Actor Nick Offerman On The Movement To Vaccinate America | MSNBC 1

Actor Nick Offerman On The Movement To Vaccinate America | MSNBC


New Covid cases and hospitalizations are at a record low but vaccine hesitancy puts this at risk. Actor Nick Offerman joins NBC’s Mehdi Hasan ahead of his testimony on Capitol Hill to discuss what he’s doing to get Americans vaccinated.

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Actor Nick Offerman On The Movement To Vaccinate America | MSNBC


  1. Polio affected children. The first round of covid affected old people. I think there’s a lesson in the difference in how we responded to those.

    1. This Virus was developed in a lab by gain of function research by the US And Fauci funded it!

    2. This isn’t polio . And next year another new flu vax, booster vax
      How many who rushed to get vax take 3 or more prescribed medications a day? Or hoarded tp.

    3. @Cliff Medina to.? And yep this is their way of controlling us as a group like communism.

  2. Rand Paul. The doctor that no thinking person would ever go to, who’s such a talented doctor that he had to create his own certification board in order to get state required certification.

    1. @eltorocal Maybe he does say crazy things, but I was saying that he has excellent credentials. And that the ‘creating his own degree’ is a pretty despicable lie that was pushed by democrats to smear him. I don’t agree with Rand Paul. What’s needed is a statistical analysis of covid variants to see if it’s likely to have been caused by a mutation in the wild or by gaiinn offf functttion research. It seems very suspicious that the lab working on covid in wwwwuhan was the epicenter of the pandemic. I don’t know if was created in a lab or not, I’m sorta guessing it wasn’t. But let’s explore that instead of trashing Rand Paul’s credentials.

  3. I’d like to think that Leslie Knope would annoy Ron with her incessant chirpiness about the beauty of the government rollout until he got the vaccine just to shut her up.

  4. A great and worthy effort! Insightful comments by Nick Offerman. Thanks for your work, and thanks for this interview!

    1. @Cliff Medina correct, because of the inaction and spread of lies from the former president, we are seeing the consequences of his failures.

    2. @Cliff Medina No, not everything. Certain things. Lumber, for example, is having supply chain issues due to the pandemic. Hey, did you get your vaccine yet Clifford?

  5. I got the first vaccine and muscle aches and feeling a bit odd muscle wise we’re the issues.. now I am supposed to get a second shot! Sigh

    1. @Mark Fielding sure keep telling yourself that with a vaccine that has not passed FDA testing and was only issued for emergency deployment.

    2. @Mitch Garbeno I don’t live in the US. I’d rather trust a regime based on evidence based medicine than some random nutter (that’s you by the way).

    3. @DG youtube TROLLING, TROLLING, TROLLING. Shut yer ignorant yap, you know-nothing science denier.

    4. No need to worry about the short term discomfort. It’ll fade. The second one gave me symptoms for about a day, but now it’s all over and I feel safe. It’s just your body doing its part to become immune. It means it’s working.

  6. It’s like SE Cupp said on CNN: trump’s “guys” (rand paul – in this instance) are just taking counter-points they obviously don’t agree with just for the “controversy”…

    Excellent interview btw, with the guy encouraging people to “get the vaccine”: very eloquent – and aware…

    1. Why is it that Republicans are so comfortable playing fast and loose with the lives of other people’s children (armed conflict, absence of health regulations, climate change, etc)?

  7. They say covid-19 has changed America but it seems like only temporarily that once we fully reopen we’ll go right back to our old ways not learning a thing.

  8. So who do you listen to since the WHO and CDC and Biden are saying different things about wearing a mask?. Do you just go by your own thoughts about it and hope it’s right?.

  9. You claim to be for the people ! Okay,…..So what happened to the virologist that escaped the Wuhan Labs, that is now living in America ? Is she still alive ?

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