Acting ACP Charmine Shand – Preventing Violence in Schools | TVJ Smile Jamaica


  1. I believe that the Ministry of Education should have an open day before school re:opened to help the students to socialize themselves back in the physical plant with their teachers and the peers. Instead of just looking at the that , they were out for 2 years and they have lost an amount of the curriculum. But we should not only teach the curriculum we should teach the children etc

  2. Now is not the time to allow our children to be raised by the community. We need to approach this demons from the bottom up not to too to bottom

  3. please fast n pray 🙏🙏🙏 only to the most high of the highest who designed n create heavens n earth 🌎⚡💦⛅🌟🌒🌈 sky wind thunder humanity animal love peace n unity sela to all black born nice n decent Jamaicans fathers n mothers please put more time in our children n greanchildren my mum alway make time for all 6 of us with no fathers my mum take us all over Jamaica frm Kingston to country my mum cook n take us to seas my mum alway telin us nt to steel selfish r badmind redeyes others as we dnt no what they do r go true to get what they have my mum listen to Bob Marley songs n read Markus Garvey books n tel us the meanin of the words Bob Marley songs n the meanin of the words Markus Garvey write sela

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