Actor Daniel Dae Kim says his parents are afraid to go outside. Hear why 1

Actor Daniel Dae Kim says his parents are afraid to go outside. Hear why


CNN's Robyn Curnow speaks with actor, producer and activist Daniel Dae Kim about the recent rise in violence against Asian Americans in the United States. #CNN #News #CNNi


    1. Japanese Americans were herding into camps in the 40s and Asians in general have been racially profiled for decades. The fact that people only start caring with this one video and will stop caring after its over is the sad part.

    2. @Frankie Bruan then we have to keep reminding them so we all continue to care every single day! We have all made mistakes, just as our ancestors have, but we can do better, we just have to try every day.

  1. Someday I’d like to live in the world where we loved and respected each other ,where it was understood that everyone has value. I am ashamed of these heartless beings that rejoices in cruelty and celebrates malice. I asked a question am I My Brother’s Keeper?

  2. I unfortunately have some family members who have recently increased their verbal hatred for this community. It’s quite disgusting and comes from ignorance.

    1. @SCOTUS says BidenWon What’s wrong with supporting Trump? Can’t respect another’s opinion? How does being a black Trump supporter make you a traitor? Sounds a bit racist and communist…

    2. @Magic Studios Yes. A black person knows it matters. A black person also knows that black people in America cannot be racist. Does Black lives matter?

  3. Trump, in part, made it Great to be Intolerant again… Fundamentally however, people who would do this are VILE and not the norm. I only hope they get caught and put somewhere sunlight never reaches them.

    1. Sad but true. Nevertheless, no one has the right to be judge and jury. That makes the people who do this criminal.

    2. You people are brain washed by CNN. Seriously go try and find one UNEDITED video of trump saying anything racist. Seriously try to find one. yet y’all are ok with Biden saying black and Hispanics are too stupid to use the internet at CNNs townhall last night.

  4. Such cowardice! A young healthy person might hit you back so I’ll pick on a fragile old person who won’t????? That is so disgusting.

    1. @PandasrulesWRONG!The Black man respect Asians, by patronizing their businesses. We sympathize with what it’s like to be the underdog , just trying to get your slice of the American Pie.

    2. @Anita Richmond Anita, your statement is complete BS. Nobody is forcing you to order Chinese food, or use their nail salons, or shop at Asian markets. If you don’t want anything Asian because you hate Asians … starting today, don’t do or buy ANYTHING Asian! We welcome all other Americans, who aren’t racist like you!

    3. Asian community is great. They have a strong sense of family – fathers take responsibility and not run out on their kids; take care of elderly parents. Hard working – don’t look for government hand outs. Kids do very well at school. Didn’t blame white people when they were struggling, and took responsibility – they suffered racism after WW2 – but didn’t use that as an excuse for any personal failures. And now some minorities are jealous – look closely at CNN CCTV. Boris Johnson of UK is aware of this wonderful community : he’s opened the UK to millions of Hong Kong people.

  5. Real Dummies doing this.
    Brave Dudes knocking down an elderly person from behind.
    Ignorance personified

    1. There would be worldwide media coverage if it were whites attacking Asians. Plus there would be Asian Lives Matter peaceful protests.

    2. I don’t know what Mr. Kim thinks of the SAC5 bill that restricts the number of Asian students in colleges passed by the Democratic government?

    3. @Thomas The Bot Dude, they’re still cases pending in the Supreme Court and Arizona Gop is forcing a full forensic audit of Maricopa County. The other swing states are watching the results of Maricopa before they force a full forensic audit. The gop has not given up on investigating the blatantly corrupt election.

    4. @Thomas The Bot Pepper spray didn’t cause his stroke. You understand people die from strokes all the time, even 30 year olds don’t you? It’s tragic he passed but there’s zero evidence the riot was responsible.

    1. I don’t know what Mr. Kim thinks of the SAC5 bill that restricts the number of Asian students in colleges passed by the Democratic government?

    1. Why isn’t CNN reporting on Andrew Cuomo and the Nursing Home Massacre. Cuomo was called a hero but due to his gross incompetence 15,000+ died. Where is the accountability?
      Team Trump

    2. @Michael Beach Because you seem to already know all about it… They’ve got better things to do… NEXT ?

  6. Hi Daniel.., as a fan of you’re acting history an I totally express my feelings of what you’re sharing and yes this must end! with care an love keep the fight going. from Daniel R Boisclair from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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