1. Regis Penn it’s upwards of 10% in some states. Liberals do not mind cheating as long as they get there way. Wake up you are brainwashed.

    2. Mail In Voting Only Works IF the Post Office is Functioning. And now #45 is strangling the Post Office !! PATHETIC @senatorCollins @MittRomney

    3. @Mr. Romero why didn’t you mention how the Republicans try to cheat with the mail-in voting in 2018

    4. Tony Montana lol lil kid ok Grandpa I’m about to I gotta get up for work in the morning you know what work is right? Some people still have to work in this country to pay for your Socialism

    5. @Truth Hurts Your comment comes as if you feel higher than other human beings. Don’t allow yourself to think this way as it makes you susceptible to the lies of others. I would say ‘open your eyes’ but that doesn’t work. Don’t allow yourself to take his words at face value as he employs tactics and lies to confuse Americans. What is someone said ‘Obama wasn’t bad compared to Bush.’ Seems pretty stupid right? But that’s not how the victim mentality works.

  1. “If it comes down to that one state, then they have to wait 7 days.” Yeah, so you…wait. So the f-what?! Even his lies are weak!

    1. Jock Young hold on now. I just wrote the post office can’t handle birthday cards. How long has the post office been functioning ? Let’s say 100 years for arguments sake. Even though it’s been longer.
      So we are going to correct 100 years of ” mismanagement in 3 months ?
      Now look if you want mail in ballots, look at Washington state ! It took them 5 years to plan, and execute mail in ballots.
      But, you want to rush it in 3 months ? And even if they tried, there is so much red tape there would only be 2 months left !
      Remember when Bush barely won ? Remember how the judge of elections counting votes took her time and possibly threw the election ? Remember that ?
      Ps I’m not a republican I’m from the Common Sense party !
      Bush jr absolutely destroyed America !
      Where are those weapons of mass destruction ? Did we find them yet ? Or was that MORE fake news ?
      But hey, if you want your guns taken, the police defunded, open borders, medical for illegals, if you want to walk to work then, go ahead by all means……… mail in voting and Quid Pro joe are the way to go.

  2. Why does he lie so much? We have our first Liar-in-Chief as president. LOL! Donnie boy is shaking in his boots. He’s afraid of losing. SMH.

    1. Lmao theyre all liars
      Keep that energy for Obama W Bush
      CLINTON and sor forth and so on.

      They all work for the same guys .

  3. He is totally anxious and desperate because he knows that the moment he leaves office he will be charged with crimes that couldn’t be laid during his presidency! A scared little child.

    1. The ones getting charged with crimes are top democrats. Think DURHAM report that comes with indictments soon!

    1. Laureano Aldama laureano the delusional. You live in a bubble of ignorance and by the sound of it you’re very comfortable. Joe is brain dead almost as bad as hellary. What has joe ever done for you? Sniff your hair!

    2. Kirk Crawford Typical tRumpard, you can’t win in a factual conversation so y’all resort to either name calling or bring up something that irrelevant (like my avi 😂)

    3. Notorious Punk factual what the hell are you talking about you delusional DemonRat! You started your witless conversation name calling! Just gave it back cartoon boy! Grow up and try thinking for yourself. Better yet , quit living off your parents get a job and you will change your mind.

    1. And that trump nonsense is further brought to light by Sarah Cooper. I am thoroughly entertained and hear every word if it’s replayed by Sarah.

    1. jrc3 The fact that Biden is a hair-sniffing weirdo does not discount the fact that 45 is a batshit-crazy malignant narcissist (who also has been accused of touching children). BTW, that “evidence” link you provided would not hold up in a food court.

    2. Trump along with China Joe, Nuttie Nancy, Clueless Chuck, Shifty Schiff, and the whole damn squad. (the future of the dems). The US will be a model of Venezuela Go DEMS GO!

    3. Amen, long over due. Everyone needs to read Mary Trump’s book. Then the whole world will see he’s “Bi-polar

    4. Always Nice News flash – I don’t give a crap about partisan politics or your opinion.

      You can pick teams and draw a line in the sandbox all you want, but it won’t change the fact that Donald Trump is going to be charged with multiple felonies. This is just one of multiple cases Mueller referred to the district courts. If Trump had nothing to hide he wouldn’t be fighting tooth and nail for years to keep his records hidden. I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride. 45 makes Nixon look like an Eagle Scout.

    1. @This Time I have an image if him hanging on to the legs of the desk in the Oval Office with police officers pulling on each leg. That’s about as gracious and dignified as it will be.

    2. @This Time The election hasn’t even happened yet and you fools are already contesting the results. Not much confidence in Quid Pro Joe.

    1. A lot of people are. The Lincoln Project on the Republican side is doing a good job. What trumpaholic cult followers call the ‘fake news’ have been calling it since the beginning. The list of people calling trump on his BS is growing everyday.

    1. Telling Whoppers ? I wonder if regular or plant based , You people are very sick and should seek mental help immediately.

    2. No he’s the kid who hacks the game to win, he’s not rage quitting as much as Democrats want to believe that the truth is you are not getting rid of the Trump cancer so easily, in fact it is so malignant now I doubt your country is going to survive it.

  4. We need a “You Lie!” Moment at one of these like John Boehner did to Obama. Why the hell haven’t we yet?

    1. @Sup Boy agree we should all vote against trump and all republican down ballot
      Like in the 2018 elections

    2. “”Regime”” jajajaja you know people like you that believe that Trump is a dictator should live in Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea you don’t have no idea of what a regime is, not a single clue.

  5. He knows he’s a FAILURE and is SOOO scared of the truth, he has to lie about mail in ballots! Bunker boy should have stayed in the bunker!!!

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