1. Stupidity isn’t punishable by death If it was, there would be a hell of a population drop.”

    – Laurell K. Hamilton

    1. @Puppet Master dude chill you live your non vax life let us live our vaccinated lives Jesus it’s our choice

    2. You can’t blame Biden that has dementia, he was told what to do in Afghanistan. I blame people like CNN for propping up the Democrats with their propaganda and trashing our great President Trump. This would’ve never happened under President Trump. It’s the media and the Biden administration, not the guy with dementia

    3. ?? Get a grip folks… America has not lost anything. The war against TERRORISM continues and America has simply chosen to change strategy, to refocus and regroup, as is what you do in battle if you want to win. (These rediculous ‘journalists’ have no clue what they are talking about and the constant whining by the puppet media is an embarrassment… the American people deserve better!)

    4. @UN_Banished you seriously tell someone to live their life and let you live yours? Democrats are the ones forcing businesses to close and requiring vaccine cards in a free country.


    1. This shitshow is wholly on Shitshow Joe’s watch. He accepted that the buck stops with him. Ergo, the buck stops with Shitshow Joe. No arguments, no debates.

    2. @Larry Jensen And if Biden had as much forsight as you have posted…….he still went and pulled out regardless of thousands of people being stranded and leaving hundreds of millions of your tax payers dollars in equipment and weapons all for the Taliban. ‘C’mon man’ park your orange man prejudices for a moment and ask yourself if you think the way Biden has gone about doing all this has been a great moment in his presidency. A bit of a clue for you…..most of the world thinks he has screwed up big time and he completely ignored the warnings from his political and military advisors

    3. @G s whatever dude, Biden is doing what he has to do. Imagine if Obama set up a problem in NoKo? holy shyte the world would be GONE

    1. @Timmy Truth he is following up on the deal president Trump made with the Taliban.
      Not even involving the Afghan government 🙄 he also released 5000 prisoners including the leader of the Taliban who is now in charge. Trump promised the Taliban that we would leave by May 2020 knowing he might not be the president anymore.
      He made this deal in 2018 he had a year to get people out. However his Nazi advisor Stephen Miller did everything in his power to block visas for the Afghans who helped the Americans without whom an already difficult war would have been even worse. Trump did nothing from the time the deal was made at the behest of his friends in the UAE. Most of the 9/11 2001 bombers came from the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Yet Trump made that country his first overseas trip and they played him like a fiddle.
      You can not blame Biden for a deal he inherited from the dumbest president the United States has ever had.
      Under who’s watch 600,000 Americans died because he cared more about the stock market than human lives. A man dumb enough to suggest people inject themselves with bleach a man who is still killing people by making the vaccine a political issue.
      Do you really think this man would have cared about what happened to the people left in Afghanistan.
      This man does not like Muslims (remember the Muslim ban) he does not like non white people, and he does not like white people who are poor.
      Just try as an average person to get a membership at one of his golf clubs.
      This man hired a company to make life hel for people who lived in a building he bought but were on rent control.
      He even took his dislike of poor people to Scotland where he harassed an elderly woman and her son because he said their farm was an eyesore. He wants your vote as long as you don’t think of living next to him.
      The mess we are seeing in Afghanistan would have been much worse under your orange colored hero
      Because he doesn’t listen to advice and knows nothing about military strategy or the military for that matter.
      He knows how to insult our brave men and women in uniform though by calling them suckers and losers.

    2. Indeed. The greedy profiteers, chief of which are the US government, have been killing innocents for thousands of years. This evil will not end until Christ returns, the Prince of Peace. Until then we cry and wait 😢❤️

    1. I know you careless about hunter Biden laptop/ Hillary deleting thousands of emails

    2. The whole country including my dog knew people were going to protest the capital, yet Pelosi and the FBI had no clue, we want Pelosi’s phone and email records

    1. We need to know what for knowledge the FBI had. What the FBI new, and when the FBI new it. What information was shared and with who and including any politicians.

    2. @D.O.A_ Unpossibles I’m thinking the Democrats opened a Pandora box on that investigation. I think the public has a right to see all Videos that day. Heard there is thousands of hrs.

    3. The Democrats own all three houses.

      If they really wanted a full blown Congressional investigation they would get one.

      The FBI did do an investigation, and they released their findings last week.

      There was no credible evidence of a coordinated attack, planned or conducted, on the 6 January.

      What gets me is people actually call it an insurrection when not one be person was armed with a firearm, not even a knife.

  3. Biden is disgraced domestically and internationally. Too many basic mistakes. There is no political recovery available here.

  4. The Taliban are calling the shots now. Quite literally.

    And you obey willingly. The humiliation is complete I should think.

  5. The Biden administration cant possibly be this inept at every turn, their is a far more sinister plan going on here. Welcome to the dismantling of America, while you communist all cheer.

  6. A 5 year old could tell you if you remove the military before the good guys, the bad guys will move in and do as they please

  7. We want to know what part members of Congress took part in the overthrow of the government on 1/6. We deserve to know.

    1. 🤣Right! They don’t care if the world falls apart, as long as Trump is not their Prez. TDS is still rampant. 🇺🇸

    1. Trump also thought that it was time end the war and bush said we not good at building nations that can stand on two feet.

    2. @Mumbles may Biden is the President and he and only he is responsible for this mess he could have done things any way he wanted

  8. Schiffles: We want to know what type of icecream Joey ordered and what time. How much t.p. Dr. Jill had to order.

  9. What about that fool Swallwell? Don’t they both serve on the so-called “intelligence” committee?

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