1. @D O sorry Charlie but according to Chuck Schumer Trump only incited an erection. I get your facts straight Mr.

    2. @Johnny SS you can find the video online among many others but you will not believe it anyway because you’re blinded

    3. Naw, you prefer Biden insurrecting our country witch overwhelming proof that the left damn near breaks their necks to turn a blind eye too. Why did the dominion machines have a weighted vote system? Why did GA hack the dominion machines in real time and show the world he could alter the votes with his cell phone in live time during the election? Why did Arizona report 74,000 fraudulent votes for Biden? Why is Biden campaigning harder to stop the audit than he did actually running for president? Why is 8 states conducting an audit? Why will you ignore my very legit questions that should make any reasonable person question what they are looking at?

  1. “No evidence. No evidence. There’s so much evidence.” – how are your ‘lawyers’ going with that evidence?

    1. @Joshua Aaron If the government can just print trillions of dollars why do we still pay taxes lol

    2. @Mike Brian there is nothing “federal” about the federal reserve. The government provides the world bank with projections of earnings and spendings on an average and ties it to each social security number and gets a loan from the world bank against you like you are a house or car.

    3. @Mike Brian so no, we can’t just print money. The dollar is only worth what it is because it is supported by blood, not gold.

    4. @Mike Brian i still pay taxes because i like some of the social programs our country has, like roads and social security.

    5. @Brandy Salter Good one, Brandy. I could “see” Trump on a shelf at the Dollar Store with a “reduced to .50-cents” tag on him.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman I’ m glad we found common ground in this argument of ours. We both need to take a good look at ourselves. Have a good one.

  2. “If I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would do it with is General Mark Milley.”
    Imagine ANY other president saying something like this.

    1. @Irene Vitrano He’d better be saving up whatever he’s making so he’ll have enough to pay the $1.3 billion to Dominion Voting Systems when they win their lawsuit against him.

    2. @Drink The Kool Aid The Confederacy had seceded because they wanted to keep treating people horrifically. Put down your Kool Aid.
      Do most of you who use this phrase, ‘drink the kool-aid’ realize that it came from the Electric Kool-aid Acid Tests? Drinking the Kool-aid means tripping on LSD at the first raves. If so, you had a bad trip. Try not to let it mess you up forever.

    3. After the election audits in Arizona 9 more states are coming to see the progress and process of audit. With Hope’s of replicating audits in their states 😂👍 It will be known Trump won election!!! Its so funny how news doesn’t let anyone know what’s going on to keep Biden as president haha

    1. @no body Did he or did he not threaten to sue states that had lockdowns? I know… you aren’t up to debate because you don’t really believe what you bleat.

    2. @no body
      Many of the Covid sufferers are victims of Trump’s lies and obstruction.
      Ashli Babbitt he killed by sending her to climb through a smashed-in window of the Congress.

  3. “A knife to an insurrection” that’s like saying
    “Why don’t you make like a tree and… go away”

    1. @Moo MAGA marines would use screen doors on submarines because regular doors is to close to what Democrats use.

    1. @Mike Hawk “Obiden”- how original! Do you ever think for yourself? Or do you mindlessly parrot what you’ve been told to think and say.

  4. So wanting to string up Representatives, Senators, and the vice president is showing love? How warped can trump’s mind get? There seems to be no limit.

    1. @chris kretzer more clever than your stupid response chris. Really….this is all you’ve got to sling at me troll? REALLY? C’mon, I expected better. 😄😆😅🤣😂

    1. @Roxanne Newman Yep you got triggered alright. Oh my eyes wan wan the men PB guys sprayed me wan….What a garden too you are.

    2. After the election audits in Arizona 9 more states are coming to see the progress and process of audit. With Hope’s of replicating audits in their states 😂👍 It will be known Trump won election!!! Its so funny how news doesn’t let anyone know what’s going on to keep Biden as president haha

    3. @Mike Brian I hate to break it to you. But there is a big difference between being positive and being delusional.

    4. @Roxanne Newman chick chill out I’m jus trolling the comments. I don’t even like politics lol the purpose of politics is to keep two sides fighting while the government gets away with whatever they want. As long as I’m making my 200k a year an have my 500k house I could careless who’s president 😂😂

    1. yes. And peeps, don’t feed the troll(s). reacting to a troll just gives it cred, which they most assuredly do not deserve.

    1. @Rich Sackett

      There’s no reason why the election machines need to be replaced. That’s just 6 million dollars that the AZ S.o.S is choosing to waste in order to justify a false complaint she made. Unce you flash a new, updated image into a voting machine, any tampering is undone at that point. It’s basically brand new, factory reset. If they can’t be trusted now, they never could be, and you do see how that’s worse, right?

      Yes, impeachment *is* a criminal proceeding. Quite literally, in every way.

    2. @Nameless Progressive Clone “Yes, impeachment is a criminal proceeding. Quite literally, in every way” Impeachment is a purely political proceeding. Read the damn Constitution and shut up until you do. Trump deriding the “phony Emoluments clause” was literally an impeachable offense.

      As a voter, I don’t want any equipment tampered-with by some partisan extremist fly-by-night “Cyber-Ninjas”. She’s correct and you wing nuts need to start paying for your madness and BS as you go. Your credit no good.

    3. @Nameless Progressive Clone This is the problem. Today, people without a rudimentary knowledge of American civics feel emboldened to comment ignorantly and rudely on political events of the day.

    4. @Rich Sackett

      …so you have no idea what you’re talking about or literally anything about computers. Got it.

  5. The moment he disrespected Mexicans and John McCain he should have been disavowed by the GOP. This is where we are now.

    1. He didn’t disrespect anybody🤦🏼‍♂️ go do your research, and stop relying on just these biased media outlets for all your information

    2. @ciiru nderitu you’re correct. I understand some people from around the country didn’t really know his history. Being from NYC. I’m very familiar with Trumps family history of racism, discrimination, lack of morals and ethics. Once he ran for office, those who didn’t know should have then. Those who continue to support him, I don’t even waste my time with them. They are at this point…DEPLORABLE.

  6. “Voter fraud” is when you don’t have special interest lobbying for you. Lack of “voter fraud” is when you’re are rich or loud and “outright lose”, then have the nerve to cause an insurrection.

    1. Yes, it’s all coming in and it doesn’t look good for Joe. Don’t expect the lefties here to have the faintest clue. They’ll all pile in to say it’s a lie, it’s not true. Wait and see.

    2. Fulton county reported fraudulent ballots based on the fact they are not issued by America because they bleed through and American issued ballots do not. They also reported and showed on video proof that votes where counted twice because every ballot is photographed in the dominion machines. And Arizona is going to conduct a second vote because the 2020 results have been thrown out due to tampering such as 140,000 Biden ballots found in a warehouse. There is a reason Biden is campaigning harder to stop the audit than he did actually running for president. He knows he cheated and is fighting tooth and nail to stop people from looking into it. Biden is scared because he knows this will unravel ALL of the DMC.

  7. “I became worse”… and the crowd cheers. This is like a Christmas pantomime where the villain is playing with an audience who are in on the joke, except these are real people cheering a real villain.

    1. @Andrew Mitchell oh I’m surprised the FBI didn’t get the copy of the hard drive of Hunter’s laptop when they raided Guilliani’s house in New York… Were the FBI being selective? or they turned out to be as corrupted as Democrat party? As per KiLLAry “Abortionist” Clinton, she is one hell of a play write.. she led me to believe that Russia collusion was true! And I can still see you believe her playbook! Hahaha… If I were you, I’d listen to both left and right wing media and you will see how brainwashed you have become! I can empathize with democrat wanting open borders… because once covid is over, they’ll be no more mail in ballots..they can’t do hocus pocus in the election anymore… illegals will be their winning head counts for the next election.. no wonder they are so desperate not to use ID for voting! …just so dumb, when a person flies on an airplane, they require ID before you’d ever make it to the airplane, but when you vote, you don’t have to prove who you are!! Hahahaha.. do you know third world countries have voters ID required in their election day?…USA is a first world country but Democrat party has turned your country in one big fat Joke! They’re bunch of clowns…you included!

    2. if only leftists weren’t so pathetically self-righteous and didn’t think anyone who disagrees with their personal opinions was a “villain,” everything wouldn’t be so messed up right now. you’ve got a bunch of children literally constantly complaining about a person who has no political power anymore and hasn’t for months, while they quietly screw America over every chance they get based solely on their hurt feelings. wishing pain and death on everyone who doesn’t blindly agree, then wanting to dismantle our democracy because the lives lost on the 6th were just so important to y’all that we HAVE to have 30 investigations on it… while simultaneously denying to study the origins of a virus that’s killed 600,000. shows you very well how since those 600,000 deaths can’t be used for political gain by Democrats, they simply don’t matter. but the deaths of those 6 ppl you just spent an entire year wishing death on…. well that’s important enough that we need to skirt laws and eliminate the checks & balances in our gov’t over it! disgusting ppl, really.

    3. @Ohio Against The World Given the number of pointless insults you threw at “the left” you need to take your own advice. And you seem to have forgotten that Trump’s accusers include a large number of genuine right wingers who were Republicans when Trump was still a Democrat – one of those lefties you have such contempt for.

    4. @Andrew Mitchell they’re not insults, they’re absolutely the truth. or you would’ve refuted. do Dems not want to do away with the filibuster now that they’re in power? did Dems not vote against an investigation into the origins of the virus? are they not ignoring the 4 giant investigations, an impeachment trial/investigation included, about the Capitol?

      just because they make you look stupid when they’re actually said out loud, it doesn’t mean they’re insults. it’s just unfavorable facts, so, as I said, and as you are magically proving about being so in your feelings, they’re “insults” to you.

    1. @Tommy Thompson the resident has literally fingered everything. He has gas up because we are once again dependant on foreign fuel. Groceries are up and still rising. People with Biden let us in t shirts flooding the border. Doesn’t want Cubans because he knows they are against Marxism . not one of these CNN- er’s will even look at other news because it’s safer to stay here. 😂

    2. I like presidents who put America first and I also like presidents who don’t say we are the government

    3. You do realize president Roosevelt admired Hitler and even wrote to him. As for still comp,aiming about losing and cheating so is Hilary. Just stop talking about him. Why should he go away he’s being talked about daily by this news outlet that can’t just let it go.

    4. @Beth Mitchem you believe Trump will “go away” if people “just stop talking about him”? Really?
      How adorably naive.
      Trump hasn’t stfu in 20 years. If people stop talking about him, he’ll just start his own network. Or foment another coup. He doesn’t care.

      Btw: big difference between Hillary and Trump. Hillary conceded.

  8. “I’m not into coups” kinda like, I’m not into cheating on my wife, if I was, the last person I’d cheat on her with would be Stormy Daniels.

    1. @Wild Bill
      LMAO, it will end like Hillary’s Emails:) A big nothing burger. Do you losers never get tired of them giving you false hopes like this? From Bengazi to sham audits:/ You fall for it every time.

    2. @jeck jeck they made a movie about benghazi, watch the interview with the soldiers involved.. then make your decision! Just like nothing will happen to trump other than the presidental seat in 2024!!

    3. @jeck jeck the audits are not to over turn the election, but to shed light that voter fraud is out there and real!

  9. America mostly didn’t listen to Michael Cohen telling Congress very clearly:

    “With Mr Trump there will never be a peaceful transfer of power.”


      Inflation is Money Printing, adding more units of account (dollars, euros, etc.) to the money supply.

      It’s not the supply and demand of goods and services that lead to rising prices, It’s the supply and demand for the currency.

      Too many dollars, not enough tangible goods.

    2. @leonard herring let me get this straight; you made a pre-whining in your first comment saying that those who didn’t agree with you would call you names, and then nobody called you any names but the first thing you do when someone disagrees with you is…. call them names. hahah seriously unreal. some day you children might see your hypocrisy, but I doubt it.

    3. Nameless Progressive Clone The fact is, you know the election wasn’t rigged, everyone knows it, the Republican Secretaries of State who declared the election free and fair, they know it, but you cry babies just cannot face the truth. And despite Trump bleating that the election was stolen and urging you idiots to stop the steal, the democratic process went ahead as planned. You didn’t peacefully transfer power, Mike Pence did his duty and and democracy was preserved despite your violent insurrection.

    4. Ohio Against The World Yes I agree, you are against the world, the world of reason and sanity, the world of honor and decency, the world of truth over lies. The Bible says “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” however this verse only applies to those who treasure the truth and are prepared to stand against those who would use lies to achieve their own ends.

  10. Trump could feel the love even behind that massive bullet proof screen that he was hiding behind.

    1. @Randy G you come on YouTube and body shame a 75 year old man lmfaoooo talk about no fucking life 😂🤣

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