1. @dan dansen Why are you saying Biff? You threatening to punch me pansy? Do it and watch what happens. I was in the marines for your information so I know how to fight.

    2. @Jackie B. Oh Biff. Nobody says ‘I was in the marines’.
      ‘I was a Marine’ or ‘I am a Marine’, is how a REAL Marine says it. Marine with a capital, by the way.
      BUSTED, basement boy!

    3. Trump s plan : first you bring out all the A citizens, then you bring out all equipment, tneh you bomb the bases into smithereens, and then you bring out the military . No chaos, no deaths, they wouldn t even know we left. What s Biden plan ? Nothing !

  1. Steven Miller: “it’s never been US policy” to take in refugees from war zones
    Me: We did that for the Vietnamese in the 70s

    1. @Richard Reich What are you talking about? I can’t understand what you are trying to get at, do you even have a point?

    2. @American Akitaoh there is so much evidence, yet Trump, who only employs the best lawyers were unable to prove fraud. Every single audit has shown Trump lost, but somehow you have looked “deep” into this and have uncovered evidence.
      However you will not show your evidence as that would be too easy for you.

    3. @American Akita Wrong again, I didn’t vote for Biden, your hatred for the DEMs has clouded your judgement.

    1. Biden is a coward who abandoned 15,000 stranded Americans in Afghanistan. I don’t see how Fox News has any blame in this since they warned us about Alzheimer’s Biden.

    1. TRUTH! It’s information wars! They want to control our minds and brainwash us to think just like them. It’s ugly. GO YOUR OWN WAY MY PEOPLE!!! The Earth can be kind, Nature can be plentiful… disconnect from devices, detox the signal influences from your precious brains.

    2. @zozohoney79 honestly I genuinely try to get through to some of you leftists, I highly doubt it is going to do anything but maybe at least I can get some of you to consider opinions other then the echo chamber and insanity of main stream media.

  2. i am gobsmacked by the dimension of the failure… All of us who know Biden track record of narcissism and vanity knows that failure is Bidens nickname but, never in my most pessimistic predictions could i hint at the enormity and severity of the failure… I trusted that he would be surrounded by less incompetent folks who would keep him away from committing a crime against humanity or precipitate a severe tragedy.

    Gee… I was wrong! 😰

  3. I’m so sick of the blame shifting. Even if Biden had a deadline he was able to push the date which would have given him even more time to plan a safe withdrawal from Afghanistan. Stop making excuses and blaming everyone else. The execution of the removal was thoughtless just like the president himself. His mind is gone

    1. The news is whatever THEY tell us it is. Without them, we have nothing… we just have our lives in front of ourselves to focus on then…. and that’s boring!! CNN beats Jerry Springer for the hate and abuse fix. We’re all victims of mind control. We all require lots of faith healing.

    1. @David Johnston Biden is the president, this is his responsibility, he must be held accountable and called out for his failure. No more blaming trump, no more excuses – Biden is in the White House – he oversaw this disaster.

    2. @David Johnston
      Biden’s hands weren’t tied, the left control all three houses they can change for policy and actions at any time they want…and they have… and that’s the problem…

    3. @David Johnston Would you have taken out the military first or the civilians/diplomats? It’s not that hard Dave. Biden f’d it up.

  4. Steve Miller “I didn’t spend my every waking moment the last 4 years sabotaging the exit visa process to have the Afghans come here now.”
    That demon is evil.

    1. His name is Stephen The Forever Balding or Stephen the POS…..

      Steve Miller is a beloved musician and has NOTHING to do with this clown.

    2. @Greta Dumberg Acosta isn’t lying. I’ve heard the same account from several others about Trump striking a deal with the Taliban, behind the backs of those in the Afghan government. Sorry if it doesn’t fit your narrative, but Trump’s history is one of making friends with our enemies – other Dictators, and his own desire to be one.  

      The only people still in support of Trump are White Supremacists and Qanon Anti-Vaxxers…Republicans who are dying from Covid. Trump is a pathological liar – one of 20 characteristic traits of a Psychopath. I scored Trump at 36 out of a max 40 points on the Hare Psychopathic Checklist…the PCL-R. I suggest you do some research on it. I’ve done around 15,000 hours of research on Mental Disorders, and on Trump, who has Psychopathy, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Paranoid Personality, in co-morbidity. And I’m a registered Republican who never voted for Trump. The GOP is so sick now, I’m dropping my affiliation with them.

  5. This is why nobody takes CNN seriously except extreme leftists in the US. Complete deflection, pulling out wasnt the problem, the problem was how they did it and even leftist media like NYtimes have shown information that Biden ignored the experts on how to go about leaving.


    Youtube: This is fine
    Someone: Says “heck”
    _Youtube: BE GONE_
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

    1. @Fallen Angel Brass take wrath of the media ? Are you kidding, Biden presidency was essentially installed by the media, he doesn’t even take questions unless from they have prior approval from approvals journalists who then cut out the bits he doesn’t like. Laughable.

    2. @Ronin Trumps not the president anymore – Joe Biden is, thus he must be called out and held accountable.

    1. @Nelson Nelson The American public simply don’t care about the rest of the world. Result. ( among other things ) – Putin can’t stop laughing.

    2. It was trump who signed the peace treaty/surrender with the Taliban. Trump is the one who surrendered to the Taliban.

    3. @John Gallagher the taliban didn’t take power of Afghanistan under trump – it happened under Joe Biden.

    4. @Sam Walton I’m sure the big guy got a 10 percent kick back on cost of all the stuff we left behind.

    5. @John Gallagher you watch a lot of cnn and msnbc don’t you?

      What’s your opinion of the fact that the previous admin had an exit strategy that included leaving a security force behind until evac was complete? Or the fact that biden went against the experts and decided to go ahead and cancel those safe guards?

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