heart breaks and my eyes weep for you.

    5. @Loriann Richardson In my country the majority of the people see USA as a joke. All of my friends see USA as a joke. It’s like are guys actually trying to do better?

  8. “It’s too late baby, now. It’s too late. Though we really did try to make it. Something inside has died… and I just can’t fake it.” – Carole King

  9. As long as you let these wackos walk around free, you’ll never going to get control and turn around the divisions in America.

    1. @Dan Wright Don’t know the answer to that when Republicans feel it’s their God given right to kill others. What would you recommend?

    2. @Woodstock G I would recommend studying history and focusing on moral foundation . ( this is message for me)

    3. @Dan Wright Try telling a Trump supporter that. The problem with teaching morals is everyone has a different take on what those are. For instance, look at evangelicals and there preachers compared to what Catholicism preaches. You ask me, which you didn’t, they are both inadequate.

    1. @A.G. Slutburger OK so 10th time I’ve found you pasting this exact same comment as a reply to a comment on this one video. This is just really embarrassing. It’s made more embarrassing by the fact that it makes absolutely no sense.
      “Brain stupidity”? What is that? Is it like lung stupidity? Lower left leg stupidity? What about buttocks, is there a buttock stupidity? Also, what did Jim Acosta say in this video that makes you think he has “brain stupidity”?
      If you have a point make it, if not please stop embarrassing yourself.

    1. Greene and Gaetz.The Dump Dynamic Duo.Old Don the Con is using them for when he follows on with his rallies next month.

  10. Just as the Fascists of 1930’s Germany _called_ themselves Socialists because Socialism was popular, the Fascists of contemporary America call themselves conservatives, even though true conservatives want nothing to do with them.

    1. Remember this one, attributed to Mathew Arnold, George Santayana and a few others? “Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.”

    2. You are so right.. the high school girl that lives on my street said they don’t even teach about Hitler, she only learned about him because her journalism teach taught them..

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