Acosta: Trump's CPAC speech a fire hose of falsehoods 1

Acosta: Trump’s CPAC speech a fire hose of falsehoods


Former President Donald Trump repeated his election lies on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, looking to reclaim his role as the Republican Party's kingmaker as he positions himself to play a major role in the 2022 midterm elections.

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    1. @Matthew Futrell Your “Facts” come from operatives rather than journalists. Nothing more than a propagandist arm of deep state. Fox is nothing more than controlled opposition weaponized against enemies of deep state at critical times that it can have the most damaging impact. Fox made that readily apparent during election. Its primary reason for having only one concentrated source for deep state opposition. You can’t help engineer narrative if you cant command largest percentage of those you want to manipulate. It’s also readily apparent with those still capable of critical thought that our free press was assassinated along with JFK during GW led coup of ’63. Three significant events orchestrated by deep state had them 8yrs away from endgame until the unexpected fly in the ointment, DJT, derailed those plans. Hillary was supposed to be the last American president. First was the designation of America as a corporation after civil war made it necessary for America to borrow from Vatican. Two, when Woodrow signed the federal reserve act. Three, the assassination of JFK and suppression of free press. Since the the signing of federal reserve act the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia KLM, same group who brought us French revolution, Russian revolution, WWI, WW2, Central bank etc.. have been corrupting all seats of power in this criminal and evil conspiracy to consolidate all world power to one seat. Your seeing it in living color. What’s the old saying? May you be blessed to live in interesting times…well we’ve got a front row ticket to the cabal take down and the ushering in of unprecedented economic, political prosperity and peace that has ever existed. The second harvest. Hunger, poverty, homelessness all eliminated. SUPPRESSED medical and technological advances being unveiled. Cancer gone. Heart disease. Living healthier active youthful feeling lives well into our 130’s possibly longer. Its here, but the Cabal will go down swinging. They control many nukes, several possibly already positioned to take down American cities. It’s why Russian narrative against Trump. Villianizing Putin, Russia over China was imperative. Russia was to be blamed for missile attacks against US that were actually launched from right here with in our borders. People can believe what the want. But since secretly recruiting 1600 German scientists and providing new identities through operation paperclip our own intelligence agencies have been involved in developing extremely sophisticated and effective mind control systems to help the propagandists sent to Hollywood and NASA engineer a completely false narrative of who and what our world is and who controls it. The nice thing about this type of conclusion and summary, is that you don’t need years to be proven right or wrong. Trump didn’t work so hard to reinstate federal capital punishment, sign EO’s allowing live streaming of Tribunals from Gitmo. That Sydney Powell is one of the very few litigators outside JAG that can argue at Tribunals. That Trump put the emphasis of his presidency to be saving our children first. Or the lack of reporting on just how many children were saved and pedophiles and human traffickers arrested. How those highest of profile traffickers arrested and prosecuted. But if you go to the government websites you can access all of this for yourself. Don’t think pizza gate happened? Wrong. Podesta’s, Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, Bidens, pence’s, Pelosi’s, Schiff’s, etc..ALL complicit in child trafficking and SRA. Again I refer back to Lt Gen Michael Flynn’s words…”What is it about we have it all that you don’t understand?”

  1. i like how they pretend trump has never ran for office before and his just coming out now with policy and ideas even after usa rejected him and policy lmfao idiots

    1. @Random 549 Sidney Powell the lady told the truth about this rigged election. This software was part of all the rigging that happened back in Nov.

    2. @Random 549 guarantees to sue people who defame their good name, like Rudy,Sidney,fox news, Lou. Hilarious

    3. Yet the majority or the SCOTUS voted on not seeing the evidence. Sounds like a guilty son with a Judge as a Father multiplied by a couple hundred. Duh!

    1. @Devin Grant the fake lying Braindead Corpse is squatting in it..make sure u take about 100 illegals in and support them .
      They are not coming into Texas and we’re drilling
      Biden means 0 in Texas

    2. @Joy Hopkins drump narrowly beat biden in texas. democrats are moving to texas by the trainloads. texas will be blue 2024

    3. @Snoopy A judge ruled that Fox fake News Tucker Carlson could not be sued for defamation because everybody knows that he is only a trash dispenser of fake news.  The same goes with Hannity that belongs to the same kind OF BS dispenser. Trump cultists are surrounded by fake news networks that are recycling the cult leader lies and BS. The cult is marching on.

    4. @D mpk they’ve got more than half the voters now….only dimwitted brainwashed college students to get back in order now.

    1. American Patriots, not socialist, godless, unamerican liars and thieves. CPAC 2021!!!!!!!!!! Best party ever. Not the party of baby killers and america last

  2. I love the quote which I believe was originated by Albert Einstein: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity!” It’s a great quote to use on children to get them to try something, anything, different than the same old thing!

    1. @mgt2010fla People hate trump and dont wanna see him run for office so they specificly hold everything he has ever done under a microscope in hopes of being able to find a way to convict him of something. Its a very dishonest strategy the left is using.

    2. @mgt2010fla You are really dumb arent you? Ever heard of Steven Grover Cleavland? So many people have lost and then won all around the world.

    3. @Axel Smith Awwww, don’t get it, huh. Think real hard, we, the people, chose Hillary, she won by a few million votes. Ok, Axel, or should I go slower! Hillary won the people’s vote by far, tRUMP did not win the people’s vote, still with me, the electoral college & putin put him in office. Try real hard, take your time, I know truth & facts really throw you people.

    4. @Darlene Smith the Electoral College has decided EVERY Presidential election. The Presidential election is not a popularity contest. At the end of the day, the popular vote means nothing for the Presidential election. Since you are talking about Hillary Clinton, we’ll talk about how her husband never receiving 50% of the votes when he won the Presidency. This also doesn’t matter at all because it’s always been the Electoral College that decides the Presidency. This is also why we are not a true Democracy. I’m not going to name call or put you down, but you are totally wrong.

    1. I mean the whole thing with the disinfectant injections, windmills causing cancer and talking about Fossetts four hours was indication enough.

    2. Yeh! Trump is suragjhffvhhtffghhdapressure. No one puts kids in cages, kills jobs, kills our security like me. I mean, Trump is bad. – BIDEN

    3. Nah you got you’re racist Senile man already in office. He straight up said the N word during one of his speeches

    1. @no no T is low energy. He does not know how to cheat successfully. So he loses, and loses and loses…

    2. @We’re Closed Hell no! It feels nice to not have an embarrassment in the White House again. And Who actually takes his role as leader seriously.

    3. @no no Yeah, and then she goes on to say other deranged things. I could only get through half of it. Nuts!

  3. Wow this is a money maker for him. He’ll tell his base what they want to hear and ask for some tything.

    1. @Obama Salama Corruption What do you want to debate then?

      I know you’re immature, but surely you must have something relevant that you want to get off your chest. Unless, you’re just brushing up on your trolling skills.?

    2. @mram 77 How can someone yell in a comment section when it’s just words on a screen?

      Do you think exclamation marks are only used when somebody is attempting to virtually shout.?

  4. If this man runs again and he loses he’s going to continue to say it’s a rigged election. It’s never going to end. I’m tired of him he needs to go away

    1. Trump had a net worth decline of almost $900 million because he ran for president. Compare that to Democrat politicians who come to Washington broke, and end up leaving worth hundreds of millions of dollars on $150,000 your job. You can accuse trump of a lot of things but profiteering from his position is definitely not one of them. Looked the numbers up in Forbes they rank the billionaires every year year

    2. @Kit Richardson
      So you’re saying that Eric and Don Jr suck as bad as their Dad at losing money.

  5. Lost little boy stuck in a grown man’s body. PONTIUS Pilate #2
    The Golden Calf
    The Antichrist.

    1. @Frank Reno Immature personal insulting and name calling. SO “childish”. trump cult” like..figures..same ole same ole.

    2. @UC3f2UI_ffrWgHjacNMlcT1Q I spoke the truth about trump’s “psyche”. Many psychologist and psychiatrist agree with me. Interesting how your weird “title name” came up when I responded to you Frank Reno. troll numbers???

    3. Congratulation! You are a perfectly brainwashed Cult Member.

      I‘m Jill Biden – and i approve this message for my senil Husband!

  6. I thought you wanted this man silenced why I you giving him air time to spread the “false hoods “

    1. Yep. The media needs to be held to account for showing things out of context for the sole purpose of propaganda. Propoganda destroys society by categorizing ppl into thought groups which is a distorted view of reality

    2. @Rogue Three Why is this your go-to position, that when “da media” shows the outrageous lies being told, you want to whine that they’re not showing the rational things being said? Why should it matter? The fact that among the wheat the attendees themselves are including the fungus in their bread IS the story. Or do you follow the news from progressives that is utterly rational and shows honest concern for working people?
      I remember a clip where Bernie was talking to kids and said to one, “Well I think you’re dumb” taken completely out of context as he continued with “if you don’t think what you’re learning in school is important” along with the kid’s prior statement saying “school is dumb,” yet Fox and Limbaugh just talked about that. In fairness that clip even aired on Trevor Noah. It wasn’t even close to complete coverage of the exchange. BUT had he just started calling kids “dumb” without that context, that would indeed be a story worth covering, and anything else he said about working families trying to make it on $7.25/hr would be tainted by it.
      IN this case, though, Sheep-PAC is lifting up the person who WITHOUT QUESTION has responsibility for the attack on the capital, the deaths including police, the injuries, and abandoning the principles that, once upon a time, made them a worthwhile “loyal opposition.” Now they’re the party of insurrection, courting the support of white supremacists, xenophobes, and conspiracy theorists, unlike their own Saint Reagan who rejected the support of KKK leadership out loud. They’re morally bankrupt, clinging to power any way they can even if it means adopting horrific stances that are completely un-democratic and ultimately anti-constitutional.

    3. @Just Aguy did you do your research on the capital? Or did you just listen to the lies coming from the corrupt media sources? You should know that the capitol was infiltrated by anteefa and people who pretended to be trump supporters to make it look like it was all trump’s fault and the security even let the rioters storm the capitol. I know this because I watched a video of these things actually happening and the whole thing has been debunked but the mainstream media are still lying about it.

  7. He’s so crazy he would say the election was stolen from him after a completing a second term.

    1. News flash Steven, DJT will serve a minimum of three. One he just finished with the bankrupt corporation of America, and a minimum of two more with the free republic of America.

    2. Trump 2024 !!! kicking leftist communist socialist demoncrat butt all day.. the people love it when Trump speaks.. Trumps policies and ideoligies is what America needs.. may conservatism live on

  8. Being old, I grew up in a simpler age, when lies were really reprehensible. I mean, when you caught someone in a lie, that was something.

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