1. Harry could take a government position to benefit his country (and family) on a 35hr to 40hr and return home every night and weekend to his wife and child. Multiple castles with guards, cooks, housekeeping and dogs seems like protection enough. What is Harry protecting Meghan and child from exactly? Iā€™m upset, Iā€™m upset… Lemme see a unicorn šŸ¦„šŸ’”šŸ‘‘

    1. True! I agree! I think Harry made a very good excuse using his mother and leaving the pressure as a Prince for his wife…they won’t last too long without Royal support and Public wouldn’t be happy if they are supported by their taxes since they left their duty.

  2. šŸš›šŸ’‚ Harry and Meghan’s new titles are going to be Burger King and Dairy Queen šŸ‘‘šŸ˜­šŸ˜« šŸ‘‘

  3. I wish the best for them. I don’t really care, but I always wish people the best. I think Canada is a great place to live. They probably just want peace.

  4. The last guy – well you have Charles then William then his two children… What happened to Prince Louis? Poor kid got left out!

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