1. “Defund the Police” is a terrible slogan. It does indeed sound like Gotham without Batman. Like a wild west town with no sheriff. They need a slogan that means what it says, that clearly communicates its goals.

    1. yup. it’s a stupid banner to march under. people hear “defund the police” and think end policing, zero money for police, etc. one of the guests suggested a three-person team to respond to an unknown person call. WHAT? how will that be cheaper? or even possible? so police are making more than $30 an hour? she wants to pay for health insurance, etc. for three highly trained people? in portland? and give them a paltry salary that’s minimum wage in a lot of areas? what is she thinking? most police don’t even have a “partner” any more because it’s too expensive. when anybody can get a cheap gun in the US, who would want to shown up to a call unarmed?

  2. Defund the police hurt democrats in the election. Pres Obama was right. The Term Democrats should have used is Police reform.

    1. This isn’t just an American issue. The same is happening in other countries. We are all trying to find a solution to the homeless, severe mental issues and drug addiction that’s plaguing us. We are all trying to find away to reallocate funding so the police have a backup of healthcare and social professionals that they can call on when faced with hardcore situations that they face everyday.
      As soon as I heard the phrase “defund the police” I knew you had blown it. If you have to go out and try and explain what you meant for months, you didn’t think through the impact well enough. You gave the right a gift on a silver platter. Reallocation of funding would have been more acceptable to those wavering voters

    2. @eye onit But defunding the police is exactly what they want to do, you can call it whatever you want but taking resources away from policing is defunding.

  3. This piece is damage control for using the word “defund”….rather than using words look like “restructure” or “reform”, or “rethink “

    1. The only thing keeping people from burning your house or dragging you in the streets is the police. So yeah let’s get rid of them.

    2. @Wally Censorship Did you bother watching the video or didn’t you understand what they were talking about? They’re not talking about doing away with police. The idea is to only get police involved when they’re absolutely needed and when it’s not to have alternatives in place. Having armed people jacked up on adrenaline involved in every situation just adds tension and escalated the situation to violence, especially when racism and bigotry is involved. Having mental health workers and social workers involved in none violence situations would keep shootings and violence to a minimum. That’s what they’re talking about.

  4. Its incumbent for journalists to cover this topic more often and detailed. It is one of the most important topics we as a society are facing.

  5. A slogan like “defund the police” that requires several minutes to explain that it means something much less extreme than it appears to mean is a bad, self-defeating slogan. Listen to Jim Clyburn’s advice, and find a better slogan.

  6. Obama made a great point when he mentioned activists shouldn’t call for defunding the police, as they can get a larger crowd on their side if they call for police reforms.

    1. I don’t agree. The controversial slogan brings way more attention to the problem than a pc “police reform” slogan.

  7. [ Retrain / Reallocate / Reform ]

    There’s a slogan that won’t terrify the people that you need support from.

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